Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Today promoting economic efficiency is as important as producing bombs during the Great Patriotic War

Joe Biden applauded standing ... When spring began a jump in prices to trade, "United Russia" and ONF organized the so-called control raids on supermarkets. 

The action quite showy and sham because no legitimate way to limit pricing at a private party activists there. But municipal enterprises directly subordinate to the officials ...What is the crisis? First of all, the reduction of production and services. Why did they cut? Because people can not buy goods and services in the previous volumes.
Therefore, the main direction of struggle with the crisis - the maximum cost containment, ideally - their decline. Then people will be able to acquire more, and the economy will work again. But in the province of Tula, it seems, with the crisis do not want to fight. 
On the contrary - it podhlёstyvayut artificially raised prices. Picture instructive, and perhaps typical of all great Russia ... The most striking example: the second year of the increase in fares on public transport. Less than ten months as tickets to Tula trams and trolleybuses rose - not on anything, and by as much as 33%, from 15 to 20 rubles. And what? Urban transport all is not enough! From October 1, it is expected to rise by another quarter, from 20 to 25 rubles. 
What is the reason? Usual excuses about inflation (after all, they say, more expensive ...) and city guide "Tulgorelektrotransa" can not shake. Petrol we have not risen to the many, electricity, too. Salary motormen and drivers also do not really growing. Where are the costs, twice a year, forcing up prices? The first deputy head of the city administration Ilya Bespalov explains the situation of low-margin "Tulgorelektrotransa." 
Municipal Enterprise in debt, as in silks, although 357 million rubles received subsidies from the city budget. But this is not enough for him, asks for more 280 million. Otherwise they will not come out of losses and went bankrupt. Now, for the salvation of Tula transport paneer whole set of measures, including not only the increase in fares, but, among other things, the reduction of private Spare lines. 
Another element of the "plan of salvation" must, October is the introduction of paid parking city. As a result, Tula caught between two fires: on your machine you go - pay for parking on the trolley or bus peresyadesh - pay premium rate! And what about the struggle with the crisis? If all the money will go to the public parking lot or travel, who will buy the products of domestic manufacturers, which rely on import substitution? 
What a clown import substitution, if we all income devouring wild inflation? This depression, aggravation of the crisis, which own hands create regional and city authorities. Joe Biden, they probably applauded standing. When the spring began a jump in prices to trade, "United Russia" and ONF organized the so-called control raids on supermarkets. 
The action quite showy and sham because no legal means to prohibit traders to raise the price from party activists, even high-ranking no. But the municipal enterprise "Tulgorelektrotrans" directly subordinate officials - members of the "party of power."That is where we must organize a controlling raid asset "United Russia"! And the authority for this, and the result can be real. Because the depth of the losses on the background of the highest prices in the CFA looks pretty suspicious. 
Now - the other side of the coin. And whether you want to save a cumbersome and unprofitable transport, which is that your goat feed asks a lot, but not milked? Private traders, out, carrying twenty passengers, and the losses are not complaining. The number of "Gazelle" and "keyway" in the streets of Tula restrained only by administrative restrictions. They will only give, they are still dozens of cars on the routes put up - no loss-making bus is not required. And the budget will be more whole - no need to subsidize the losses of the municipal enterprise, and Tula satisfied - fee remains the same. 
Is not that a good anti-crisis measure? But our power is going to do exactly the opposite. Jack up the fare, thereby undermining the internal market and provoking social tensions, and even to remove from the route of private traders, thereby increasing unemployment. Joe Biden applauded standing and continuously.
Something similar is happening in housing and communal services. In the spring removed from the market giant monopoly, a bunch of companies "UK Group", which supposedly only rowing money with a shovel, and they are not adequately worked out. It was a fair and long-awaited revenge. But then something happened on that? One would expect that, instead of a monopoly on the market of housing services will come more responsible companies that for the same money somehow embellish our yards and porches. 
The more that companies are in Tula have already proven themselves.But it turned out that after the collapse of monopoly prices for housing maintenance rose by an average of 25-30%. It's like this: the monopoly was gone, there was a competition, and prices set off at a gallop? This at a fair market did not happen. But the fact of the matter is that the market does not have a simple and adjustable. 
The same administrative levers by which at one time seized the Tula "Criminal groups."This time it was not so rough, but it is no secret that the companies that offer tenants the previous price, and even below the old, gently hinted that they are wrong. And advised to step aside or to increase rates ... That is, officials to influence pricing in the housing, pushing it up. I suspect, for the sole purpose: to create favorable conditions for the work of the municipal enterprise "Remzhilhoz" who fear that the same price is not cope with the work. 
Hey, monitoring raids! Is it time to check why price increases utilities operating under the chinovnikov- "United Russia"? It was then that his own hand lord, can not only threaten with a finger, but the actual order to put things? Do not want. Think about the little things I wrote this article? So, about a tram tickets or receipts for about porches? 
No, this article is about much more important ... Our country is challenged. Call a world scale, and this challenge, first of all - economic. Either we will overcome the crisis and hold out or vpolzёm into a protracted depression. Learn how to effectively steer their economies or go bankrupt and lose the confrontation with the United States. Today promote economic efficiency is as important as producing bombs during the Great Patriotic War. 
Doing this obligation primarily regional and municipal authorities. Their duty - to support those businesses that make more products at lower prices, but not to produce enterprise-parasites is accelerated inflation. Otherwise, applause Joe Biden will go to a standing ovation of a failed Russian economy. 
Kirill Sarychev, "Zasechny abroad», № 7, 2015

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