Monday, March 7, 2016

A relative of one who died in the crash MH17 Boeing in Ukraine:Asks for Results much faster

A relative who died in the crash Boeing in Ukraine: the Result should work much faster

It is expected that on 7 March in the Netherlands will be published new information about the crash Boeing in the East of Ukraine in July 2014. Representatives of the joint investigation team will tell journalists and relatives of those killed in the crash during the investigation of the causes of the tragedy, which claimed the lives of 283 passengers and 15 crew members. Details — RT correspondent Roman Kosarev.
Eighteen months after the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing in the East of Ukraine issues in the investigation team, apparently, remains more than answers.
Dutch parliamentarians have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of evidence, declared the US, and also criticized the secrecy around the investigation.
The relatives of the victims urged the Joint investigation team to publish any available information.
The plane crash that killed 13 residents of the Dutch town hilversum. RT correspondent interviewed their fellow countrymen and found that they share some concerns of the relatives of the victims.
"They want to hide something, because otherwise, apparently, can be confirmed by the unwanted facts," suggested one of the interviewees.
"Everyone should have access to investigative data. Perhaps the evidence points to something that could complicate the political situation," said resident Process
"Perhaps, in the interests of a country not to give full information, or the truth is too terrible to disclose it", – expressed his opinion the third woman.
In July 2014 Robert van Hanegen lost in a plane crash in Eastern Ukraine, his brother, sister-in-law and 17-year-old nephew.
This tragedy claimed the lives of nearly 200 Dutch. The investigation lasted for a year and a half. It takes place in an atmosphere of secrecy and causes many disputes. All this does not give the relatives of the victims come to terms with the loss.
RT discussed with Robert some of the details of the protracted process.
"The investigation should be carried out more speedily. Since the collapse it has been too long. I would like to joint investigation team released its findings. They do not provide us with full details. According to them, some of the material is prohibited to publish," said van Hanegen.
It is expected that new information will be published on 7 March in the Dutch city of Utrecht.
Let's hope that it will shed light on the work done in the course of the investigation, and, more importantly, will help the relatives 298 of the dead in some way come to terms with this tragedy.+

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