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World Chaos explained in one Hilarious yet Plausible Article * HIGHLY RECOMMENDED *

We're Living In A Constant Time of Crisis With Sophisticated computer calculations, models ... And the Looting of all the banking houses.

Are The ruling circles all informed about the inevitability of a catastrophe that threatens to destroy the North American continent in the next 20 years ?

This unknown Author views it as nonsense. 
Why blow up a volcano in its own territory? 
Who will tell.
It all started in the range of 91-94 years ago....
Psychological background - US elite celebrate victory. The collapse of the Soviet Union. Looting of Russia. Integration and gutting Eastern Europe. Euphoria, unlimited power banking houses. Sophisticated (but still rather weak) computer calculations, models ... And then ...
Perhaps the information is somehow correlated with religious texts and prophecies fell on fertile ground fantastic victory (subconsciously waiting for the fate of the counterweight luck), or the action was belated Soviet secret services ... The information could be misinformation - or a complex calculation error - a mild deception for the purpose of funding (from a group of scientists, for instance) - or indeed information, which will soon come true. 
For the global decision-making, these nuances are irrelevant. Information considered serious. Most likely, the threat was no less than two. I guess there were three, with the third was a "small" destabilizing "makeweight" to approve the decision, but did not affect him. For example, the threat of global warming - melting ice - stopping the Gulf Stream and as a result, the coming of serious problems in the coastal zone.
Threats, of course, was true. The question is timing. There is reason to believe that the scientists were wrong. Consciously or not, for us, it does not matter. But the timing was not 15-20 years, and, for example, 25-40. Or even more (threatening process "died down"). Understanding the mistakes came backstage to about 2010-2011. It is also possible that there was no error. But back in the early 90s.
US elite managers in shock. Their world must die because of the impact of elements which can not be prevented. What could it be? 
Variations: 1. The explosion of the volcano Yellowstone. Confirmed active caldera, the installation process sets monitoryaschih technological devices (tens of thousands), volcanologists there the direct link with the US President, the scale and partly predictable phenomenon. 
2. The explosion of the volcano Long Valley. Roughly the same thing, but neraskrucheno logic "dark horse." 
3. San Andreas Fault. Perhaps only in terms of the total variation in the tectonic plates (the same fault is not enough to destroy the mainland), and total catastrophic events provoked tsunami (not enough even to La Palma). Other apocalyptic fails. 
4. Stop the Gulf Stream. Not bad calculated, but it is too "slow script". Also, it does not destroy the territory of the United States itself. 
5. Powerful melting of ice in Antarctica (Ross Ice), methane emissions - the same thing. 
6. "Coup poles" - the phenomenon of the proper level, but does not affect only the United States (except provocation same volcano). And - I do not see its way to reliably calculate. 
7. "Carrington Event" - solar superstorms. Not only destroy the United States and not calculated. 
8. The impact of a meteorite. To calculate, but in the next century, is absent. And just not expected to 'kick in the continent. " 
9. What is the unknown? Today it is impossible. Information can score accompanying delirium (Freemasonry, for example), but you can not completely shut down. Leaks.
Based on further action behind the scenes, one of apocalyptic scenarios, "load", giving in the 90 strong predictions for 15-20 years ahead. Of course, it has been carefully checked and rechecked. All partners scientific tests have confirmed that did so. Continent in the long term cover. Bring to the international community such examinations can not be (to all disheveled), so we twitched narrow profile specialists. Not talking about the evacuation plan.
Analyzing the combination of the degree of threat and the possibility of calculation of the forecast, we come to the confident conclusion that the accident was designated the first or second paragraph.Or both if they can provoke each other. (And possibly a third). I mean, it was seismic.
Apocalyptic seismic.
Spices of supervolcano not at all, but the psychology of the majority of scholars is that they are confident broadcast even on controversial issues. Here and in the need for financing, and sufficient Deferred forecast (20 years) - "or I, or donkey, or Sultan ..." here and anxiety of calculation and measurement. Scientists may have deliberately "exaggerate" could be sincere - but the outlook was really terrible. The inner sense of power elites in the swoops barriers that everything collapses. The world is crumbling.
It makes logical decision to evacuate the continent.
