Friday, October 9, 2015

US admitted that they simply feared armed conflict with Russia over Syria

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US admitted that they simply feared armed conflict with Russia 

The United States has been forced to admit that did not go through with plans to create a no-fly zone over the territory of Syria, this to avoid direct armed conflict with Russia. This was stated by spokesman of the White House Josh Ernest. Ernest said that among US allies, there is no unity about where such a zone should be established. The Turks, for example, propose to establish it along its borders.Apparently Ankara aims to prevent support for Kurdish militias Syrian aircraft. In addition, they could do more actively to strike at Kurdish positions in place of the militants, "the Islamic state" that they had previously done. 

Others suggested to create a similar zone in the West, and others - near Damascus. Last Ernest recognized particularly dangerous given that in this area most active actions of the Russian aviation. It should be noted that the rapid actions of Russia on entering Syria are more likely to have been associated with the availability of information about the plans of the West to establish a no-fly zone over the country. 

What it might end, you can look at the example of Libya, where the aircraft of foreign countries, instead of establishing a no-fly zone began to strike on the Libyan army, thus helping the militants. Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier appealed to the upper house of parliament for permission to use the armed forces outside the country. After that the planes of the Military Space Forces launched attacks on positions of militants grouping "Islamic state." 

On 7 October, shock and joined the fleet. Blows were inflicted cruise missile ships of the Caspian Flotilla. This operation was coordinated with the governments of Iran and Iraq, as the missile passed over the territory of these States, which was a complete surprise to everyone.

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