Saturday, July 4, 2015

Suddenly the OSCE in Ukraine, comes a sudden epiphany, weapons, banned by Minsk Agreement

Suddenly the OSCE in Ukraine, comes a sudden epiphany, weapons, banned by Minsk Agreement

Why would the OSCE in Ukraine, came a sudden epiphany? Second of June on an official briefing deputy head of the OSCE mission, Alexander Hug made ​​a sensational statement. Its observers on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities in the area of the ATO, recorded the presence of heavy weapons, banned Minsk Agreement.

In general, the overall ironic attitude of most readers to understand the news. What it is called, less than half a year, as the Sharp Eye noticed the absence of one wall of his prison cell. However, I think, do not rush to categorically negative: Well, notice, well and further Che? In fact the OSCE observers is the official Western eyes. The fact that they have a whole year to focus not noticed any violations from the Ukrainian side, is now officially saw the light suddenly, just extremely important. 

The principal basis of Western political system is the basic imperative of the domination of publicity. All that is not named openly, not recognized officially. All political decisions, official statements or not those newspaper reports only operate within the official picture of the world. The Nazis from the battalion "Azov" his Nazi symbols could even pasted the entire Kiev, but no official European notions of fascism in Ukraine does not exist.

Therefore, Ukraine and all seemed white and fluffy the country, decided to embark on the only correct Western democratic way. And that somewhere someone is something, is not it the enemies of democracy are not asleep, they are not willing to let it surreptitiously, they have no shame or conscience. She is forced to defend himself. She really does not want to fight, but necessary. Including short-range missiles on the city itself. In order to make the necessary political decisions requires a background picture, create the necessary public mood. Who said that Ukraine is fighting strictly by the rules? 

So here they are, the OSCE observers! They're there officially represent the European Union. They see everything, know everything. System thinking Europeans in general is based on the recognition of the authority. Once, back in the '90s, one of my friends put British: we first carefully select who will listen, and then believe everything he says. Because they are there for the past year really believed that Ukraine at the Donbass only reflected some probably Russia (for someone else ?!), the invasion that violates international standards only aggressor. And now suddenly it is the OSCE them stunned amazing discovery. It is clear to see, and see - two big differences. It would be naive to think that the observers did not see and did not understand who and who fired it. 

It humanities can vparit that once the projectile flies a ballistic trajectory, then, if you put a gun to the side, it will be possible to shoot around the corner. All OSCE observers are professional military personnel. They do not carry out such nonsense. But what they can see with their own eyes, and that the official sees the OSCE as an organization - is very different. She sees only what they see fit to see the people, let's say, in Europe, the official decided. 

The fact that the OSCE suddenly she saw the mess is unacceptable to the Ukrainian side is a very important indicator. Once such a view prevails, then the EU wanted to. It seems that in the quiet of the governing cabinets of Europe finally decided to distance itself from Ukraine. Do not be surprised if in a couple of weeks already and the ECB or the European Commission as a public vsplesnet hands - and so, it turns out, some of these bad radish Ukrainians. 

Practically on the classics: Poroshenko sir - not a gentleman! And with an air of injured innocence divorced hands: you no money and other assistance. You tricked our trust. Indeed, Alexander Hug mouth is what they said, but the meaning is not spoken yet reached to all. Europe tired of throwing money down the drain. Too expensive for her, there is no need of spoil even in the long term, the Ukrainians are incorrigible in principle. 

The story of the missing money, which the EU has given Kiev to pay for the purchase of gas reserves for the coming winter - a good example. History stunning arrogance. To ensure uninterrupted transit of gas to Europe in the winter in the Ukrainian UGS it must be pumped 19 billion. M3. Ukraine officially notify the EU that the money for it it does not. Brussels, grumbling week earmarked Kiev allocates the required amount. 

However, savvy guys decide that through a series of manipulations can achieve from Miller about the price of dollars to sixty is lower than the Gazprom. And then "do something with a difference." But Russia for such audacity disagrees. The remaining money is only enough for 12 billion. M3. No more. And what makes Kiev? With clear eyes, he is once again calling on Brussels to give money for the missing 7 billion. Cube. To say that the EU is much astonished, to say nothing. Europe in general was not to Kiev. 

There would be Greece somehow survive. It certainly does not mean that Brussels tomorrow to withdraw Russian sanctions and dropping sneakers, come running to Moscow to put up. This is not peculiar to the sharpness of an international scale. But this means that the process of leaving Ukraine its own destiny to become a reality. In the near future the pace will only accelerate. By the way, Germany and Russia have agreed to build a second "Nord Stream", which completely eliminates its dependence on gas transit through Ukraine.

It may even be that the Kiev with a fundamentally different attitude to itself in Europe will face this fall. And for the winter in the Ukrainian question there is every reason to expect a very significant change. Because the departure of the European Union makes Ukraine strategically unnecessary for the United States. Spending there its diplomatic, political and image resource for Washington loses its meaning. 

And Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrate, in this case the Americans behave. They leave. And quickly. Not particularly worrying for the future of the waste material. In short, the cuckoo - cuckoo, how can I live there? And in response times cuckoo and silence ...

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