Thursday, June 23, 2016

Britons voting in today is a vote into a club with the IMF, Goldman Sachs, European legislation.

The Coming End of the EU-USA Military Industrial Complex?

The hallmark of the months leading to today’s EU referendum has been horrifying censorship. One can but hope that Noam Chomsky’s dictum that censorship is a “brand on the imagination” and that it affects those who have “suffered it forever” does not apply.
The British electorate has been treated to a fake debate about issues that mask some of the most critical issues of our time. And that’s even if the issues will not be addressed whoever wins in the early hours of Friday morning.
The Right wing case for Britain leaving the EU is as idealistic as it is bizarre. It arises from the complexities of EU-formation. The Right accurately remembers the elite liberal Left which wanted to impose fairness “from above” given their despair at electorates unwilling to fight for revolution. The Right is blinded by memory – of a misty past of speeches about “Euro-Communism” and “Social Democracy” by people who no longer matter. To the Right, all the “free market reforms” fostered by EU institutions are forgotten. Maybe, idealistic free marketeers look the other way because the results of the EU experiment are clear: free markets inevitably lead to corporate monopoly power crushing the will of the people. Free markets lead inexorably to concentrations of wealth and power. To inequality and – before the uptick – austerity.
The Left wing case for Britain remaining in the EU is not really Left wing at all. It is founded on atavism and pessimism about the working classes of Europe. To this section of society, the EU can somehow be reformed from within. They believe elite governments in Europe – already out of touch with their own electorates – can negotiate in Brussels and Strasbourg with corporations, on the same terms.
The idea of being able to reform the European Union by negotiation is fantasy. In the U.S. context, it would be a bit like a future President Bernie Sanders transplanting Washington’s “K Street” of lobbyists into the West Wing for fruitful discussion about creating a fairer America. There is no negotiation to be had, except around the edges. Every aspect of the EU is targeted to one goal, to create a militarily powerful satellite of the United States that borders Africa and Eurasia, underpinned by corporate power. For every progressive law the EU has successfully passed, a hundred hurl millions into economic catastrophe.
It took months before UK politicians knew the acronym “TTIP” – so ignorant are they about the consummation of the marriage between Eurocrats and the kind of people you might meet on the ski slopes of Davos every winter. UK Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to make a statement denying that Britain’s National Health Service – a chronically underfunded but visionary universal healthcare system – would be broken up and destroyed by TTIP. Will it sway today’s vote? Actually, the secret deal to empower corporations to take on democratically mandated legislation in EU states may have already hit the buffers.
There’s another trade deal – between Canada and the U.S. – which could formalise the power of U.S. multinationals over European legislation. We didn’t hear anything about CETA before the referendum. Nor did we hear anything about the brutality of EU institutions when it came to what the UN now calls the worst refugee crisis in history.
Even famous NGO charities who are usually reticent about entering “the political” are privately askance about EU policy on refugees. One minute it’s border fences, the next it’s paying cash to prospective EU members to dump children fleeing wars. Where is the recognition that European powers have been at the front of the queue baying for war, from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf, from the Baltic to the Caspian? Sometimes, even in Latin America.
The liberal commentariat decries the xenophobia of right wing Brexiteers. It argues that the BREXIT club is furnished by those who want to do harm to refugees. No one can surely join a club so full of racists, they say. Presumably, it would be like people voting for Donald Trump because they didn’t want an Iraq War which has killed, displaced or wounded millions.
What liberal “remainers” don’t say is that they are  and a politician who carries out thousands of targeted assassinations, President Obama.
Because, Britons voting today should not be in any doubt that a vote to remain in the EU is a vote to catalyse the Lehman Brothers disasters of the future. The EU exists –pre-eminently – to forge a deregulated world with vulture funds and private equity that contaminates every aspect of relations between human beings. From cradle to grave, there will be the privatisation of public space let alone education, health and aspiration. Not only that, but there’s something even more financially lucrative than the European health market : war.
War will be a privatised Europe’s crowning achievement. With EU connivance, it killed hundreds of thousands in Yugoslavia in the 1990s. And that was only a precursor. For when trade deals entrench the U.S. armaments industry in EU institutions, even chemical additives in food fade into the background as an issue.
The EU will do nothing about climate change except create “markets” to trade in gruesome carbon credits. And climate change and wars for resources will give ample opportunity for EU nations to wage war for one side or another. The EU will create phantasms and spectres for people to hate. Human rights policies will be conjured to attack the enemies of U.S. corporate capital: statist nations, countries that refuse to bow down to the orthodoxy of open capital markets.
If there is hope on the horizon regardless of today’s vote – it is that the rest of the world is gathering forces. China no longer looks the other way as President Obama attempts to place ever more bases around it. Together with Russia, it will not play ball with the neoliberal power-plays of Washington and its EU client bloc. And fissures are developing fast. Britain, whichever way the vote is swung, will be a member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. When it seeks urgent infrastructural capital, or when it seeks lenience from big BRICS power over steel it will have to tow the line from BRICS capitals. It’s a line that will be towed at the expense of EU membership. And domestic electoral change in EU nations amidst the continuing fallout of Lehman 2008, will inevitably lead to the breakdown of negotiations.
So ironically, both sides in today’s referendum will win. The EU will have to reform because the peoples of Europe will have none of the EU-US military-industrial complex. Whether what is born is called the EU or a new kind of economic bloc, tied to emerging markets, it must happen. If the UK votes out, it will merely be the beginning of the end of a failed project, like the Berlin Wall 27 years before it. It must fail because with the threat of climate change to the threat of nuclear war, humanity depends on it.