Of course, at first it is half-hearted. Efforts are only actions that are not irreversible. But - plans are already drawn up, continually updated, something that is taken seriously (very seriously), the backbone of the event, which determines the total movement is becoming tougher. It's called - Globalization. And - seismic data that period (of course, there are constant checks) confirmed the growing anxiety.
This continues until the beginning of zero. In these years - so it was - are the most alarming reports.In the caldera rise the soil begins. The frequency of small earthquakes all the time increases. To take off at any moment. Preparation for evacuation is in full swing. Part of the elite dumps in New Zealand. "War" against international terrorism unleashes the United States, with a picture "varnished" very casually, masquerade does not seem significant. The decision to evacuate finally approved and is accelerated. In the caldera volcanic monitoring stations are multiplying, it all comes down to a single monitoring network and is taken under the control of a very special US government. Country passes point of no return - the abolition of evacuation, of course, possible, but the economy - in the long-term trend - already coerced by, and every year more and more killed.
EVACUATION started. It was then, at the end of zero, it is labeled as the beginning of the process and get stronger.
But after five or six years, the magic happens. The rise of the soil stopped. Markers are very disturbing, but not critical. The calculation seems to be true, but ... Somehow everything slowed down, lost its rhythm. While shaking badly, the number of earthquakes in the caldera continues to grow. But - fine. And elite discord begins. Part set to continue part involves "delayed", or even to cancel the evacuation. You can try to trace the fate of American volcanologists - for some reason it seems to me that someone venerable (or more) lives in this segment failed.
As a consequence - in the evacuation process begin failures. The situation is, of course, controlled, but not completely. As an important consequence for us - and the problems started in the Russian Federation. The new Russian colony bucked Putin and his comrades.
Kudos, by the way. We use the chance.
And away we go. Stranglehold of globalization and the future of universal chipizatsiya weakened.Backstage split into two conflicting groups. In fact - the evacuation process continues and is nearing completion. This is the finish line. Those who would like to slow down the process, remained in an explicit (albeit significant) minority.
It is time for argument. In this capacity, I will use only the facts. BUT. Explanations of these facts, I will give a little alternative. Official explanations we also we give. So:
1. China is building a ghost town.
Quantity - more than 20 are under construction for a long time, and construction continues.Estimated population - up to half a million each. Real people - one to thirty, forty thousand. All communications are ready, lights burning ... all the cities away from the coast, on a plateau ...
Official explanation: None. Semi-official explanation - did not find anything that would make sense to quote.
My guess: the second stage shelter for the population. When the tsunami will fall, each of these cities will pyatimillionnikom and Celestial save a considerable part of his people. Working part. For the army, there are underground shelters and tunnels, shelters elite are not so clearly.
2. America prepares plastic coffins, build concentration camps, trains police to suppress civil riots (risers figures of women and children). Teachings "zombies" and "Jade helmet." Special police equipment. The fight against "zombie" is particularly characteristic. Candid delirium as legends say, the joke we have. But in reality, the testing of combat stunned, the brutal, confused civilians ...;wap2 concentration camps (the site with watchtowers guard barracks and barbed wire), about 800 coffins (four) more than one million - on other infe - more than five million.
Official explanation: None. The unofficial explanation - expected US dollar pyramid collapse, a sharp decline in living standards and a wave of unrest.
My guess: quality of cooking shows heavier forecasts. Authorities fear epidemics (coffins), and a complete loss of control ("suddenly" hit the elements). If the volcano will not destroy the entire territory of the United States, and the territories of the survivors will have to restore the sense of control, need concentration camps.
3. America has built up an enormous shelter in Denver. Flat area 25 km from the city (the two areas of Manhattan), powerful - very powerful - Underground Construction disguised as reconstruction of the airport. In terms of dredged material - a set of several hundred thousand people plus some military infrastructure.
Official explanation: None (except for funny version that all this needs the airport). Unofficial version - rolls in conspiracy theories. Here and Masons, and a world government, and Satanists, and analysis of murals and sculptures (really creepy and weird) ...
