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Minsk–2: An American Stall Tactic for WWIII Preparations

Minsk–2: An American Stall Tactic

Author: Christopher Black

The Minsk-2 ceasefire agreement is dead but no one wants to bury the rotting corpse. Since it was signed in February of this year the Donbas governments and Russia have bent over backward to comply with the terms of that agreement hoping against hope that the US Puppet Kiev junta would do the same. They hoped in vain.

Poroshenko's advisors and their fascist allies instead have refused to change the constitution to accommodate the concerns of the Donbas republics, have tried to suppress the Communist Party and other parties in opposition, have refused to withdraw heavy weaponry from the line of contact, have maintained increasingly heavy artillery attacks on the civilian populations and areas and cut off routes for essential foodstuffs, medical aid and technical equipment. Rather than enjoying a ceasefire, the peoples of the Donbas are under a state of genocidal siege.

Poroshenko's Neo-con handlers openly call for a military solution to the crisis and have increased the draft in the western part of Ukraine. The NATO alliance continues to pour in its forces disguised as Military “advisers” and “mercenaries” and puts additional pressure on Russia with multiple military exercises from the Baltic to Bulgaria, where more tanks have been recently dispatched to “send Russia a we want war message.”

The reality of the situation was stated on the 18th of August when President Putin stated, “It was the Donbas militias that suggested withdrawing all military equipment with calibre under 100mm. Unfortunately, the opposite side didn’t do that. On the contrary, according to the available data, it is concentrating its units there, including those reinforced with military hardware.” He continued to pay lip service to the Minsk-2 agreement, stating, “As for the Minsk-2 agreement, I believe there is no alternative for resolving the situation and that peace will prevail in the long run… “ and continued with “Our task is to minimize the losses with which we will come to this peace.”

There can be no doubt that the Minsk-2 agreements do provide the framework for a peaceful settlement of the impasse but there is also no doubt that the Kiev and NATO forces have no intention of abiding by its terms and are preparing for another offensive. Putin also stated, “I hope that it will not come to direct large scale clashes.” Yet, the people of the Donbas would be surprised to be told that the thousands of shells raining down on them from the Kiev junta’s artillery in order to provoke those clashes do not count.

But what is the purpose of this constant state of siege? Since the Donbas forces have proved their strength and resilience the Kiev regime has little hope of achieving the total destruction of those forces and imposing its will on the Donbas. Kiev and NATO also know that Russia does not want to be drawn into a direct clash with NATO that could lead to a general war. In consequence the Kiev-NATO axis have decided to engage in operations that have direct political repercussions designed to disrupt the Russian-Donbas alliance or to paralyze it and try to enlist new allies. At the same time they have decided to make the war more costly for the Donbas and Russia both in military and economic terms, and to try to bring about a gradual exhaustion of their physical and moral resistance.

We see this strategy being played out with the constant increase of economic warfare against Russia, which is clearly the ultimate target, the increasing use of propaganda including the planting in the media of the most absurd stories about Russia and its government, the use, once again of the OSCE observes as intelligence agents for NATO as happened in the Yugoslav war, and, in the political sphere, attempts by the United States and Britain to humiliate Russia with the politically motivated attempt to set up a tribunal regarding the downing of flight MH17.

Clausewitz said that “war is a pulsation of violence, variable in strength and therefore, variable in the speed with which it explodes and discharges it energy’ and that “If we keep in mind that war springs from some political purpose, it is natural that the prime cause of its existence will remain the supreme consideration in conducting it.”

You'll Hang for this you Know ?

Indeed, we see in Ukraine the expression of the Anglo-American-German political purpose: the 
desire to force Russia to submit to their will. They failed in World War I. The attempt failed again in World War II. The so–called Cold War succeeded in bankrupting the socialist state but the capitalist state that rose from that sad decline is gathering its strength once again and refuses to submit to any one’s diktats. And so the NATO coup in Kiev, in order to take Ukraine away from Russian influence as the Nazis tried to do in World War II.

But the Kiev-NATO cabal cannot break the will of the peoples of the Donbas nor of Russia and so the constant attacks, the constant propaganda, the constant turning of the economic screws.