Political Shock Coming No Matter Which Side Wins Brexit

Political Shock Coming No Matter Which Side Wins Brexit

You don;t say? OMG. The EU forgets that they are dealing with ADULTS, not obedient school children who accept mindless indoctrination in a Nazi regime!
“If the U.K. decides in Thursday’s referendum to leave the European Union, it would shake the continent to its political foundations. Even if it stays, the bloc may never be the same. A decision to leave, which would be a first by a member nation, would deepen the crisis facing a continent already struggling with economic weakness, debt problems, large-scale migration and growing geopolitical instability to its south and east.The referendum, at a minimum, has delivered a shock to Europe’s political classes, calling into question what some had once regarded as an inevitable march toward a federal EU.“Obsessed with the idea of instant and total integration, we failed to notice that ordinary people, the citizens of Europe, do not share our Euro-enthusiasm,” European Council President Donald Tusk observed in a speech in late May.”
Britain’s EU referendum calls into question the march toward closer ties, suggesting resistance over ‘total integration’.
This holds true no matter which side wins the vote on Thursday.
The Wall Street Journal reports, and I agree‘Brexit’ Vote Will Change Europe, No Matter the Outcome.
If the U.K. decides in Thursday’s referendum to leave the European Union, it would shake the continent to its political foundations. Even if it stays, the bloc may never be the same.

A decision to leave, which would be a first by a member nation, would deepen the crisis facing a continent already struggling with economic weakness, debt problems, large-scale migration and growing geopolitical instability to its south and east.

The referendum, at a minimum, has delivered a shock to Europe’s political classes, calling into question what some had once regarded as an inevitable march toward a federal EU.

“Obsessed with the idea of instant and total integration, we failed to notice that ordinary people, the citizens of Europe, do not share our Euro-enthusiasm,” European Council President Donald Tusk observed in a speech in late May.

“The specter of a breakup is haunting Europe, and a vision of a federation doesn’t seem to me like the best answer to it.”
Tusk at least seems to understand something. In contrast, Juncker Proclaims Himself All-Knowing God of EU.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Soros and other US Neocons play a deadly game that kills people for War profiteering

The ROI of Crisis Building in the Middle East: More Soros Hedging

Column: Politics
Region: Middle East
Country: Israel

Author: Phil Butler

sorosGeorge Soros’ supposed philanthropy is actually a functional instrument of investing. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the hedge fund billionaire’s Middle East effort. As one researcher mildly put it, “Soros-funded groups increase tensions in this troubled region” of our world. Here’s a look into how a now notorious instigator of conflict and regime change affects the crises surrounding the nation of Israel.

