Saturday, December 12, 2015

Good wins only in fairy tales...Pavel Dremov Killed

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Pavel Dremov Killed
Just what I was told guys in his unit. Chieftain Dremov's car blew up at a gas station on the way from Pervomaisk to Stakhanov...
We met in late August, when I spent the tournament on the Russian bench at the miner's Day in Stakhanov. Paul is one of the most courageous, decent and intelligent commanders of Lugansk resistance, the commander of the Cossack regiment named after Platov... I talked with his fighters, saw the gym in the division artillery, drank with Paul a Cup of tea. He gave me a hat, now I will keep it as a memory.
I dreamed I was in a hurry to meet him... With Brain had no time. And now Paul is gone.
The news is bitter. In Stakhanov Ukraine has established its world - working with national councils, without corruption and crime... and killed...
Rest in peace, dad!
Good wins only in fairy tales...
Maryana Naumova
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