These actions are all illegal under international law and the laws of war. They are violations of the principles and articles of the UN Charter. They are violations of several Geneva Conventions and other international treaties. The attacks on civilians are war crimes. The use of prohibited weaponry, in these attacks, is a war crime. The collective punishment of entire populations is a war crime. The use of economic warfare is a war crime. Yet nothing is done by any western government to stop it nor does the International Criminal Court lay any charges where it can. Instead it stands by and condones these crimes by its inaction.
Article 7 of the Rome Statue that created the ICC states, “that crimes against humanity includes persecution of an identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic…grounds.”

Article 7-2(b) states that the crime of extermination includes the intentional infliction of conditions of life, inter alia, the deprivation of access to food and medicine, calculated to bring about the destruction of part of a population.

Article 8 defining war crimes, states that it includes wilful killing, wilfully causing great suffering, extensive destruction of property not justified by military necessity, and carried out unlawfully and wantonly, intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population not taking part in hostilities, intentionally directing attacks against civilian objects, attacking or bombarding by whatever means towns, villages, dwellings or buildings which are undefended and which are not military objectives, declaring that no quarter will be given, using weapons designed to inflict unnecessary suffering or are indiscriminate, and intentionally using starvation as a method of warfare. The list goes on and is a compendium of the crimes being committed by the Kiev-NATO axis powers in Ukraine.

On April 17, 2014 the Kiev regime sent a declaration under Article 12(3) of the Rome Statute accepting jurisdiction of the ICC over alleged crimes committed on its territory from November 21 2013 to 22 February 2014. This was clearly a propaganda gesture at the time to justify the coup that overthrew the legitimate government. The Prosecutor has not reacted publicly to this declaration nor to its meaning but the argument can be made that if the Kiev regime speaking for Ukraine has accepted the ICCs jurisdiction for crimes in one time frame it should also accept it for the crimes committed since then. One could argue that the situation is so grave that the ICC must take action against any persons committing crimes in a territory over which it has jurisdiction that being Ukraine. Even if that argument were rejected on technical grounds, one would think that the Prosecutor would at least make a statement that the operations of the Kiev-NATO axis constitute war crimes under the Rome Statue and that they should stop those operations at once. But the Prosecutor stays silent, as silent as she was when she served US interests at the Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal and did not protest the on -sided indictments handed out there. As the saying goes, “Once in the American pocket, always in their pocket.”

On August 18th the Russian Foreign Ministry called for all sides to adhere to the Minsk agreements and expressed concern that the “bellicose rhetoric coming from Ukraine which is encouraged by a number of its foreign patrons, causes major concern and clearly attests to the intention to prepare the public opinion for another attempt to resolve the Ukrainian crisis by force. Under the circumstances, all responsibility for the negative consequences of such provocative actions will be borne by the current Ukrainian authorities.” Ominous words.

When the Minsk Agreements were signed in February I wrote an article doubting that the Kiev-NATO side had any intention of using it except as a means of pausing their operations in order to reorganise and prepare for the next offensive. My doubts proved justified.

The only way forward is to resolve the conflict at the political level on the basis of the recognition of the right to self-rule and autonomy for the Donbas republics, the creation of a federal state to assure ethnic stability, and the commitment by Ukraine that it will be a neutral state and not part of any plan to “contain” Russia, a plan that can only lead to world war.

But the NATO puppets in charge of Ukraine do not act in the interests of Ukraine. They act in the interests of the masters of war who have no concern for humanity in general or Ukrainians in particular and if they continue their operations they will not succeed in uniting Ukraine but only in laying it waste.

Christopher Black is an international law criminal lawyer based in Toronto, he is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and he is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes, especially for the online magazine 

Kiev incident forced the Poles to realize that Russia is closer to them than the Nazi Ukraine

Kiev incident forced the Poles even realize that Russia is much closer to them than the savage Ukraine

Poles: "If Poroshenko could, he would have repeated Volyn" The Polish public is shocked by the clashes in Kiev, his fellow countrymen and Bandera Nazis in Ukraine are the backbone of the so-called football hooligans. 

The news of the beating of Polish fans in "brotherly" Kiev has become the number one topic in the Polish media and social networks. The Poles state that between them and the Ukrainians - the abyss that has no chance of overcoming. 

