Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In Kharkov, again blood was shed at the Russian Embassy

In Kharkov, again blood was shed at the Russian Embassy

On the morning of thugs stormed in Balaklava Russian Embassy, ​​throwing workers and visitors to the embassy with eggs and green paint, and late at night the crowd "stormtroopers" cut people went on the streets of the border town. 

A total of 7 people turned out to hospitals with serious stab wounds, and "soon" continue to bring up the injured . How to assure the victims, the attackers were at least 30 people, all in balaclava with bats, brass knuckles and knives. 

The tragedy occurred on the street. Klochkovskaya, in a residential area. According to insider information Dzerzhinsky police department of the city of Kharkiv, "A crowd of people (about 30 people) attacked a group of people on Klochkovskaya, 7 people were taken to the emergency room 4yu with knife." 

"The information about the first, delivered in a medical facility, came to the police station about 23 Kharkiv 30 June 11.In the future, for two hours ambulances rushed to hospital from the street O.Yarosha five more victims, "- said in a statement. However, a couple of hours later, the Interior Ministry has changed: the order came from Kiev to present the massacre as a banal fight on campus, in fact, it was a planned diversion to intimidate Kharkiv, undermine the criminal situation in the region, which borders with the Donbas. 

An informed source at the Kharkiv police on condition of anonymity said that the received instruction "find proof" that the students cut thugs with LDNR - it should be an additional reason for the complete closure of communication between the Donetsk and Kharkov region, but - at the request of "the public." So in the near future is expected to vyshivanok march with placards such as "Close the rebels access to Kharkiv", "separable - out of City "and" Poroshenko will - bring order. "

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