I am not the first analyst to research and report on the nefarious machinations of George Soros. We’ve all heard of the hedge fund financial legend’s checkered past, his aiding the Nazis in Hungary as a teenager, his busting the Bank of England, and making billions off the losses of the multitude in financial crisis. Soros efforts in trouble spots worldwide are now the stuff of urban legend. His complicity or direct intervention in regime change, the societal upheaval of whole regions, it all seems beyond the scope of what most people can come to grips with. Soros’ power, the power of those behind him, it is almost unbelievable even to those in the know. I for one, am surprised by the man’s leverage on a daily basis. Today, a report from 2013 by Alexander H. Joffe, Ph.D., and NGO Monitor brings new revelations. Most notably, the sheer size of the network of Soros philanthropic efforts is extraordinary, even larger than I had imagined. Single cases of “investment” like the supposed philanthropic $100 million matching gift made in 2010 to Human Rights are miniscule when framed against the larger picture. If the reader can come to grips with the term “unimaginable influence” when thinking of Soros efforts, the rest of this report will make a lot more sense.

Bad Israel”, Good for Conflict Business

In citing Human Rights Watch’s Kenneth Roth, the NGO Monitor report stamps Soros’ endeavors with the indelible mark of subversive. The man in charge of monitoring worldwide human rights is quoted as saying:
We need to be able to shape the foreign policies of these emerging powers, much as we have traditionally done with Western powers.”
Just how much more clearly can the missions of Soros or Human Rights Watch be, than to confess to shaping the policy of nations, with or without the mandate of the people? But the role of Human Rights Watch, and other NGOs that receive Soros backing, is more complex than most would imagine. Dr. Joffe’s report reveals the breadth of Soros conflict games, but also a third dimension to the overall new world strategy, the role of conflict overall. Using Human Rights Watch as a surgical instrument for creating ongoing crisis, Soros and his handlers are on the last crusade to ensure Jerusalem is once again the capital a greater Israel holy land. This can be illustrated quite simply.
Soros funds Human Rights Watch as a PR win, a tax write –off, and to make the world a better place (PR). Then Human Rights Watch becomes the biggest critic of Israel outside Gaza. The NGO Monitor report tells us:
In recent years Human Rights Watch has written far more condemnations of Israel for violations of international law than of any other country in the region.”
Without taking you through an elaborate trail of Soros backed organizations, suffice it to say Soros’ Open Society Foundations and other organizations back both sides of the Arab-Israeli crisis. Human Rights Watch gets the lion’s share to side with the Palestinians, as do a score of Gaza and Palestinian sympathizing NGOs, in order to stoke the fires of discontent on the side of Israel’s age old enemies. One such entity, something called the “New Israeli Fund” has total gifts of more than $200 million over the last couple of decades. This organization also promotes the idea Israel is an apartheid state, and funds grants and other seed promotions that tear at Israel’s reputation. The Joffe, NGO Watch report goes on to name other Soros backed NGOs like; Amnesty International, Media Matter, the Institute for American Progress, Rabbis for Human Rights, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the Mada al-Carmel – Arab Center for Applied Social Research, Institute for Policy Studies, and many other pro-Palestinian, Israel critical institutions. And then the report gets truly interesting.

A Bold New World

Soros is creating the conflict, and with the help of the United States State Department, agencies like the CIA, and via corporate support by the financial elites. Taking the leap forward to the crux of Middle East crisis, Soros money also funds institutions like the National Iranian American Council, and something called the “New America Foundation”, as if naming conventions could not be any clearer. Iran and Israel are bitter enemies since forever. So the reader must ask; “Why would a Jewish billionaire fund the Israeli opposition?” The answer is obvious, but I will conclude by answering shortly. Let’s focus on this “New America” Mr. Soros seeks first.

