Friday, October 9, 2015

Russia used against the IG in Syria "homing submunitions"

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Russia used against the IG in Syria "homing submunitions" 

There have been reports on the use of armored vehicles against the "Islamic state" bombs to obscure the name SPBE that means homing submunitions. This is a truly "smart" munitions, hitting only military equipment. 

Its creators were awarded last in our history, the State Prize of the USSR. Developers SPBE NGO "Basalt" ahead of the Americans for at least ten years. Similar ammunition in the West began to appear relatively recently. The bomb is a cylinder, which are explosive and thick copper plate. Side of the cylinder is attached to the parachute system and homing module. Once on the ground revealed a concentration of enemy armored vehicles, are sent to the specified point bomber or attack aircraft. 

Bomb reset heights within 400 to 5000 meters. Three small parachute drop at a given height, provide stabilization and slow down the rate of fall up to 17 m / s. Simultaneously with the opening of the parachute is activated infra-red search target. It reacts to heat propulsion tanks. After finding the target and determine the point of undermining the warhead, which occurs at an altitude of about 150 meters, the bomb sent to the enemy machine with special rudders, correcting her flight.Interesting warhead SPBE. 

One explosion generates a copper plate explosively formed penetrator weighing one kilogram. The second - gives it an acceleration equal to two kilometers per second. This is more than have an anti-piercing projectiles. The nucleus breaks through the armor thickness of 70 mm at an angle of 30 degrees. On the basis of technology, used to create SPBE, protivovertoletnuyu managed to develop a mine. It represents the same bomb, but not cleared the aircraft and installed on the ground. 

Where possible helicopter landing opponent, put a well camouflaged minefields. When there is a threat, on a signal from the command post of mine and starts to scan the airspace. When injected into the field of fire of another helicopter, the mine explodes and rotor helicopter is affected nucleus is literally falling apart in the air.

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