Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Now the blockade on the economy. In view of all this political liberal Svidomo (in Russia that Ukraine) about the world around them. So long to praise the invisible hand of the market - and did not understand how the hand works. Educational program for uporotyh.

 We live in a world where the market works is not the seller and the buyer. In other words, it is hard not to produce and sell. Wishing to sell too much, buyers are not enough. It's hard to sell everything - from their hands (or non-working brain) to smart phones and "Ukrainian lard." Campaign in Ukrainian shops "do not buy Russian" at least had the sense and logic. The campaign to cut off the borders of sense and logic does not.

When the "bureaucrats pressured food tractors," they punish foreign producers, but not its customers. Buyers have food in abundance. The blockade makes sense when it is - a real blockade. Brutal bastard, inhuman - but the meaning. The blockade of Crimea - complete idiocy. For example, government employees and pensioners there are already receiving Russian money. And gave them Ukrainian farmers. Rather, they give. More will not give.

After temporary difficulties logistics will change, and ale. Bye. Georgian wine back to our market - but the train was gone. They do not need anyone else. There bottles sold by Mimino nostalgia, nostalgia is no more, the price is too high, the tastes of the public changed. In the southeast is another story. There really is a humanitarian disaster in some places, but not because of the blockade (it does not exist at the common border with Russia), but because the economy is destroyed. There is no money.

When the West imposes sanctions against Russia, he beats two sick things. Blocks access to technology (although before them to us at the hands did not give, but to sell high-tech pieces) and access to cheap loans. It's all. And Ukraine can not offer Russia anything (even her transit selected), and therefore any sanctions from Ukraine - is the most sanctions against Ukraine. Peremoga. But it is necessary to jump ahead and write that "Colorado hysterical", "eager bunch." Yes, yes, hysterical. bashed against the Head wall. You go on, do not stop. Enjoy our hysteria.   


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