Monday, August 24, 2015

Kiev incident forced the Poles to realize that Russia is closer to them than the Nazi Ukraine

Kiev incident forced the Poles even realize that Russia is much closer to them than the savage Ukraine

Poles: "If Poroshenko could, he would have repeated Volyn" The Polish public is shocked by the clashes in Kiev, his fellow countrymen and Bandera Nazis in Ukraine are the backbone of the so-called football hooligans. 

The news of the beating of Polish fans in "brotherly" Kiev has become the number one topic in the Polish media and social networks. The Poles state that between them and the Ukrainians - the abyss that has no chance of overcoming. 

Kiev incident forced the Poles even realize that Russia is much closer to them than the savage Ukraine. The people of this country richly branded mad Ukrainians and Asians need to close their way to Europe. (Hide)Such views were expressed by readers of, included, along with the famous "Gazeta Wyborcza" in the media holding Agora. 

"It was just an attack on our fans . On the streets of Kiev on them constantly hunted, two Polish journalists were beaten, while others long to leave the hotel because they were waiting for the armed men "- the material described the situation before the match communications director of the Warsaw football club Legia Severin Dmowski. The newspaper also writes that, according to witnesses, Legia fans were attacked Ukrainian hooligans, mostly fans of "Dynamo Kiev" and "Dnepr". In addition, it is mentioned that the Ukrainian media called instigators of clashes Poles. 

"Note that in the Ukrainian media reports attacked a party called Polish - wrote one of the readers who left comments on the article. - As in the Donbass attacked only Russian and Ukrainian - innocent lambs. Fans of Legia lucky that Ukrainians do not use forks and axes, their grandparents in Volyn. "" Gazeta Wyborcza "has taught me that the Ukrainian media always tell the truth," - says another reader. "The right-wing media," Gazeta Wyborcza "and TVN say that the blame only the militants Putin "- wrote another. Bandera, UPA and Volyn massacre remembered by many commentators:" 

Remember the Volyn Massacre - do not let Banderavites live! "." The Ukrainians were shouting as before - "cut the Poles.""120,000 children, women and the elderly, killed in Volyn UPAinskie animals."Hatred of Banderavites even more notorious Polish Russophobia "of the UPA, Bandera, Vlasov, Poroshenko - they are all enemies of the Poles. 

If Poroshenko could, he would have repeated the Volyn - it proves today's glorification of murderers and thugs Ukrainian .... Only Russia can protect us against the Ukrainians. "

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