Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Unhappy Ukrainians disappointed & "suffering" in the literal sense of the word,"Gallup" quotes

Will anything change in Ukraine in the coming years? No. So, the researchers from Gallup can be prepared for new records of depression and pessimism among Ukrainians.
A member of the Ukrainian armed forces assists local residents onto a bus to flee the military conflict, in Debaltseve
Brazen tone of the official Ukrainian propaganda is surprisingly optimistic: the country closer and closer to Europe, the reforms follow reforms that the separatists are dying by the thousands to avoid, the money magically arises from the magic of the IMF, and all of Ukraine rejoice. All, except the Ukrainians.
"What a shock from the classic!" — pathetically exclaimed Bender, and now have every reason to exclaim in the administration of the President of Ukraine. How is it – our relatives, our indispensable, our paternal United States of America took and planted most prosperous Ukrainians, and sad (which is especially outraged lovers of fat) – totally inedible pig in the form of polling company Gallup, the oldest and most prestigious American sociological Agency. And in this survey, a priori, interested in "blacking" the Americans have demonstrated that the people of Ukraine now feel the most miserable in the entire history of independence. And in this story, by the way, was already very little light years. But now the indicators of social pessimism and depression has set a new record. "Depression permeates in almost every segment of Ukrainian society. The current ratings of the standard of living improved among representatives of all age groups, regardless of sex and education" — to quote from the study "Gallup" add up to nothing.
Moreover, are curious concrete figures – they shock themselves. So, 79% of Ukrainian citizens consider themselves poor. But the Ukrainians, like all post-Soviet residents, reluctant to so unflattering to himself the language – but there's probably more euphonious synonyms disappeared, and the word "poverty" shines from all the holes. The whole huge mass of state employees, small businesses, workers and peasants, etc., etc., directly and clearly said we do not have enough to live off, and we barely scrape by. While 36% acknowledged himself suffering – "suffering" in the literal sense of the word. That is, so poor that even cry, though a cry scream. And this is the worst performance in the post-Soviet space. Mysterious neither in Kyrgyzstan, nor in impoverished Tajikistan there are so many screaming-poor people.
It is interesting, and who has disappointed and hurt the most? No, it's not the residents of Western Ukraine, which went to Europe on a "pick-up work" and go. These are the inhabitants of the center and South of the country. The ever-fluctuating regions without persistent electoral preferences. So they voted a year and a half ago for Poroshenko, now and ofigevayu from happening. How cynical: the citizens elected the President – but life has only worsened. And the Odessans unhappier steel imported from his Governor. And inhabitants of Nikolaev and Kherson, lost trade relations with the Crimea.
Another caveat: the survey was conducted in late summer, when another did not receive the bills for utility services during the heating season. Take him now – could safely expect even more disappointing results.
You know what's amazing? Here these words are "current ratings of the standard of living improved among representatives of all age groups, regardless of sex and education". Usually after a while the changes in her life: part of the population unhappy, but a part, big or smaller is encouraged. So was, say, in the early 90s, when the bulk of the discontented was diluted by those who sought to snatch market opportunities. That is a no, but the social drive was, albeit controversial. In Ukraine, now totally muffled as in the tank.
Dissatisfied with all categories of citizens of the sharp increase in prices for communal services, for many it was devastating.
Disgruntled pensioners the lack of indexation of pensions according to growth in prices for all categories of goods.
Unhappy business people rampant new gangster lawlessness and racketeering involving "veterans".
Disgruntled policemen, who were replaced by strange freaks of facebookyou.
Disgruntled residents of Donbass for... well, that's clear.
Unhappy with all men of military age for the infinite mobilization, the terror of the Commissars and the catching of conscripts.
Unhappy with business representatives because of sanctions against Russian goods, which cut short the possibility of Ukrainian exports to Russia.
Disgruntled community members, who suddenly realized that the new regime at times autoritarna and meaner all the previous ones and when it "swing right" has become much more difficult.
Dissatisfied optimists, which are still fed with promises, and not European open arms.
Dissatisfied with the army thrown in senseless attacks and provocations.
And absolutely all adds to the discontent fed smug face on the TV, which even stopped pretending that they're being modest.
Will anything in Ukraine change in the coming years? No. So, the researchers from Gallup can be prepared for new records of depression and pessimism among Ukrainians.

Hi Ukrainians, Hello horses!
You rode? For the devastation of the country?
For the war in the Donbass, for killing people?
For Dorval to power, the Frank pigs?

Why Ukrainians, them power you gave?
So they Ukraine before the end destroyed?
I had accumulated credits, and you all sold?
To the laws, morality, and conscience trampled?

So the bandit Bandera, glorified cities?
You tell me honestly – do you riding?
Brothers to, each other shot,
That you missed? You dreamed about it?

Of Europe wanted, to cognitively impaired,
On the Maidan stood to spasms of the stomach.
You instilled the idea that Europe is waiting for you,
But in fact, you lied, and now...

You rates have raised, up to European heights,
And the salary was forgotten, then the hunger waiting for you.
You the hryvnia dropped, and inflation pressure,
And did not understand that the vassal you ruled.

The people from Donbass, have you sharpened the knives,
Only because they rebelled, they are against the lies.
You bomb them with "grad", and shot in the back,
For his idea of the "Dino the country".

You blind idea, clouded mind,
And now like a zombie, you walk at once.
You can not be saved, there is no such medication,
You can do anything any guile.

Crimea turned away from you, and no wonder he left
He the way home, through the mists found.
And Donbas does not want Ukraine to serve
Enough he had suffered, willingly wants to live!

Well, you, Ukrainians, for that you were?
You for this country, in the clumps broke up?
You're in Odessa, people burned?
And in Donetsk, Lugansk, children were killed?

Hey, loud-mouthed maggots of the "Maidan",
You are burned on the Maidan, its the same Ivan.
YOU, his own country, divided it up,
How do you live now, under the current government?

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