Tuesday, September 1, 2015

German political relations between the West and Russia have reached an impasse believes Alexander Rahr

German political scientist Alexander Rahr believes that now the warring parties will have a chance to overcome the blockade
At the summit, the G-20 in Antalya US and Rosiya can create a coalition against LIH - German political relations between the West and Russia have reached an impasse. But the well-known . "Anyone who wants to defuse the conflict between Russia and the West should understand that the West has repeatedly rejected all offers of Putin's cooperation." 

For example, it was after the Sept. 11 attacks, when Putin suggested to the then US President George Bush to build a broad anti-terrorist coalition. In fact, the Russian special services while helping the Americans in the fight against "Taliban" and "Al Qaeda" in Afghanistan. But later, according to Putin, the West still has ignored Russian proposals. 

In September this year, Putin, stresses Rahr, will make another proposal: the UN General Assembly, Russian President put forward the idea of creating a new anti-terrorist coalition. Meanwhile, indeed the new geopolitical conflict is caused by the collision of two totally opposite concepts of European security. Russian, not wishing to prevent the further expansion of NATO and the EU to the east, see themselves as the defenders of national spheres of influence, and the West, which is unacceptable for any changes to the established 25 years ago, the world order in Europe, sees itself as the guardian of universal liberal values. 

And Ukraine in all this is secondary. As a result of this conflict, both sides, as the saying goes further, placing each other their own requirements: Russia, according to the West must respect international law and signed in the 90 years of the agreement, when Russia still wanted to go on a democratic path, and Putin is playing with the idea to create a counterweight to the West with the help of China, or BRIC. "But in fact, all the naive dreams, - said the analyst. - Neither the West will not be able to get Russia to using sanctions to change the behavior or the Russian dream of disintegration of the European Union and the transatlantic alliance split does not become a reality. " 

The result is that the conflict between the West and Russia seems insurmountable, and the parties are pleased that they managed to avoid another major war in Europe and the collapse of Ukraine."However, geymcheyndzher (the factor that changes the rules of the game. - Approx. Ed.) In this situation, there are still "- emphasizes Rahr. Thus, the disintegration of Syria and Iraq, the expansion of terrorist gangs "Islamic state" in the Middle East, the failure of all attempts to bring peace to Afghanistan and an end to the "Arab Spring" in North Africa Ukraine squeezed into the background. 

Much more important problem is the fact that Turkey risks becoming the gateway to Europe for the millions of refugees, some of which may turn out to be terrorists IG. "Therefore, a new edition of the international antiterrorist coalition, proposed in 2001, come in handy," - said the analyst. Moreover, America, as stated below, needs Russia in the Middle East. After Moscow and Washington worked out a contract on the destruction of chemical weapons Syria this summer plans to develop nuclear weapons, Iran has refused. As a result, the previously unthinkable became possible: Tehran and Damascus - until recently the worst enemies of the West - are fighting side by side with the West against "Islamic state." And since Iran has decided to go for rapprochement with the West, the US missile defense system in Europe is unnecessary. 

After all, if Tehran is not going to have missiles with nuclear warheads, then why should the West to defend him in this way? Is Europe on the verge of unexpected solutions geo-strategic conflict with Russia, because of which in 2007 and started all the problems between the West and the East? It is realistic to other geymcheyndzhery, including such as the cooperation between NATO and the SCO in Afghanistan since without the aid of their northern neighbors of Afghanistan is doomed to remain a "failed state." 

In addition, it may be geymcheyndzherom and Ukraine itself. Thus, in recent years the discontent of the western world's inability to reform the Ukrainian elite is growing. Simultaneously, the growing discontent among the population, the conflict in the east of the country continues. All this may lead to the fact that the authorities may lose control over the country. And to prevent such a scenario, Ukraine will need money, not only from the West. 

Not so long ago, Barack Obama - as opposed to its own military - called the greatest threat to world peace is not Russia, and climate change. "Against this background, we can not exclude the fact that a new summit" Big Twenty "in Antalya, Turkey, which, incidentally, is not so far from the combat zone IG in life will be embodied the idea of the US-Russian anti-terrorist coalition," - concludes Rahr.

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