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Has Membership in NATO become a path for Lawlessness ?

Has Membership in NATO become a path for Lawlessness ?

Turkey possesses the second largest army in NATO  November 25, 2015, 16:45
Photo: Fatih Saribas/Reuters
Text: Anton Krylov

NATO is not the arbitral Tribunal, and a military Alliance, so we should not be surprised that in fact the tragedy of our su-24 in the skies over Syria, he sided with Turkey. But you know in NATO, which thereby give its members a license to lawlessness that the number of such episodes may increase, and now that it comes to tragedy on a much wider scale?

A day after the attack on the Russian plane the rhetoric of the Turkish authorities has changed a bit. President Erdogan said that the Turkish air force at the time of the shooting at the su-24 did not knowthat he is Russian. This despite the fact that immediately after the destruction of the aircraft, the Turks (vying with some of the Russian liberals) were screaming about the fact that Ankara has repeatedly warned Moscow about the impermissibility of the air raids of the Turkomans, and the Russians did not listen, then, are to blame.

"In 2014 it was recorded 1269 airspace violations of Greece by Turkish military aircraft, and in current – 1233"
Russian HQs if guilty of anything, in excessive credulity, which is not the first and likely not the last time sums up our country. This, incidentally, applies not only to the military, just military this is manifested most clearly – century after century.Could anyone else on Tuesday morning to suggest that the country is a NATO member, participant of the antiterrorist coalition, a reliable economic partner of Russia will strike on the Russian plane? We are too accustomed to the fact that our, and NATO planes escorted each other on neutral territory. We've learned that European countries and the USA have protested when a Russian bomber or fighter was too close to their ship, and our diplomats have released similar statements, when the Americans or the British fly up close to our borders. It is this and not shooting to kill is a common international practice, therefore, hit by the su-24 has not waited.
Alas, the Turks are official candidates for EU membership, are not Europeans. Impact on Russian aircraft confirmed this much more clearly than what Brussels carefully tighten the entry of Turkey into the "single European family", has long been promised her. In Europe it is not customary to shoot down aircraft in the country, with the President where you a week ago, hugged and agreed to an emergency meeting and deepen cooperation. However, to state this with absolute certainty now is also impossible. The statements of official representatives of NATO and member States of NATO testify to the attempts to justify not only Turkey, but also shot a defenseless pilot fighters.
Recall that said the official U.S. state Department spokesman mark Toner, who called for all to remember the Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"If the Turkmen forces were attacked by Russian air strikes, they can defend themselves," said Toner, and when asked about whether self-defense in shooting the unarmed pilots on parachutes, he replied that "there is no clear understanding what actually happened". If someone thinks that the translation is inaccurate, it may translate independently.By the way, even before to justify the murder of a Russian pilot, Toner stated that, despite the absence at the White house confirm that the plane was shot down over Turkish territory, the Americans will still support Turkey as a NATO ally.
It is not surprising that against this background, Europe has picked up all of Russophobic forces in the first place in Ukraine. The initiator of the war in the Donbass Oleksandr Turchynov stated that his country "in the case of violations of their airspace by the military aircraft will act the same as the Turkish air force". So far, among the Ukrainian "success" downed over the Black sea Russian passenger plane, which killed 78 people, mostly Israelis. Suspicion of involvement in the death of a Malaysian "Boeing" in Ukraine is also not yet fully withdrawn, and that the official results of the investigation after nearly a year and a half after the disaster and declared that strengthens them.
Odessa Governor Mikhail Saakashvili also expressed full support for Turkey, duplicating your post on Facebook in Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian and Georgian languages and illustratingphotographywhere Erdogan skeptically looking at the magazine in front of him obligingly opened former colleague.
Another thing is that NATO lacks the unity, what I would like Erdogan or official Washington. The statement of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that the information about the incident plane of Russia's other allies like coincides with data of Turkey, it was subsequently referred to as his private opinion.
It is significant that the European media and their readers are not rushing to support Turkey. British The Independent published an article with the title compound: "for years Turkey has allowed jihadist groups to flourish, so beware of the real reasons why she has shot down a Russian plane". More than 12 thousand reposts in social networks, hundreds of comments in support of Russia. Sharply condemned the incident Greece with its historically cautious attitude towards the Turks. The Greek media are also reminded that in 2014 it was recorded 1269 unpunished violations of the airspace of Greece by Turkish military aircraft, and in current – 1233.

Even in articles in which the authors attempt to justify Turkey, most commentators assess the behavior of the Turkish air force negatively.However, the response of the media, and outraged citizens of countries – members of NATO, and even friendly towards Russia politicianshave no special significance in the case against Turkey will not follow any sanctions from the leadership of the Alliance.
Russia will never let Turkey this aggressive act is clear. But if NATO will pretend that nothing terrible has happened, that it was a "misunderstanding" regarding Russia and Turkey, we cannot rule out the possibility that the next time blow politisk too close to the border of the Russian aircraft decide to put, for example, one of the Baltic States. Or Poland, many members of the political elite which are paranoid to believe that their presidential Tu-154 near Smolensk was deliberately destroyed on the personal orders of Putin.
Turkey in this situation acted like a bully, bullied passers-by, knowing that behind him is an adult company that will not give offense. And if NATO will not shorten Ankara, among new and potential members of the Alliance will be a lot of wishing to receive a similar indulgence on the outrage – and immediately to use it.
Only here, unlike the situation with street mugger, the stakes in this game are too high

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