Kiev incident forced the Poles even realize that Russia is much closer to them than the savage Ukraine. The people of this country richly branded mad Ukrainians and Asians need to close their way to Europe. (Hide)Such views were expressed by readers of, included, along with the famous "Gazeta Wyborcza" in the media holding Agora. 

"It was just an attack on our fans . On the streets of Kiev on them constantly hunted, two Polish journalists were beaten, while others long to leave the hotel because they were waiting for the armed men "- the material described the situation before the match communications director of the Warsaw football club Legia Severin Dmowski. The newspaper also writes that, according to witnesses, Legia fans were attacked Ukrainian hooligans, mostly fans of "Dynamo Kiev" and "Dnepr". In addition, it is mentioned that the Ukrainian media called instigators of clashes Poles. 

"Note that in the Ukrainian media reports attacked a party called Polish - wrote one of the readers who left comments on the article. - As in the Donbass attacked only Russian and Ukrainian - innocent lambs. Fans of Legia lucky that Ukrainians do not use forks and axes, their grandparents in Volyn. "" Gazeta Wyborcza "has taught me that the Ukrainian media always tell the truth," - says another reader. "The right-wing media," Gazeta Wyborcza "and TVN say that the blame only the militants Putin "- wrote another. Bandera, UPA and Volyn massacre remembered by many commentators:" 

Remember the Volyn Massacre - do not let Banderavites live! "." The Ukrainians were shouting as before - "cut the Poles.""120,000 children, women and the elderly, killed in Volyn UPAinskie animals."Hatred of Banderavites even more notorious Polish Russophobia "of the UPA, Bandera, Vlasov, Poroshenko - they are all enemies of the Poles. 

If Poroshenko could, he would have repeated the Volyn - it proves today's glorification of murderers and thugs Ukrainian .... Only Russia can protect us against the Ukrainians. "

President Poroshenko "like a madman" it is unlikely that anyone credible takes him seriously

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CounterPunch: Poroshenko builds new Napoleonic plans against Donbass
According to the authorities of the DNI, Kiev pulls troops to the south-east of Ukraine.Perhaps as early as this week, President Poroshenko will begin full-scale war with the Donbas, says CounterPunch. The author also notes that, in their statements, the Ukrainian leader "like a madman" and that it is unlikely that someone credible.
"Obama's Wars with the Donbass with Ukrainian Corps, a paramilitary force, foreign mercenaries and infected Nazi death squads" lasts From April 2014, the author writes CounterPunch Steven Landman. Recently "illegal president oligarch Poroshenko" boasted that took advantage of the Minsk Agreement for the modernization and expansion of the Ukrainian army. According to representatives of Donetsk People's Republic (DNI), the forces of Kiev in the south-east of Ukraine are 90 thousand people, as well as 450 tanks, 203 guns and five rocket complexes "Tochka-U". Around Mariupol also was posted group numbering 22,500 people. The DNI sure that Kiev intends to intensify the war against the Donbas, and remind Ukrainians of the failure of their previous "Napoleonic plans", says the author. 

He also noted the four "fact": "Ukraine has no enemies except those whom she invents - in complicity with Washington "; "It is intended solely for the army offensive militancy, deliberate war and aggression, and not for the defense"; "Only half-witted attacks on Russia"; "Kiev Nazis abandoned the" pacifism "after the seizure of power, and politics of a police state is a war with all its population," Independence 2.0 "only a matter of time, and it will certainly be much more violent than last year, perhaps the situation these will deteriorate even more. "Poroshenko says a lot about the" non-existent "Russian aggression and that his war with the Donbas is to prevent a large" Russian invasion of Europe. " 

He also noted that the threat from the east will not go away, and because each new generation have to undergo military training - and this, as noted by Stephen Landman, "practically a declaration of permanent war with its own people, with the full support and approval of the United States." "He looks like madman. He can not be trusted at all. It is difficult to imagine that someone takes it seriously. Ordinary Ukrainians are increasingly despised him - as well as the fascist power that harms their safety, well-being and the future ", - says the author of CounterPunch.

Poroshenko considers that Ukraine threatens to strengthen military operations in the light of the celebrations of the Independence Day. Maybe he intends to "seize the opportunity" to start full-scale war with the Donbas, suggests the author. 

