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Zakharchenko did what could not have Strelkov

Journalist, ex-party member of Somalia
Today, more and more often we hear statements to the effect that it completely ruined New Russia.This Knockers, including not only the sofa warriors, but also quite well-known journalists such as Gennady oaks, come to that accused the mythical "sink" and also residents of the Donbass, speaking of their passivity, etc. Heard the legend of the "golden age" in the days tsarivshem Strelkov.
In early August, it marks the year as the head of DNR rose Alexander Zakharchenko. Let's compare the state of the republic when it came to leadership, and results.
To recall, in what position were militia DNI year ago, we talk to the fighter 8th Company SVD Golden Eagle with the call sign "The Poet."
"Our division, 8th Company SVD Golden Eagle, consisted of 40 people. At the beginning of active fighting in Slavyansk our area of ​​responsibility was Maryanka, Oleksandrivka Grigorievka and Krasnogorovka.
Our arsenal consisted of six AK-74, AK 7.62 1 in China, 1 RMB (presented BASTION), 2 PM, 2 traumatic pistol (peretochennyh), two RPG-18. At the checkpoint stood up to 14 people, when you change weapons transferred to intercede.
The question arises whether it was necessary to recruit everyone to fight? Our lists were about 600 candidates, of which it was not possible to dress, feed and arm.
In other departments, the situation was no better.

Despite the lack of weapons at our division the number of attacks on marinating memorable attack on the airport May 26, 2014, exploration south of the region, defense Saur-Tomb (near the intersection of height) and actually very Maryanka.
At the time of the outbreak of hostilities in Donetsk were about a million men of military age.Opportunities in the region to feed the army are no more than a hundred thousand people (it is optimistic the highest category).
The word "feed", I mean the salary, BC, fuel, food, military equipment, vehicles, uniforms.
Imagine a motorized infantry company on the nomination of week position - four trucks with personnel, the truck loaded with food (cans in 2520, at the rate of 3 cans per person per day, 280 kg of cereals or pasta, with calculation for three kg of cereals per day, and small generator to recharge the batteries in the radios and tactical electronics), one truck with ammunition, mortars and mines, anti-tank weapons and MANPADS, and two jeeps or minibus to communicate with the database, operational intelligence surrounding areas and the transportation of water in fields where there are problems of Donbass . The column is obtained nemalnenkaya, and it still needs to fill, and therefore need more fuel truck.

Actions Shakhtar ready to go with traumatic gun on the tank allowed the militia of New Russia, which is on its last legs rested, but still defeated by the superior forces of the enemy, to survive and attract a stream of volunteers from Russia and help Russian "- says the Army soldier DNI.
A curious fact, but an opportunity to establish normal supply, to equip people and repel the enemy gradually formed at a time when the head of the republic was Alexander Zakharchenko.
Instead of separate units, armed mostly small arms, there were special units, actively explore specific aspects of the art of war.
Until DNI ball right arrow lacked even boekomlekta, and the Minister of Defence is chronically he made statements about the "sink" and the absence of aid. When the government changed, the armed forces of New Russia as a magically started to replenish military equipment.
In September-October 2014 militias have forgotten about the problems with ammunition. The process of pumping Novorossia army weaponry and training continues throughout the autumn, which largely contributed to the Minsk-1, and allowed not only to survive in the winter campaign, but also cause damage to the enemy is very sensitive.
Today, the DNI is almost completed the process of creating an army that no longer looks like a militia.
It can no longer be free to change the units to come and go from the ranks of the armed forces of their own volition, etc. There are regulations, draft board, subordination, unity of command, and other attributes of the regular army, which a year ago was not in sight.
But the most important thing in the other - there is no more terrible gap between highly experienced veterans and complete ignoramus who does not know which end to insert into the machine horn.There drill and discipline, continuous learning, to which the command is not a pity ammunition - gone are the days when the militia was first picked up his gun and before you go into battle, for getting to know him a total of 12 rounds.

Today, the Army of New Russia has no except aviation. Intelligence, communications, artillery, logistics and maintenance crews - all these aspects come to the professional level. And most importantly, that the relevant department will no longer rely solely on the captured equipment. They generated enough resources to, if necessary, to meet the enemy face to face.
And all this is somehow miraculously managed to "bad" Zakharchenko, while the "good" warlords often indulged in lamentations in the media than really seek to improve the situation. Who, after all, better and more useful for the New Russia?
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