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Ukrainians Suspect Obama of Cooperating with Putin / Leonid Bershidsky

Ukrainians Suspect Obama of Cooperating with Putin


Leonid Bershidsky


US officials rarely visited by foreign parliaments to convince MPs to vote one way or another. However, last week, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during his visit to Kiev did just that. On the agenda were the amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. In the tabled bill President Petro Poroshenko Nuland interested in only one paragraph on the seventh page: "18. Features of the local self-government in parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are defined by a separate law. " This phrase may seem meaningless, but in reality it was a weighty reason for the arrival Nuland. The idea behind it seems to many highly controversial. Some lawmakers refused to vote for her for the bill. MP from the Party of Poroshenko Mustafa Nye explained that "special law" may allow the new composition of the Parliament in the future to give the pro-Russian rebel regions of eastern Ukraine legalized the right to secede. "I am convinced that such a rule does not reflect the will of the Ukrainian people, who had already lost thousands of their soldiers and continues to lead a bloody war for the return of these areas under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian", - said Nye. The task was to convince Nayem Nuland and his associates to change the opinion. Before the vote, she invited the most stubborn opponents of the bill to a meeting at the US embassy. One of the guests - Leonid Yemets - later reported that the representative of the United States "insisted that it should be a demonstration of the implementation by Ukraine of the Minsk Agreement" - concluded last February cease-fire arrangements, which does provide for the eastern territories controlled by the rebels until the special status the right to form their own militia. "From her words followed, then we do sacrifice, and the rest of the will to fight corruption," - said the site another participant in the meeting. However, many of those who took part in a long conversation with Nuland, still question its motives. "Why is the world so we want to impose" special status "for" DNR "and" LC "? - Asks to Facebook Vice Speaker Oksana raw foodists. - The world wants it to become "internal conflict" because he was tired and tends to get rid of this extremely uncomfortable topics. " Ukraine actually now attracts less attention of the world press than ever before. It's bad for the country, which depends on Western aid and sympathy, especially that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to see this country a Russian satellite or at least a buffer in case of further expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty. A number of Ukrainian and Russian anti-Putin-minded commentators see in Kiev visit Nuland and its attempts to influence the parliamentarians sign that the US sells to Ukraine to Putin in exchange for support for the nuclear deal in Iran. "What specifically Russia bargained for his signature to the closure of the Iranian nuclear program? - Said the former Ukrainian lawmaker Taras Stetskiv. - I think, at least, a special status in the Constitution of Donbass. And for this reason Nuland came to control the vote. " Andrei Illarionov, a former adviser to Putin, who became his political enemy, said that Russian support for Iran and Syria has become a part of the deal, "concluded without the participation of Ukraine and by Ukraine." However, last Thursday, the Ukrainian parliament decided to ignore the warnings and Poroshenko proposed to send the bill to the Constitutional Court, which is likely to approve it. Poroshenko of the rhetoric has angered opponents. "I know a lot of patriotic poems and songs. My wife says I'm good at singing "- the president said at some point during the debate, and sang the national anthem. At a meeting with US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette (Geoffrey Pyatt) present Nuland. When deputies voted as she needed, she applauded. The Kremlin, for its part, disparages constitutional initiatives Poroshenko. Moscow and its satellites like East Ukrainian to the Basic Law of Ukraine was directly spelled out broad autonomy for rebel-held regions. However, fans of conspiracy is not convinced. In the end, the Ukrainian parliament would never have voted for a bill that would approve of Putin and his people, so hostile reaction from Moscow only helped pass the amendments. Most likely, no one directly trades concluded. However, it is not difficult to believe that the United States and Russia began to establish some kind of tacit understanding on the Ukrainian question. No wonder Obama last week praised Putin for his willingness to cooperate on Iran "separate" from other differences. Putin, as you know, never makes concessions for a reason. Demanding more support and sympathy, Kiev overreacted. Russian aggression in the east slowed down, but Ukraine remains unchecked, corrupt and economically weak. In addition, it is still rife with armed groups. Ultra-nationalist organization "Right Sector", actively participated in the reflection of the pro-Russian rebels recently launched minivoynu for control did not curb the smuggling of cigarettes Poroshenko in western Ukraine. Not surprisingly, Nuland went to Kiev to protect unstable Minsk Agreement: Washington needs a stable Ukraine. The Kremlin, in turn, loses interest in the armed conflict, which he helped to ignite and strive to move from military intervention to less noisy political methods of destabilization. When the interests of the big players in the whole match, cooperation occurs without any conspiracies.

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Nuland went to Kiev to protect unstable Minsk Agreement: Washington needs a stable Ukraine