#BlackMonday The Shit Has Hit The Fan, #GoodBye to the dollar

#BlackMonday The Shit Has Hit The Fan, #GoodBye to the dollar

Specialist Meric Greenbaum works at his post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015

European and US markets take a nose dive on Monday morning after the collapse of China's market.

Read more:

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Austrian Media has Accused Kiev of being Schizophrenic and Hypocrites

Austrian Media has Accused Kiev of being Schizophrenic and Hypocrites 

According to the journalist edition of Contra Magazine, the Ukrainian authorities, being on the verge of default, don't need to spend money on arms. The journalist of the Austrian edition of Contra Magazine Marco Meyer noted that the Kiev authorities are continuing to spend money on arms despite the fact that the Square is on the verge of bankruptcy. 

- No one can surpass the hypocrisy and schizophrenia of Ukrainian politicians. On the one hand, they talk about the desire for peace, and even carry out reforms for economic recovery, on the other hand, the money goes directly to military technology, - writes an Austrian journalist. According to Marco Meyer, fighting in Donbass will "finish off" the Ukrainian economy, while Poroshenko said that the top priority of the current government is precisely the equipment APU weapons. 

Austrian journalist also accused the international investors that they alienate a peaceful solution to the conflict, since Kiev is spending the allocated money on arms rather than on reform. On the eve of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the transfer of military APU 170 units of military equipment, said that the crisis in the Donbas will continue in the coming decades. 
At the military airfield in the town of Chuguev Kharkiv region President of Ukraine gave the APU 25 tanks, seven MLRS "Grad", five anti-aircraft missile complexes "Osa", five self-propelled mortar "Pion-2S7" seven SAU "Carnation 2S1" 20 car "Hammer "20 infantry fighting vehicles, 15 guns MT-12 and MSTA-B, 30 KrAZ trucks, 25 platform trucks KrAZ, MAZ trucks 10.

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#Ukrainian punitive bombarded farms in the village of #Vasilyevka for 5 hours.

Donbass, get up and Fight so Kiev will Die !!!

Inhumane war crimes against the people of #Donbass 

On the night of August 13-14 Ukrainian punitive bombarded farms in the village of Vasilyevka. Ukrainian army put here a few packets of ammunition systems of volley fire "Grad". The fire lasted for 5 hours. It was a deliberate bombardment to destroy the crop. A boy about the incident:"hit by a shell and caught fire wheat field. Wheat on fire, and then apricots. Then he went on. It was terrible during the shelling, we fell to the floor. "Castle" was shot.There were many, the whole cassette. 5 hours it's lasted. " # video1



Meanwhile, in the White House:
– Let’s say that we spread propaganda to counter the Russian media agression.
– Great idea, bro!

This article originally appeared at Sputniknews

The West’s paranoia about a “Russian invasion” is now spilling over into the media sphere. The US and its European allies are not only enhancing their military capabilities on the ground, but also preparing for a major war in the mass and social media.
The official website of the US Embassy in Vilnius recently released information that the United States is launching an educational campaign for journalists from the Baltic region to prepare them for the fight against what it deems “Kremlin propaganda”.
The training program will consist of several stages, including an internship in the United States. Its official goal is to “to contribute to the diversification of the media landscape,” and teach journalists how to counter “disinformation that have multiplied since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis”.
Since the conflict in Ukraine broke out, Western countries made numerous attempts to label Russian coverage of international events “propaganda” and present Russia as an “evil” to the international community.
To counter “Russian propaganda,” the European Union had event set up a special unit tasked with monitoring Russian media and promoting the activities of EU institutions.
However, this step seems to have had the opposite effect as many residents of European countries and the United States have chosen “the wrong side” and started to sympathize with Russia and with pro-independence fighters in Eastern Ukraine, Czech newspaper Nova Republika reported earlier.
The US, apparently unhappy with this failure, decided to go further and test its new information strategy among Russia’s direct neighbors. According to the website of the US Embassy in Vilnius, the US officials seek to make journalists from former Soviet republics more “active” and “mature” as they often lack “instruments” to withstand the influence of the Russian media.
However, critics argue that the goal of this training is not to teach journalists how to counter the so called “Kremlin propaganda”, but implant in them a desired pro-American position, Der Tagesspiegel wrote.
For instance, political scientist Andranik Migranyan believes that the West is afraid of losing the information war against Moscow and that the Baltic States with their large Russian-speaking minorities are the most vulnerable spot in this fight.