My guess: masking distracting carried on the principle of surplus delusional versions. Really it is an underground city for the part of the elite that dares to stay on the continent after the explosion of the volcano. Location is ideally suited. In the rocky mountains of the Long Valley, on a plateau, in the heart of the country, the most protected from the tsunami. Surprisingly close to Yellowstone (like you can go down farther south, in some Albuquerque), but - over the ridge, and if we impose on the map terrain map of Hispanic state, then everything falls into place. Removal of the maximum within the "zone of the white man." Here is the face to which generally makes sense to fight for the continent. Airport leaves the possibility of a large-scale evacuation. (Leaves, leaves. Author aware that during the eruption of flights are forbidden).
4. China produces concrete about forty times more (each year) than the United States.
The article "Betonometry China." Of course, Google is easy and accompanying information.
Concrete is a key indicator of the development of civilization at a particular location. I singled out the following railways and roads, on which the United States (on China) lag well as dozens of times !!! Speech goes, of course, about development, not already created a network (for which China is also in the lead).
Let's go back to the concrete. This material was used in the place of production. (For example, steel may sawmills or navy). Concrete is bridges and roads, towns and dam ... This is a long-term operating infrastructure. Forty times !!! At comparable economies !!!
The official explanation for disparities: no. Informal explanation: the US practice of "deespeshnye, plywood buildings, because they have heat and the building at the end of the term of the mortgage, just and should be destroyed. Commercials disposable houses. "
But ... In China, too warm.
My guess: to develop the mainland, really invested in it long ago ceased. There is a "patching" the existing infrastructure. And it's not even a guess. The proportion of the production of 1 to 40 it is a fact.
5. The United States did not curtail its military bases abroad after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Today there are more than 700.
On the second. This military spending more than all other countries combined.
This build-up of external debt guaranteed - no economy will not pull such a burden. Accordingly, this buildup problem with the outside world.
The official explanation: the US fight against global terrorism. With Al Qaeda and Somali pirates. No comments. The unofficial explanation (good). US controls the world, providing the power baton functioning of its currency as the world. And, accordingly, the payment of vassals hidden tribute.
My guess: Power strategy of "protection" is quite logical. Ho. Choosing it as the main - in spite of internal contradictions (debt), it was held in part because, in the course of its implementation ever deployed armed forces away from the United States. And to create the infrastructure to quickly throw in any part of the world (surviving) additional contingents.
6. The US is building an aircraft carrier one after the other, despite the fact that this kind of monstrous weapons of roads and frankly outdated. No other country does not allow himself the content of this fleet. It is known that carriers are vulnerable even in normal operation floating airfield with limited resource - a catapult takeoff and consistent - does not allow to solve the serious problems when opponents least average coastal defense and aviation. A typical example - Iran. All carriers together have not convinced the Persians to back down - and would have been sunk, Reach the case before the war. COX conventional concrete strip. Cheap and cheerful.
Official explanation: None. Informal explanation: 1. Americans are stupid, they are used to in the Second World War, that the carriers are important because until now could not stop. Inertia. 2. Americans sawing loot, military tasks of little interest. (As if you can not cut the loot on submarines) ...
My assumption today carriers do have a certain handicap use. In the two-plus work ... But after the eruption ... Yes, if "to know the date in advance", and all the boats pull in distant ports ... It will be a fantastic cell power trump card that will "lease contract" with any surviving territory. Almost any. I recall the specifics of seismic is that predict survive Mozambique, the Philippines, Chile and Australia is not possible. Yes, without makeup carriers soon "lose their shape." But it needed only once. And they will have a new base (if formed, of course).
7. The United States stopped producing nuclear warheads in 1992 !!! This is a fundamental paradigm shift in the hostilities. For 25 years - no new warheads. With standard service life of 30 years. Even an ordinary cartridge is not stored so much time - every third will go to misfire. What happened?
The official explanation: we are for peace in the world. And other rehash of fun (in the mouth of the USA) slogan. I will not even comment on it. Two pretty good unofficial explanations: 1. At the US had problems with weapons-grade plutonium. - Yes, it is not enough. But not so small. In addition, they managed to push through a deal to transfer them to the disposal of the former "excess" Soviet warheads. But - all empty of fuel for nuclear power plants. Unconvincingly. 2. After the Soviet Union was no one to frighten nuclear weapons. And we decided to save. - A North Korea? Pakistan? India?Iran? China? Russia? Britain, France and Israel? Yes allies. Today. Because the United States is stronger. But - with such a strategy, they are guaranteed to disarm in the nuclear perspective to the mid 20s. Yes, there are many other weapons. But ... unconvincing.
