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The hidden version of the possible #A321 catastrophe - "BLUE FLAG"

The hidden version of the possible #A321 catastrophe - "BLUE FLAG"

The conduct of the parties (mass stuffing of versions in the media) suggests that the Zionists comprehensively protecting Israel, which, with his usual malevolent spirit that just got blown up by a missile during exercises in the air the commotion, according to the Russian aircraft in its airspace that Russia knew how to fight in Syria, i.e. in the region which Israel views as its USA and even here only allows strict in its tolerance to help yourself and not on any other kind!
For understanding let us consider what is actually happening in the Sinai Peninsula, which over the past four years from a kind of buffer zone between Israel and Egypt has become a powerful source of instability?
In 1979 Israel and Egypt signed an agreement by which the Sinai Peninsula returned to Egypt after the Israeli occupation, will be divided (vertically) into four zones. In the first, the Western region, Egypt has the right to keep mechanized infantry division, totaling 20 thousand people. In the next lane based four battalions of border troops that support the security, together with the local police. Further to the East of the Egyptian military presence is generally not allowed. The maintenance of relative peace in those areas engaged in the international military contingent, which included representatives from 12 countries, including the USA, Canada and New Zealand, as well as Egypt and Israel. And, finally, the fourth vertical is a narrow strip of land on the territory of Israel, where he can hold up to 4 infantry battalions! However, as has told in interview Bi-bi-si, the Arab Explorer service bi-Bi-si Mohammed Yahya, alongside with the official military mosaics, in fact, the Sinai Peninsula is still divided into three zones, but horizontal:
South Sinai: there are all resorts, including Sharm El-Sheikh. It is a relatively rich, highly fortified region, which Egypt considers the most strategically important for us.
The average Sinai: little inhabited, more or less controlled by Egyptian security forces and military. The main part is occupied by desert plateau At-Quiet.
North Sinai: the most problematic. The area around the cities of al-Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zuveyd on the border with Israel is practically not controlled by the Egyptian authorities!

So that takes him out of focus press: Russian aircraft shot down over Israeli Sinai area of 20 km from the Israeli border in the Israeli area of the Sinai, while Israel carried out the biggest air exercise in its history "BlUE FlAG" which involved the U.S. air force, Greece and Poland!
The situation is similar, you can say shot down Malaysian airliner over Ukraine in the supply of the West, but now you will see what the HAGUE and Oona the Zionist West will shove this disaster! 

If those who undertake to translate the video I would be very grateful.
18 October on the basis of "Uvda" (near Eilat) started the international air force training exercise "Blue Flag 2015". It was the largest air force exercises in the history of the Israeli military aviation.
Initially, the army's press service reported that the exercises completed on 29 October. Later in the day on the website of the IDF air force published a notification of the completion of the exercises and was given a report that nearly two weeks of exercises 54 aircraft of the armies of Israel, USA, Greece, Poland and other countries were made 245 sorties, involving 102 of the pilot and who prepared 416 technicians, dispatchers, and officers components.
– The largest exercise in the history of the IDF air force "Blue Flag 2015". Photo
October 30 edition of The Times of Israel called the other the completion date exercises: 3 November. October 30, in the blog of the official representative of the IDF Peter Lerner published a link to this article.
On the same day, November 3, the Russian newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published an article by Israel Shamir titled "Could a missile fired from Israeli or American aircraft, A321 knock?", in stating that the plane of the Russian airline "Kogalymavia" (MetroJet-9268), crashed in Sinai on October 31, could be hit by Israeli or American aircraft participated in the exercise "Blue Flag 2015". "Israeli and American planes simulated air duels, simulated fighting in two dozen kilometers from the place of death of Russian aircraft", – stated in the publication.
The next day the review of the Russian press edition mention this publication, noting that the teachings according to our data, was completed on October 29.
Friday, 6 November, the representative of the press service of the IDF confirmed to our newsroom that the exercise "Blue Flag 2015", according to the available data, really ended only on November 3. We asked to double-check this information as it contradicts information that we had previously.
At our request, an inspection was carried out, after which the representative of the IDF reported: "Exercise "Blue Flag 2015" ended on October 29. After this date no action, the exercise was carried out. In one of the documents passed to the media, was erroneously entered the date of graduation exercises – 3 November. We are talking about a technical error". 
I attach a screenshot of the news in the Israeli media (for emergencies)

Here's another interesting article on this topic: - "Downed over Sinai A321: the inhumans against Russia" - an Arsenal of drones from Israel is great. 
To conduct operations against the Russian A321 could, for example, be suitable UAV RQ-5 Hunter is a tactical reconnaissance UAV. Aircraft equipped with thermal imaging system of the third generation, laser target pointer, system warning receiver radar and other equipment.
RQ-5 Hunter is not a child's toy. It has take-off weight 726 kgs, has a top speed of over 200 kilometers per hour, has a range of more than 267 kilometers, can carry a payload weighing up to 125 pounds and has a practical ceiling – 4575 meters.
The RQ-5 Hunter can be supplied any military equipment. For example, the MQ-5B Hunter is armed with a bomb GBU-44/B Viper Strike.
Management is carried out with drone ground control station the GCS-3000, the equipment and two operators which are in a special truck.
This is just an example. Such UAVs from Israel dozens of types and modifications. Management capabilities allow for the operation to destroy aircraft at distances up to 200 kilometers or more. That is, the Israelites were not even to cross the border of Egypt.
thank you sansanch
"Experts have found in the area of disaster items that are not related to the design of aircraft," - said the Agency interlocutor. "They sent for examination", - said one of the sources.
thank you Sansanych
Fictional version - if to put aside all the speculation about italki, etc. all the described facts very well describe cleaning the crime scene.

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