Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The head of Kuibyshev administration Donetsk: Donbass and kiddies! God is with us! "

September 1 in Donetsk.
The message from the head of Kuibyshev administration Donetsk Ivan Prikhodko: "In 1 kilometer from the front line is 71 schools.

Today, with the Head of Administration of the city of Donetsk and philanthropist from Rostov, congratulated children and teachers from 1 September (Day of Knowledge). Children in this School was very elegant and serious faces viewed through a smile. The children of this region have matured in recent years for his age ... They know what war, death and fear. 

The first class of 21 children came. This courageous children, they will be better than the we will do better! The school yard was filled with children and their parents, and their faces glowed with joy, that on September 1 passed without fighting, and their kids went to school, I congratulate you on September 1, Today thy feast and thousands of other students, and all you amicably marks the beginning of a new school year! 

I wish the coming year more than journal assessments and less complex tasks. Let the learning is easy, let the lessons will be interesting, though changes will be fun. I wish that the new school year has brought a lot of wonderful discoveries and true friends. 

Do not fear difficulties, believe in yourself, strive for knowledge - and you have, I believe, succeed! I really hope that the time will come, and will not need to wish each other a peaceful sky over your head! World Donbass Donbass and kiddies! God is with us! "

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