Nuclear weapons destroy someone else's territory, protecting from their intrusion. This allows easy to develop the city and the land. (By the way, a perfect alignment for battle across the ocean).Capturing after application launch is nothing special. Scary, but defensive or pre-emptive strike.
My guess: It is because of the coming cataclysm has lost all meaning. And the protection of its territory, and the destruction of someone else's. It is now want to capture rather than kill. The warheads are no longer needed.
A different concept - different weapons. Yes, partial other methods. Yes, they update and even upgrade that has already been built. Do not go to waste though. But "car repair" can not be infinite.Changed conditions have changed the goal changed the paradigm. Already won, it would seem, the party has become more complicated thousandfold. And - the world ruin remains of post-volcanic and radiation ... More
8. US nuclear power plants were built one after the other, they have launched over sixty ... And suddenly, in the 80s, stopped abruptly. Thirty years have not build nothing.
The official explanation: in the 79 was an accident, evacuated 200 thousand people, all terribly frightened, and other green nonsense. The unofficial explanation is missing.
To throw the entire industry, on which were the first in the world with a huge margin! How many subcontractors snapped, how much energy received less ...
My guess: in the case of seismic waves of apocalyptic imminent destruction of plants and a huge release of radiation. And the last would get to Antarctica. Exacerbate such things impossible. Let them modify that built, and the hour of X - knowing the date - it will be possible to minimize emissions ... However, for this you need to know the exact date.
9. The United States moved to other countries in all types of production, in addition to research and development, which are easily evacuated within days.
The official explanation: the market so decided. So it became cheaper. So less dirt. - After the English industrial revolution, which showed what it means for the production of any country? Once they consistently destroys competition in the territories brought under control? If desired, the United States could easily create the country's conditions for further development of the production base. Play with taxes, quotas and the printing press they can do. BUT. Invest - seriously - in the dying continent knowledgeable people no longer want. A development strategy is determined by them. Of course, even for the administration of a very high level the reason is stated otherwise.
10. The United States turned (almost) its program of space exploration. Fly on Russian rockets.Fraught. And it creates problems.
The official version: the market, damn it. We are trying to let the privateers in the space industry, creating competition ... No comment. The unofficial version: None.
My suggestion: invest in such long-term projects is not rational.
11. A significant part of the cities and territories of the USA is in decline. Offhand - Detroit (from small list will be tens), California (drought) , "slate" ... States Asphalt changed to gravel, less expensive to maintain ... Education through the floor, young professionals are not required ... "Showcase" nobody polishes. She even stopped to wash.
Official explanation: None. Informal explanation: the cost of the system. My guess: the territory of the city and, by and large, no longer interested. Deflates the latter. And alles.
12. Intentionally bloated, funded by the government and allowed ecologists bubble shale mining (they supposedly stalled nuclear see above) Slate - is less fertile land, less drinking water earthquakes ... Again, knowing the guys do not feed illusions, all this long - gas pipelines from the fields do not pull, the extra money do not want to throw away ... cheap politically advantageous (currently) economically, but tomorrow ... Though some, fuck, tomorrow?
13. Bubble finance the US debt in the late 80's it was on the call, but it is manageable. And now - the global victory over the Soviet Union. Robbery of the Red Empire. And - at the helm of the financial magnates who not only know the rules of the scheme and financial flows. They are the system created. Their field of rules, completely defeated opponent. And suddenly ... Instead of calm, though a little limited, print money for decades and centuries, these guys like drunk fuckers, and begin to lay rehypothecate anything and everything, trying to cut the dough MORE TODAY. Rather. Blowing bubbles, risking everything - even in the future. Feedlot system in bad debt. And it is almost lost.Does the fact there was no clear-cut reason? We pampered, that "they are stupid and greedy?".Maybe there was a reason to hurry? And it is not worth it to protect the system, which GARNTIROVANO collapse? Evacuation of the whole continent is very expensive ... Then - everything is logical. They have brought the financial system to the finish line, it completely milked, collected debts just enough to balancing on the brink of the last, to keep control ... Yes, debts, like, have to give ... If nothing 'unexpected' will not happen ...
