Sunday, August 23, 2015

Austrian Media has Accused Kiev of being Schizophrenic and Hypocrites

Austrian Media has Accused Kiev of being Schizophrenic and Hypocrites 

According to the journalist edition of Contra Magazine, the Ukrainian authorities, being on the verge of default, don't need to spend money on arms. The journalist of the Austrian edition of Contra Magazine Marco Meyer noted that the Kiev authorities are continuing to spend money on arms despite the fact that the Square is on the verge of bankruptcy. 

- No one can surpass the hypocrisy and schizophrenia of Ukrainian politicians. On the one hand, they talk about the desire for peace, and even carry out reforms for economic recovery, on the other hand, the money goes directly to military technology, - writes an Austrian journalist. According to Marco Meyer, fighting in Donbass will "finish off" the Ukrainian economy, while Poroshenko said that the top priority of the current government is precisely the equipment APU weapons. 

Austrian journalist also accused the international investors that they alienate a peaceful solution to the conflict, since Kiev is spending the allocated money on arms rather than on reform. On the eve of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the transfer of military APU 170 units of military equipment, said that the crisis in the Donbas will continue in the coming decades. 
At the military airfield in the town of Chuguev Kharkiv region President of Ukraine gave the APU 25 tanks, seven MLRS "Grad", five anti-aircraft missile complexes "Osa", five self-propelled mortar "Pion-2S7" seven SAU "Carnation 2S1" 20 car "Hammer "20 infantry fighting vehicles, 15 guns MT-12 and MSTA-B, 30 KrAZ trucks, 25 platform trucks KrAZ, MAZ trucks 10.

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