Cameron argues 'democratic developments' in Ukraine
Cameron argues ‘democratic developments’ in Ukraine
Britain’s oldest Conservative think-tank found “a few of problems: in the UK policy toward Russia 
This article originally appeared at Irrussianality
The Bow Group, ‘the United Kingdom’s oldest conservative think tank’, is as ‘Establishment’ an institution as one could hope to find. Its board includes prominent former Conservative cabinet ministers such as Norman Tebbit and Geoffrey Howe as well as right-wing academics like philosopher Roger Scruton. I was intrigued, therefore, to hear its chairman, Ben Harris-Quinney, announce last week that, ‘the theory of neo-liberal interventionism is bankrupt.’
The context of Harris-Quinney’s remarks was the publication of a new Bow Group report entitled ‘The Sanctions on Russia’. In the report’s introduction, editor Adriel Kasonta declares:
Given that many people in Ukraine actually consider themselves to be Russian, and that the justifications for sanctions may have shifted, it appears necessary to revise our approach to what could be considered one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.
We might do worse than explore for [sic] a peaceful solution to this crisis, engaging EU member states and Russia in a meaningful and inclusive dialogue.
The title ‘The Sanctions on Russia’ is actually misleading as only the first of the report’s three parts directly covers the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries. The report’s second part digresses into a discussion of the ‘Russian soul’, and the third focuses not on Russia but on Ukraine and what that country has to do to solve its problems.
In the section of the report dealing with sanctions, Elina Kyselchuk of the Ukrainian Business Centre in London shows that the sanctions have had a negative impact on the Russian economy but have not altered Russian behaviour in Ukraine. Given that the latter was their intention, the sanctions have failed. Kyselchuk concludes that:
There must be reached a diplomatic compromise, which will allow Russia to remain an influential political player in Eastern Europe, while letting Ukraine choose its own internal political regime and foreign policy orientation.
A diplomatic solution will require all sides to find middle ground and to focus on their fundamental economic needs, which will perhaps not mean the best possible outcomes or absolute victory. Finding such a compromise will not be easy.
However, it is vital for the West and Russia to work together towards reconciliation and building a stable, prosperous Ukraine.
The report’s economic analysis is easy to follow. The same could not be said of its dissection of the ‘Russian soul’. Think tanks are meant to speak to policy makers rather than to academics. But in his chapter on ‘Russian Christian thought as a key to understanding Russian politics’, Artur Mrowczynski-Van Allen of the International Center for the Study of the Christian Orient makes little concession to those not well versed in theology, as he explains the thinking of philosophers such as Pavel Florensky, Nikolai Berdyaev, and Vladimir Solovyov. For instance, he writes:
It is very easy to see that “Vernunft [reason]” accompanies “Adam:” philosophy and theology (and, ultimately, all spheres of life, culture, politics, economy, etc.) form a unit. A unit that is revealed in metaphysics, anthropology, and historiosophy—historiosophy intimately tied to ecclesiology.
It is not just a theoretical question, but rather a real and rational way of thinking and living that can be defined as an eschatological pragmatism.
I am man enough to admit that I haven’t the slightest clue what the author is talking about here, and I suspect that most readers will shake their heads in befuddlement and skip this part of the report after reading just a few lines. But Mrowczynski-Van Allen’s final words are at least relatively clear:
Rather than imposing our own paradigms of interpretation, we must at least listen to others, be attentive to their counterdiscourses, come closer to the ontology, anthropology, and historiosophy that beat in the heart of a people and make it live, that make it live in a particular, unique way, whether in the case of Russia or of so many other peoples and cultures that are resisting modern colonization by the dominant and prevailing discourse of secular modernity.
In simpler words, we should respect cultural differences. Liberal interventionists will not like this conclusion, as it suggests that Western liberalism does not embody universal values which must be spread to the rest of the world. They will probably also dislike the contribution to the third part of the report by Nikolai Petro of the University of Rhode Island, which again warns against the imposition of artificial cultural unity.
‘Stable democracy does not result from having homogeneous political or cultural attitudes,’ writes Petro, ‘but from society’s ability to develop institutions that not only manage these conflicting elements within a culture, but also preserve a balance among them.’
The way out of Ukraine’s crisis, he continues, is ‘to develop a unifying civic culture that encompasses both its Russian and Ukrainian speaking communities.’
This will be impossible, ‘if Ukrainian elites persist in trying to promote national unity by imposing highly divisive national symbols, rallying around an “eternal enemy” (Russia), and insisting on a new national identity as a litmus test of loyalty. … Ukraine will thrive only if its bicultural and bilingual identity is seen as a source of strength, rather than as a weakness to be eradicated.’
Western analysts, Petro concludes, should:
First, stop talking about Ukrainian identity as if it were a monolithic concept, rather than two closely related, but distinct, cultural heritages.
Second, oppose attempts to ignore or minimize the importance of the Russian cultural component of Ukrainian national identity. Historically such efforts have always resulted in bloodshed.
Third, stop trying to force Ukrainians to choose between Europe and Russia. Instead, adopt a broader view of European identity that accepts both Russia and Ukraine as quintessential parts of Europe.
Finally, recognize that all actors share a common interest in resolving this crisis through a direct dialogue of the conflicting parties.
This is all excellent advice. I know from my own experience that conservative think tanks in the UK are not always open to ideas which challenge the hegemony of liberal interventionist ideas. It is encouraging, therefore, to see the Bow Group offering an alternative point of view.