14. "Cine" argument. Sukhov, knowing the moment of the explosion with the launch Vereshchagin won lost battle. Advance planning can make the date a lot. And by the way, playing on the shares and the corresponding reduction in the dollar (if the explosion "did not go beyond"), cut the dough SUCH More ... Rothschild once knowing the true outcome of Waterloo with a handicap in a few hours, have increased their wealth by more than 20 times ... So it was just Europe ...
15. But then it would be logical to take Fort Knox gold? What is disappearing, because in handy. And it still is there? Along the way, the German did not even show. I mean, or it is not there already five or six years at least - - or the United States are holding everything in place and Europe enrage exclusively from harm. "Our gold you? - We have.- Give! - No. - Oh please! - NO! - Then at least show. How is it there? - Yes, go to hell. What to watch.Gold as Gold »... And oil reserves would be nice to print and business start up? What assets ruin ... But just appeal to legislators drafted the law, and is about to start up in business ... If there is generally something then there may be as a zolotishkom long accounting tweaked ...
16. But why information about Yellowstone is in the public domain? It would seem to classify. No.Thousands of sensors working online, everything is laid out, look, consider, analyze ... Excursions wander, take pictures ... Scientists shastayut ...
Ho. Thence volcanic office open about censorship. This information is hushed, distorted, doctored, sensors, cameras, "break", disabled and hangs ... If you do not want to attract attention - was not satisfied with this show would air. The best way to distort - do not show. In the world more than 20 supervolcano, and safely everywhere. A circus is in Yellika. Or it adds stability bucks? No. Then why ??? Yes, even so clumsily to "hide the wiser ..." twist, understate, correct ... Who is watching - very much ... They say that the authorities have something to hide ... In fact, the eruption is probably close ... (And it is close, there is the asphalt melts ... Helium -4 rolls ...)
The world gets used to that situation is dangerous, that the authorities, as usual, lying ... and not notice the main lie - an artificial explosion. Now it can be executed ANY DAY - "Rental" as nature.
And if you suddenly have calculated that it provoked ... Immediately find passport "terrorists" ... Chinese, Arabic, Russian ... As the situation in a taxi ... They forget, they fall out of the plane ... Not the first time ...
17. Although I'm so really ... Of course, people have to warn about the explosion in advance. It is un-Christian. There will be the tip of the Americas to manipulate people into the dark. She feels a great responsibility for razevshihsya African-American black colored chocolate Nigeria. These valuable people should not suffer. They certainly warned to evacuate, and at a new location will provide benefits, free meals and health insurance. Compensation for the stress and credits for arrangement.Because America is not able to substitute its own nationals. Or ability? Distribution of infertility through vaccination, promotion of abortion, the spread of GMOs through infertility and diseases through fast food, elimination of the family, promotion of LGBT people, transportation of drugs and weapons, the formation of "home" street gangs that controlled knocked layer youth protest ... Elite certainly disturbs the welfare of the common man ...
By the way, how we could warned. Such amount of disaster movies about seismic, with just about the upcoming events in the United States, never did. Or Hollywood lost control? Maybe there's something to relieve the good Russian? Oh dear Arabs? He who has ears heard for a long time. At least psychologically prepared.
Or even on TV and will alert? Like, a couple of months, probably came shooting ... And then, two weeks before the actual eruption, the ground begins to rise ... And? People will thank? No, it's out of control. The security forces flee to save the family ... In a panic, millions will die ... And if you get ahead of the event and a half or two months? Assign a date to blow themselves? Mobilize all of the services in advance ... Bring on base ... troops conduct exercises on relevant topics ... Arrange worldwide turmoil that was a reason to get more troops advance in peacetime ... THERE To clear space from the natives, to create a friendly mood ... Prepare several combat viruses for future stripping , test antidote to prepare public opinion for the possibility of a future "Plague" ...
18. By the way, controlling the explosion, can seriously weaken it. Of course, it is necessary charges "in the mouth" lay. And anyone interested can zaguglit reference on June 2014, the Yellowstone seismic sensors, public access ... 14, 15, and 16 numbers. Instead of chaotic impulses, "dead" a ripple, as always before, and later - a bright, smooth ripple operate at depths MILITARY moles. Everything was shaking every twenty minutes straight. Three days. As the clock, as the pulse, a hundred sensors ... As if there, under the ground, the heart work. Then pulsation disappeared. And no explanation ... these trifles volcanologists are not interested. Shrew ran, tail waved ...
