Monday, August 24, 2015

President Poroshenko "like a madman" it is unlikely that anyone credible takes him seriously

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CounterPunch: Poroshenko builds new Napoleonic plans against Donbass
According to the authorities of the DNI, Kiev pulls troops to the south-east of Ukraine.Perhaps as early as this week, President Poroshenko will begin full-scale war with the Donbas, says CounterPunch. The author also notes that, in their statements, the Ukrainian leader "like a madman" and that it is unlikely that someone credible.
"Obama's Wars with the Donbass with Ukrainian Corps, a paramilitary force, foreign mercenaries and infected Nazi death squads" lasts From April 2014, the author writes CounterPunch Steven Landman. Recently "illegal president oligarch Poroshenko" boasted that took advantage of the Minsk Agreement for the modernization and expansion of the Ukrainian army. According to representatives of Donetsk People's Republic (DNI), the forces of Kiev in the south-east of Ukraine are 90 thousand people, as well as 450 tanks, 203 guns and five rocket complexes "Tochka-U". Around Mariupol also was posted group numbering 22,500 people. The DNI sure that Kiev intends to intensify the war against the Donbas, and remind Ukrainians of the failure of their previous "Napoleonic plans", says the author. 

He also noted the four "fact": "Ukraine has no enemies except those whom she invents - in complicity with Washington "; "It is intended solely for the army offensive militancy, deliberate war and aggression, and not for the defense"; "Only half-witted attacks on Russia"; "Kiev Nazis abandoned the" pacifism "after the seizure of power, and politics of a police state is a war with all its population," Independence 2.0 "only a matter of time, and it will certainly be much more violent than last year, perhaps the situation these will deteriorate even more. "Poroshenko says a lot about the" non-existent "Russian aggression and that his war with the Donbas is to prevent a large" Russian invasion of Europe. " 

He also noted that the threat from the east will not go away, and because each new generation have to undergo military training - and this, as noted by Stephen Landman, "practically a declaration of permanent war with its own people, with the full support and approval of the United States." "He looks like madman. He can not be trusted at all. It is difficult to imagine that someone takes it seriously. Ordinary Ukrainians are increasingly despised him - as well as the fascist power that harms their safety, well-being and the future ", - says the author of CounterPunch.

Poroshenko considers that Ukraine threatens to strengthen military operations in the light of the celebrations of the Independence Day. Maybe he intends to "seize the opportunity" to start full-scale war with the Donbas, suggests the author. 

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