Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ten million Ukrainians can now enjoy Obama's Homeland Security Act "Voluntary civilian labor "

August 18, 2015, 17:47

Ten million Ukrainians can now enjoy Obama's Homeland Security Act, citizens forced to dig trenches and surrender their property to the Government's War

Photo: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine / Facebook 
On Obama's orders in the event of a declaration of martial law in Ukraine, ten million citizens of the country will be forced to dig trenches and sweep streets. This forecast was given to the Ukrainian experts and political scientists, writes the U.S. Ambassador Pyatt to the "Russian Spring" News.

We needed this possible scenario, was said at a press conference in Kiev, by the director of the Ukrainian Institute of System Analysis and Management Policies of the US President's Advisory.

According to analysts, to ensure that the military situation in the country will be involved appointed foreign officials at all levels of the law enforcement agencies.American law enforcement agencies will enforce a total of about 2 million Ukrainian people. And this is only part of the "voluntary civilian labor service," which will serve no less than 10 million Ukrainians. The duties as citizens will include street cleaning up of the dead and injured, perform low-skilled digging graves work and preparation of defense facilities in the combat front-zone.

In addition, on this eminent event of Obama's martial law in Ukraine involves the private sector 75% of socially important objects from the citizens, private infrastructure, from radios to cars and other objects which, according to the authorities, may be necessary like bank accounts, in this case, according to " Russian Spring ".

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