19. And where the elite is going to run? Scale eruption really nobody knows. The values ​​of the tsunami (they just are) too ... In the New Zealand. The area is in England, only three million inhabitants and no migrant workers ... the cover of the US bases (constant threat of penguins). Place it worth it. But - there are also seismic, ridges, no changes ... In this work Australia, (but too vulnerable to tsunamis) ... Very good Argentina - where the white population is greater than in Europe. As a result, the country is compressed since the late 90's. Prepared by. TWO default, all pasture and arable land is already re-registered for the debts ... It is an active area ... Sub-Saharan Africa - where just the Ebola decimated the black natives and the US is just the antidote for a long time ... In Liberia are large-scale works, infa on the Internet ... For the most persistent - Denver ... Norway with its oil and rocky fjords ... And, of course, Ukraine plus the Baltic States. The active population is dispersed and embossed, the tsunami far Pindos natives will be happy, but the United States and has begun to throw ... Think tanks, against Russia? At this distance fight against a modern army armored vehicles with nuclear weapons? It does not even funny. Saying anything can be on either side. In fact - this is the redeployment of military units in the Baltics. All. Why - this is speculation, version. Including mine. If successful scenario - there will put twenty million refugees.And - our "stalled area." I hope that the "stalled". Like, there's complexity. Beijing - Hong Kong - Moscow. Something the guys did not grow together, something peremutili ...
And it was planned, not in vain in this triangle grew gold reserves ... And now probably go grater ...
20. Or is it a local obsession United States? Maybe there is water there is something wrong? Let us try to travel back to Switzerland. Alpine Country Dwarfs. Watches, chocolate and banks. Also increasing the gold reserves ... civilians ... Or not? There are in fact challenging the guys ... They are even in the magazine "Forbes" does not flash. And like not troubled ...
Public information. Switzerland, with a population of 8 million. 22 hours deploys modern (and well-trained) army in 600 thousand. In two days - one million, seven hundred. ALL men trained in the country's military affairs. Even at home, we are obliged to keep an automatic weapon. After 50 years - the state gives each citizen a shotgun. 14 squadrons of modern aircraft. More than 800 modern tanks. And the mountain - one solid fortified with tens of thousands of concrete structures and anti-nuclear bomb shelters at 4-5 million. People. Five Billion annual budget of the army. (Do not sawed, costs are very effective, many examples.) About 20% of GDP. For reference - the "norm" - 2-3. 5% - this is the pre-war or military.
Switzerland is very good, probably the best in the world, says the money. I do not fought more than 500 years. Where such militarism? Yes, from the Russian Army in the fortified area does not fight back. Progryzёm. There are ways. But from poluband armored vehicles ...
A venture to a minute suggest that the European elite clever and something feared? Preparing the bloody chaos that engulf Europe ... It is likely that something might happen ... Something "unexpected."
Of course, there are more arguments, a large puzzle, parts weight. It is - just basic. And, judging by them, as well as on certain dates of contracts and permits, will blow up in winter (for sev.polushariya) time. Either this winter ... Or, if you are very lucky, in the following ... DO NOT GO
Incidentally, the overlap is less important facts. Studio Flat years of stability have more high-octane gasoline. And in the production of diesel fuel is cheaper ... and very long shelf life. Ask more?
And all around the oil fields or brought into chaos (the Middle East), or Mr. White carrying the order, is already there - Norway ...
I know of storage "doomsday" in the same place, in the north ... Hurry up, built, filled, there is nothing to do for people in crisis ... and groups deployed there - ice-breaking, army, air, underwater ... Graters with the seals?
All more or less eviscerated large countries, and lack of independence. Some dissected. The population of "prepared" for disasters peculiar - the optimal strategy for Hollywood, is to shoot in advance. Chaos will be aggressive (in the Middle Ages it organize itself, will now self-destruct). Less traditional family as the cell-brick, minus the traditional farm economy as a brick ... Even if in the future the power elite pokachnёtsya, it is easy to restore it.
But if Russia will keep at least part of the state, it will not compete with anyone.

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