Ten million Ukrainians can now enjoy Obama's Homeland Security Act "Voluntary civilian labor "

August 18, 2015, 17:47

Ten million Ukrainians can now enjoy Obama's Homeland Security Act, citizens forced to dig trenches and surrender their property to the Government's War

Photo: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine / Facebook 
On Obama's orders in the event of a declaration of martial law in Ukraine, ten million citizens of the country will be forced to dig trenches and sweep streets. This forecast was given to the Ukrainian experts and political scientists, writes the U.S. Ambassador Pyatt to the "Russian Spring" News.

We needed this possible scenario, was said at a press conference in Kiev, by the director of the Ukrainian Institute of System Analysis and Management Policies of the US President's Advisory.

According to analysts, to ensure that the military situation in the country will be involved appointed foreign officials at all levels of the law enforcement agencies.American law enforcement agencies will enforce a total of about 2 million Ukrainian people. And this is only part of the "voluntary civilian labor service," which will serve no less than 10 million Ukrainians. The duties as citizens will include street cleaning up of the dead and injured, perform low-skilled digging graves work and preparation of defense facilities in the combat front-zone.

In addition, on this eminent event of Obama's martial law in Ukraine involves the private sector 75% of socially important objects from the citizens, private infrastructure, from radios to cars and other objects which, according to the authorities, may be necessary like bank accounts, in this case, according to " Russian Spring ".

People's Republic of Lugansk appealed to the Heads of State Norman Quartet:

People's Republic of Lugansk appealed to the Heads of State Norman Quartet:


As reported and who expect
the authorities
at this critical moment
appeal to the Heads of State Arman
Russian Mission
and the international community
calling for the immediate
This smooth reaction to what is happening on our
due out completely destroyed
after the signing of these agreements
During this time the Ukrainian side
implemented any item
over the last few weeks
Armed Forces of Ukraine
simple stepped up
their shelling of settlements
skill Pervomaisk
More Lorak
killed civilians
children the elderly
Hospital school kindergartens
culture village
Ukrainian authorities ignore Minsk
continue to pull the energy coach
sumchanin parties
They are two of the 20 120 352 and 1 other
it was that had to be
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we declare
that our only desire
a desire to live
in line with our historical
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in peace and good-neighborliness
not at all
in this context, the rate of Beirut
in the second and four teams
even Russia
global community
and caring people
to urge the president and government
Ukraine to stop the bloody
and find their defeat of the line
differentiation according to
Low agreement
exercise control over compliance with Minsk
and bring to justice
not left without legal and other
Victim Assistance
and murder committed
violence by
armed forces