Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ukraine Aidar battalion of Kiev Junta / US supports mercenaries, rapists and murderers 18+

We had junta attacked these fascist bastards of Kiev (USA) from the battalion "Aidar" in an ambush, and a whole convoy destroyed by them! [18+]
Why it's a little hard to see but do not have too much sympathy for them, these are not ordinary soldiers of the Ukrainian army but again paid mercenaries, extremists, rapists and murderers of "Aidar" which are parts of ca.1400-strong private army the Zionist oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky! but they are also just stupid cannon fodder, the murder for money! they got here brought to justice!

Ukraine Aidar battalion of Kiev Junta (United States), tortured and murdered a young woman near Lugansk! [18+] 
(Our militia forces have found a long time ago the whole, but I share it again and will not do the things forgotten it, may she rest in peace, even though I believe in gods no)

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