Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What's happening now is Ukraine is in the carve-up stage...Why?

Novorossia = New Russia

I'm sure everyone is wondering, why Ukrainians do not recognize that there's a civil war in their country, and it's not about what they shout? I understand that now the residents of Donbass do not consider themselves Ukrainians and this is understandable after all the Ukrainian authorities have done and are still doing everywhere to ensure that people would not want to identify themselves to the almost non-existent country of Ukraine.

All Ukrainian media will say is that they are fighting the RF, except that Ukrainians who believe in it must not use any logic or common sense to understand that if Russian troops were launched, the war would be over in a few hours in Kiev. 

To them, all who are in the DNI and LC - they're calling terrorists, let alone to remember who is killing children, women and the elderly? Not Donbass it's APU and private battalions doing this, so who are the terrorists? Or could Ukrainians be so clouded in their brain that they do not understand who the terrorists really are? 

What's happening now is Ukraine is in the carve-up stage, and by force of arms, some reason people do not realize that the SS is simply participating in it as an interested party for the USA. They are not as fighters for a Sovereign State or as UA heroes. And while the Ukrainians themselves do not realize that they have been disemboweled and continue to go along with it, nothing there will ever change. Foreign interests  along with some illegal Oligarchs will topple others and then so to they will rob the country and destroy its people for profit then leave to Canada or Israel.

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