US hegemony and want, and pricklyФото:
When I saw the title of the article "Ukrainians suspect Obama of cooperation with Putin" Not by Ukrainians (there has long been nothing surprised), but from« Bloomberg », I even rubbed his eyes and read. Somehow it was so ... sudden.
But let's look at the context and subtext of the thesis, there is interesting parts.
How could such a thing take place? It turns out that " ... the United States and Russia began to establish a kind of tacit understanding on the Ukrainian question. No wonder Obama last week praised Putin for his willingness to cooperate on Iran, "separate" from other differences. Putin, as you know, never makes concessions just so "- hinted that Putin helped to slow down the nuclear program of Iran and the United States in return promised to slow down in Ukraine. Behind the scenes, of course. Because " requiring more care and compassion, Kiev overreacted. Russian aggression in the east slowed down, but Ukraine remains unchecked, corrupt and economically weak. In addition, it is still rife with armed groups. Ultra-nationalist organization "Right Sector", actively participated in the reflection of the pro-Russian rebels recently launched a mini-war over control of restraint and not Poroshenko cigarette smuggling in the Western Ukraine. Not surprisingly, Nuland went to Kiev to protect unstable Minsk Agreement: Washington needs a stable Ukraine. The Kremlin, in turn, loses interest in the armed conflict, which he helped to ignite and strive to move from military intervention to less noisy political methods of destabilization . "
Areas of emphasis openly touches, but this interesting remark about "overreaction" and hit a pravosekov, which had not previously noticed in the eye. About Minsk Agreement Article masterpiece general, if you look closely at the situation, Nuland went to Kiev not to "protect unstable Minsk Agreement", and simulate the performance of their desire - Rada deputies are not even capable of it.
Okay, fair some MPs were offended by Nuland, because she insisted on making a formal item, allowing mold excuses on the topic implementation agreements Minsk - apparently like themselves demonstratively refuse. But why did the "Bloomberg"  write about the "tacit understanding"?
In fact, everything is much more interesting, if you look in the Ukraine, and the United States: the American Council on Foreign Relations offers US and Russia unite against China! However, it says «La Jornada» (Mexico), but based on American material.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, known russophobe, a former adviser on national security under President Carter, one of Obama's close, to find a way out of the labyrinth of his own consciousness welcomed the cooperation between the US, Russia and China, which succeeded to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue. Brzezinski admits in principle the possibility of the Big Three, although most would prefer to deuce with China aimed against Russia, but at the moment seems to understand that it is impossible . "
That's how - the Great American Dream (remember the "end of civilization" Fukuyama?) Was replaced by the knowledge of reality. Brzezinski opposes Leslie Gelb, honorary chairman of the US Council on Foreign Relations - he initiated the establishment of the "big two" US + Russia, which he called "discharge plus": " In February 1997, George Kennan warned that the policy approach of NATO to Russia's borders could cause increased militant, nationalist and anti-Western sentiments among the Russian public; to reverse the development of Russian democracy;to revive the atmosphere of the Cold War between East and West and expand Russia's foreign policy in a direction that clearly does not meet our interests. That's what happened! "
I know about Godwin's Law But, sorry, - complete analogy: Hitler's "Mein Kampf" to talk about "whether with Russia against England, or England against Russia" (and capital fucked with a choice), and then the United States are wondering - whether with Russia against China, or even better - with China against Russia, but China is unlikely to agree. The difference, says that more than one person, and two, but with sufficient authority to express opinions serious group of US politicians.
Obama is not hysteria about "Russian aggression in Ukraine", and modestly notes" Differences in the assessment of the situation in Ukraine." The German edition of DWN indicates a concern in the EU: " After months of confrontation with Russia, the European leaders who blindly follow the instructions of the United States, was offside , "while" ... hope European leaders on commercial dealings with Iran could be an illusion. Unlike Russia, the European Union does not support any contacts with that state. But the main problem for the EU is the situation in Ukraine . " Europeans seem to have seriously begun to suspect that it is not necessary to carry out all orders that no State Department.
What is in the United States are throwing? Somehow even respectable.
Perhaps you can listen to exposition situation Kissinger (former head of the US State Department)
Russia and China at the moment is really close to each other. I think that is the natural choice in the current environment. Communication between Moscow and Beijing has a long history, these countries can not be apart for objective reasons ";
Russia - a country that crosses nine time zones. Do not try to isolate it. From the point of view of traditional beliefs, Russia is part of the Western world, but currently there were some differences. I believe that Washington is interested to have normal diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation . "
The situation is even more fun for the United States (in our opinion), if we remember that it is not only the SCO, BRICS and other interesting abbreviations. As has already been written on the portal B.Stepnovym, " The United States believes Russia "enemy number one" is not because of "the backwardness of the military leadership, which still thinking patterns of the Cold War took place," namely, because now Russia, while not claim to sole leadership, organizing interstate alliances that contribute to the country's withdrawal from the US hegemony. And it's not just an attempt to "capture the control of the planet", namely that the proposal of a new version of the world order, is fundamentally different from the unipolar world that is unpleasant not only for the United States as a country, recording "world currency", but also for globalization as the project as a whole. Future - for the independent nations that carry out mutually beneficial cooperation, preserving their culture . "
It can be said that "isolation of Russia" has led to the fact that our country is headed by the president has become a symbol of resistance to American geopolitical dictates that it is important from a psychological point of view. Simply put, the situation is changing the world of US hegemony in a multipolar can now be seen not dull-formal, but the idea is beginning to acquire the masses at the international level.
US seems this year started a few perceive reality and already afraid of confrontation. Therefore, we begin to behave suspiciously back in December:
- Firstly, Obama announced the beginning of the resumption of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, which have been severed for more than 53 years ago;
- Secondly, removed Economic sanctions against Belarus that if you do not start a drag on its side, which is unlikely, at least remove it from Russia.
In general, nothing new. 
Should I believe Washington? The question is rhetorical. How long have said military historian Major-General AE Edrikhin "bad to have an Anglo Saxon enemy, but God forbid be his friend!". 

So it is better to live as we want: to be friends with China, not forgetting its relation to the barbarous nations, and to oppose the US not seeking to crush them completely: first, it is necessary to divide the government and ordinary Americans, and secondly, if the US suddenly completely disappear as a political actor, then, China will become a direct competitor to Russia with all the attendant - and we need it? In the near future a lot better with friends against the United States.

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