Wednesday, November 25, 2015

President Erdogan knew what he was doing, giving orders to his fighter jets

PLATO BESEDIN: Turkey is kaput!

PLATON BESEDIN: Turkey kaput!
If Turkish fighters had not shot down a Russian bomber and instead, for example, an American one, the star-spangled missiles by now would have destroyed Istanbul and Ankara. Two minutes would not have passed, and Turkey would be was washed with blood. But as it was a Russian bomber, this is definitely not going to happen.
This is largely due to the fact that Russians not only know mercy, but also use common sense. Ankara with its own ignorant careless methods mean to draw us into a Third world war with NATO, of which Turkey is a member. So stupidly are those who demands from President Putin blood. But, of course, with all this was Ankara to respond needlessly and decisively. When you consider that the Russian SU-24 bomber was shot down not due to the fact that it crossed the Turkish border as is certainly was not that. Also no ten warnings to leave the airspace were given, as supposedly they claim to have sent. All this makes this unnecessary aggression a lot deeper and much sadder.
Turkey has always been an American Outpost in the middle East. From here rose the star-spangled bombers to destroy Iraq during the elimination of Saddam Hussein. It was here that they made and implemented the decision to block the delivery of Iraqi oil, thus depriving Baghdad of material resources. And this is just one example of America's political influence on Ankara.

In addition, it is Turkey, claiming the title of the core countries of Islamic civilization, has long been a platform for spreading ideas of radical Islam. Ankara, and this is confirmed by numerous data, finances IG. Everything is logical, because Erdogan's priority today is to destroy the government of Bashar al-Assad and become the hegemon in the middle East, awakening to life the shadow of the great Ottoman Empire. Turkey itself has become a hotbed of terrorist organizations, a training center radical fighters, many of them, after completing the training are sent to fight in Syria or to prepare terrorist attacks in the Crimea and the Caucasus.
About the history of the Russo-Turkish strife, I think, reminding for most it's not necessary. In recent times, Ankara stubbornly went on the conflict with Moscow, threatening, in particular, tear gas agreements. Thus, the downed Russian bomber is really a deliberate sneaky stab in the back, whose main goal is provocation, heavily on civilizational conflict. Not answer, as already mentioned, in this case does not. Adequate impact measure would be the economic noose around Turkey's neck. Let me remind you that Turkey is the most visited holiday destination for Russians. Now this tourist flow could be shut off.
Here I will afford personal attitude: if Turkey was interesting, for its history (primarily associated with Byzantium). Travel there to swim, sunbathe, dance, drink vodka personally, I have always caused misunderstanding. Now it is much better to rest in their native land. In the Crimea, not less rich in historic places.
Turkey now needs to be forgotten and banished from the Russian consciousness. Cash flows there must be overlap at all levels, including giving a red light to Turkish companies in Russia. 

President Erdogan knew what he was doing, giving orders to his fighters. Now he that is called, should drink a Cup to the bottom. And no two opinions on this matter.
"Turkey is kaput!" – here is the Russian response to the destruction of our plane. So begins a new campaign against Constantinople. The winning campaign.

Plato Bessedin

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