The “New America Foundation” was created back in 1999. The Washington D. C. based NGO says it addresses the “next generations of challenges” the US faces. NGO Watch spotlights a New America Foundation Iran Initiative official, a former CIA and State Department official named Flynt Leverett in its report. To make a long story short, NAF supports Hamas, when all is said and done. The long tail of seemingly anti-Israeli sentiment and money goes far deeper, but Soros helping to fund the Israeli opposition is right out of a money crisis playbook for currency speculators. Without a hated Israel in the middle of the Middle East, there is no war, there is no crisis, and people like Soros cannot profit, let along institute things like the Syria shakeup, or Arab Spring on the broader scheme. To understand what the people behind Soros are up to, one has to think really big, while at the same time applying hedge fund logic. Wall Street gods like Soros, the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs and the rest, they love playing winners and losers. And funding crisis is the oldest game in town.

Read books like “Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq”, by former New York Times, Berlin Bureau Chief, Stephen Kinzer. In a 2010 interview with Imagineer Magazine, Kinzer framed my argument here, in condemning US efforts in Latin America:
The effects of U.S. intervention in Latin America have been overwhelming negative. They have had the effect of reinforcing brutal and unjust social systems and crushing people who are fighting for what we would actually call ‘American values.’ In many cases, if you take Chile, Guatemala, or Honduras for examples, we actually overthrew governments that had principles similar to ours and replaced those democratic, quasi-democratic, or nationalist leaders with people who detest everything the United States stands for.”
In the Middle East Soros activities coincide with his fueling of the Ukraine disaster, the shakeup of EU constituencies, and especially where refugees from the Middle East now literally invade Europe capitals. Under the auspices of decency and human rights, Soros and other neocons play a deadly game that kills people, destroys families, uproots society, and reshapes the geography of our world. Crisis, this is the god of the investment world elite. As for Israel, Mr. Soros has once again betrayed Judaism like he did in Nazi occupied Hungary in World War II. Flux, the constant irritation and distraction of war, this is the purpose for all Soros foundation efforts. Recent allegations (Bloomberg) from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accusing Soros of being a prominent member of a circle of “activists” trying to undermine European nations using refugees as the weapon, they tell us all we need to know about Open Society Foundations, and anything associated with it.

At the end of the day these “activists” working with Soros make money off crisis. Soros, who is now supporting Democratic front-runner and Bengazi psychopath, Hillary Clinton, wants the EU to spend $34 billion euro a year to assist the same refugees he’s helping to send to Europe. And how would the people of Europe afford such an undertaking? 
Soros says:
“When should the triple-A credit of the EU be mobilized if not at a moment when it is in mortal danger? Throughout history, governments have issued bonds in response to national emergencies. That is the case in Europe today.”

Debt. Financing. There is your answer to “why” Soros has betrayed Israel and the Palestinians. Soros has no national pride or identity, money is his nation and his god. Don’t take my word for all of this, do you own brief research. This Guardian article is a good place to start for recent revelations about how bankers manipulate the economic system, and how debt is created for their profit. This Mother Jones report tells of former Vice President, Dick Cheney’s Iraq War profiteering. Even TIME Magazine reveals for us how profiteering works for the arms companies, and for the stakeholders behind the incentive for crisis building is red hot.

And finally, I had to literally hunt for the news, but the Jerusalem Post has reported that the White House will be offering the largest single pledge of military assistance to Israel in history soon. That’s right, the president and the other Washington politicians Soros and his backers put in office are forced to defend an Israel still surrounded by enemies. Had Israel’s enemies lacked financial support, or had friction in between nations been reduced instead of escalated, then there would be no need of funding and the debt that goes along. I hope the reader can see now, why so many criticize George Soros.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.