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Ukraine - the Russians are not coming, Nothing personal - just a strategy | Julia Vityazeva

Ukraine - the Russians are not coming
Julia Vityazeva
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Quite often we hear the statement that the world is on the brink of war. In my subjective opinion, it is already underway. Or rather, have never been stopped.

Perhaps this is due to the events of the last two years in/on Ukraine. After all, everyone living here is somehow a party to the hostilities and confrontations. However, on a global scale all the same not so clear.

As shown by recent events in Ukraine and in Syria, the geographical distance from the place where the flash, does not play much importance. Wherever there was a war, it affects the economic, political and even social processes of those countries which directly or indirectly participate in the conflict.

How right in their actions and their assessments of the current geopolitical monsters - the history will judge. However, such a luxury of time, can afford not everyone. Residents of the Middle East and the Ukrainians, daily suffering from civil war and constant external interference can't wait for the descendants will make an objective assessment of the nightmare in which they have to exist. But to influence the situation.

But if the legally elected President Assad and his nation has a powerful ally - Russia, serving their interests, then Ukraine - there is none. There are only vultures, disguised as pigeons tearing to pieces the remains are on their last legs in the country.

Of course, all the events of our fault. Our inaction, fear, nurtured over the centuries, the psychology of a slave, hysterical admiration of the West and manic "help from abroad", - have done their dirty work.

And to fight not only the enemy but their own inner demons we have independently. Because at the moment we do not need. And save us no one will.

Russia - in the first place. Though, because now she just doesn't need it. On the contrary. The faster and deeper the Ukraine gets stuck in the chaos, the more likely will be a showdown. Or will we finally choke with "freedom and independence" and fenced by a concrete wall and barbed wire, repeat the fate of Yugoslavia, or will you try to change the present and thereby to regain at least a chance to recapture hope for the future.

In General, Russians will not come. In the end, they are not required to be babysitters, Tutors, sponsors, ideologists and clerics. Especially, given the difficult situation they are in themselves.

Because at this stage of attack on Russia are of a massive character. In addition to political pressure is a huge financial and economic pressure. The manual, which managed to break up the Union again put to use. Moreover, with triple enthusiasm.

However, Putin is no Gorbachev. Absolutely sure that his political will, tolerance and wisdom will be enough for Russia with the honor came out of this test. And with minimal losses. For yourself.

Special operation in Syria involved in resolving the middle East crisis, impact on international political processes, an open statement of their position (often quite rigid and contrary to the majority opinion) - all this though and annoys Western "partners", however, forces us to reckon with the opinion of "those Russians".

But there's something else. In addition to a strong army and Navy, which, doubtless, and are entitled to a certain boldness and fearlessness, there is the awareness of self-righteousness. And this gives weight to the words and confidence to actions.

At this stage, to talk about the end of the war (or rather - that the confrontation between Russia and the West) is naive and foolish. Though, because world peace is Utopian foolishness.

A great game will continue.

And the main thing now is to keep the existing Russian advantage and the right to act at own discretion in accordance with their priorities and interests.

The simultaneous game (or war, if you like) to multiple boards is difficult. Very. And something surely has to give.

Their cemetery is close to the highly professional doctor. And even the most venerable Grand master for the sake of victory forced to sacrifice pieces.

Judging by what is happening in Ukraine and that she would have such a fate. Because otherwise we can't.

Nothing personal - just a strategy. Especially because we ourselves had dreamed of pawns to go out to the kings that spit on all the rules. For now, and punished. Political death, economic collapse, loss of significance and interest...

We now own game. Survival...

Julia Vityazeva, specially for News Front

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