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BBC Film Blames Poroshenko for Downing #MH17 avoiding many others involved

BBC Film Blames Poroshenko for Downing #MH17 avoiding many others involve


The British news Agency BBC told the world what a lying Poroshenko
British broadcaster BBC is going to release a documentary about a downed "Boeing", which was destroyed over the territory of Ukraine in summer 2014. This film will reflect all the events that occurred on July 17.
I will cover the basic versions of destruction of a passenger plane. And shown new evidence of involvement of Kiev to the death. According to one existing version, the cause of the aircraft crash are wrongful actions taken by the Ukrainian side. In the film it is alleged that the attack on the aircraft was performed by the Ukrainian fighters.
In connection with these actions, the BBC also unveiled all of its available data about the constant lies and misinformation from the mouth of the Ukrainian President. One of the points is the rejection of Poroshenko that the Kiev government is guilty of mass death of people.
Devastating article about the Ukrainian President released under the name "the President, who promises not fulfilled Poroshenko". The West now sees, which is the word of the President.
Excerpts from this article are of such a nature: "from the very first days of his presidency Ukrainian President Poroshenko at once declared to his people, that will be cancelled visas to visit EU countries. At his inauguration, which took place on 7 June 2014, he assured the nation that achieved the first stages of the agreements of visa-free regime with Europe, and soon will be over and the second. By the end of 2015, Ukrainians were able to travel abroad without visa". Although this promises to European leaders, the Ukrainian President did not give, noted in his article British journalists.
The article also raises issues with regards to campaign promises made in early April 2014 Petro Poroshenko, about the sale of his enormous business, which is still not implemented. And the hard questions asked in interview to the channel "BBC" about the assets, the President said that "customers no business".
After four months of repeated question about selling the business he received at the summit "YES", to which he replied: "you will Soon receive significant new news".
Then three months later there arose a scandal, which touched on the presidential offshore accounts. And four – was never implemented the so-called "blind trust" with Rothschild, written by the British.
A promise to end anti-terrorist operation "fast and efficient", to improve relations with Russia within three months given to the students of Kharkiv University of law in April 2014 nothing has been done, noted the article.
The Donetsk airport also suffered a mishap. The President gave the "cyborg" setting on some key point of defense of Ukraine allowed to donate.
Passed a month and a half.
During the signing of the "second of the Minsk agreements", Poroshenko said that the country will be announced martial law, but this promise was forgotten when there were bloody battles for Debaltsevo.
After the local elections, the Ukrainian President promised a new life "Monday", journalists are tired of these Mondays, because the life in Ukraine so still and not improved.
The issue of illegal mining of amber, which was discussed at the regional level with law enforcement agencies in Lviv, also was a failure. The term problem solving in two weeks was broken and not implemented to date.
In 2015, having announced that the appointment of governors in the country will only be conducted with local councils, Poroshenko appointed Georgian Mikhail Saakashvili.
Presidential not implemented the agreement on "open skies" with the EU by the end of 2015, which was declared by Poroshenko. The Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine considers that this will not happen before mid-summer of 2016.
After the arrest of Korban Poroshenko promised that will not stop the corruption, but so far no one has not planted.
The BBC hinted that the leader of the Ukrainian state Petro Poroshenko never tells the truth, so anything he promised or said, cannot be taken seriously. The label "lying President" the country has never consumed get out of its crisis.
Ukraine just there is no trust, nobody wants to cooperate, because there is no confidence in the reliability of this state. You cannot invest in a country when a business partner in the person of the state constantly lies to you.
As noted in the air force, promises, which gave Poroshenko last Tuesday 19 April at the meeting of the National Council reform on the occasion of meetings with representatives of various business communities planned to conduct on Thursday, also should not be considered seriously.
Since Thursday, the President held an official visit to Romania, so perhaps he will meet with other entrepreneurs in the "near future", noted in the edition.
Ales Novak
Photo: bbc.co.uk
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