Monday, September 21, 2015

Analyst: Russian Federation chose a good time to return the status of Moscow and Syria

Analyst: Russian Federation chose a good time to return the status of Moscow and Syria 

Syria became a diplomatic factor that the world community needs to consider, and the actions of the Russian President Vladimir Putin "to make it into the initiator processes in the international arena," says Israeli columnist Amit Leventhal. This writes the agency Sputnik. In his article, he wrote that the Russian leader has something to celebrate in terms of its objectives for the return of Russia the status of a diplomatic superpower and the growing influence in the international arena.

Leventhal stressed that this is largely due to the continued support of Moscow on with respect to the Syrian government, including the supply of modern weapons to Damascus. "From a strategic point of view currently selected appropriate - on the eve of the 70th UN General Assembly session. When the end of the month the heads of state from around the world will come to New York. On the agenda will be a war in the Middle East and African migration crisis provoked by them (the West), "- notes the analyst. 

He went on to say that Vladimir Putin after a ten-year absence from the General Assembly's" will come not with empty hands. " "He outlined his proposals to resolve the crisis in Syria, including proposals for the organization of a dialogue between Assad and the so-called healthy opposition, that is, the Free Syrian Army and the moderate opposition. He will propose the formation of a coalition to combat the LIH, but in a format that will suit Russia "- says the browser. In this way, according to Leventhal, Moscow's support for al-Assad in the Syrian conflict has turned to Russia" in a diplomatic factor that the United Nations will have to be taken into account. 

This is a great success for Putin, who turns his country into the initiator processes in the international arena. " "Slowly but surely, Putin is using the confusion of the West and isolationist US efforts to strengthen the position of Russia," - says the browser. In addition, the position of Russia as a whole is oriented to a larger part in shaping the agenda in the Middle East, said Leventhal, as evidenced by the fact including a rapprochement of Russia and Egypt. 

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