Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ukrainian security forces shelled the town in the Donbass Dokuchaevsk

Ukrainian security forces shelled the town in the Donbass Dokuchaevsk 

Dokuchaevsk the city suffered a few dozen shots, there is information about the victims, the victims is not known. 

Earlier on (07/07/2015) The head of the city administration Eugene Bugno said that at 22:00 tank shells fired at a Kindergarten in a Dokuchayevsk neighborhood, which is on the outskirts of the city from the Nikolayevka and Novotroitsk. "

Now teams of workers are engaged in removing the debris "- said Bugno. military operation against the coup disgruntled residents of Donbass lasts more than a year. At the talks on February 12 reached an agreement on a cease-fire, withdrawal of heavy weapons, introducing changes to the Constitution of Ukraine on the decentralization of power, as well as the consolidation of the special status of "individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions." 

Ukrainian security forces continue to bombard peaceful cities of Donbass, ignoring the Minsk agreements and trying to bring the militias to commit rash acts in the form of a resumption of hostilities. The OSCE observers have often provided information about the absence of a few pieces of artillery and mortars at the collection point according to the agreement "on a ceasefire." It shows complete unwillingness of Kiev peacefully to end the conflict, which kills peaceful unarmed civilians. 


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