Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where is the truth in the World Today ? Not in favor of a Moral Majority...#MH17 Travesty Cover-up

For shame. Russia is not subject to mock # MH17

 P1460237By Joost Niemoller
The Russian government has reported not to participate in an International Tribunal on MH17.That request will be submitted by Malaysia, one of the countries affiliated with the secret deal named the Joint Investigation Team. These are collected OM of the Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium, Australia and, later attached thereto, so Malaysia. These countries have made agreements with each other, which probably amount to a veto for each of those countries, but it is always kept secret. Judging by messages that spread the Dutch OM, it then assumes the guilt of the Russians and / or the separatists in bringing down the MH17 by a rocket fired by a Buk system. This is so far not provided any evidence.
Now the member countries to use this biased "investigation" as a base material for a mock trial.
And Russia does not join it. How dare they.
Last year, the Russian government made a somewhat fairer justice, namely, a study led by the UN.This proposal was not adopted, and, according to a reply in the House, not proposed by the Dutch government, because, as the government said, feared that it would be blocked by a veto. A veto by whom? That was not told there, and over there also was not questioned. Not so the Russians. That leaves the US Netherlands did not want to embarrass her powerful friend. Or rather: Afraid not.
Now Netherlands will therefore continue with the judicial process in which one of the possible guilty parties, the government in Kiev, acting as prosecutor, and also receives veto.
Of course, the Russians will never agree to this. That was clear in advance. The proposal is nevertheless submitted, indicates a set up. Since Russia is now forced to veto in the Security Council, the Dutch press will go to shout the loudest that Russia has no international justice dares.
So it's all a very dirty game over the heads of the victims it. Because the result is that the cart of justice so will jam in the mud. And while the finger is pointed at Putin. With all due even more dangerous war smear campaign towards Russia.
Russia also introduces very reasonable arguments in its rejection of the international tribunal.
In brief:
1. The arguments and facts of the investigation are not yet on the table. It is still too early.
2. There has never come to answer the question why Russia can not participate in the study.
3. The rejection of the offered help of Russian experts in the investigation.
4. The secrecy of the Ukrainian military communications via the control towers at the time of the attack, despite last year by Russia questions accordingly.
5. A reference to the unsatisfactory because strong politically driven development of such tribunals, such as the Yugoslavia tribunal and the Rwanda tribunal.
These arguments prejudiced Dutch press are not likely to get, so at this.
Incidentally, today also even more clear that the investigation of the Dutch Safety Investigation Board, which is invariably described in the media as an investigation led by the Netherlands, led in fact by Kiev. That is already in the accompanying documents can be found, but is invariably ignored by the Dutch media and the Dutch politics. This research was to temporarily delegated by Ukraine.To the Netherlands. All very quickly controlled by Timmermans in the first days after the attack.Today let Kiev know to be very satisfied with the work by the Dutch researchers slavish, which is why they have granted permission to extend the research still here.
Shameless. Cruel. Sad. And above humiliating. The Dutch government to the interests of the Dutch population, especially the dependents represent so bad, I think the worst part. Because a study that willfully will go nowhere, in whose interest is that?

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