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Stratfor: the fate of Ukraine, Moscow and Washington decide without Kiev

Stratfor: the fate of Ukraine, Moscow and Washington decide without Kiev

Victoria Nuland. Photo:

The fact that Ukraine is on the remote control and, in fact, its fate will decide among themselves Washington and Moscow, once again confirmed. This is stated in the report of the US intelligence and analytical agency Stratfor, which is not without reason called the unofficial analogue CIA.
Thus, analysts believe that the conversation US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin was not just talking diplomats not of the highest level, as an exception: "Against the background of the statements of the Ukrainian government and the separatists on ceasefire violations, the conversation was very important. He confirmed the evolution of Ukrainian conflict - whether to resolve, whether to escalate - but its development will now be decided not in Kiev, and the actions and relations between Moscow and Washington. "
Earlier, as we know, the United States stood on the side of direct negotiations without taking part in any of the Norman Quartet (Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine), or in the negotiations Kiev LDNR and Russia with the participation of OSCE Minsk. However, as noted in Stratfor, the situation has changed over the past weekend.Head AP Sergey Ivanov said that the United States and Russia have reached an agreement to establish a special format of bilateral negotiations on the Ukraine, who will be involved, and Nuland and Karasin.
Analysts agencies recognize that to resolve the situation in Ukraine both politically and militarily aspect may just Russia and the United States, not in Kiev. However, as they note, both powers shared much more. For example, a status of autonomy Ukrainian authorities to provide the Donbas.
The main conclusions of the report - the US and Russia last direct attempt to reach agreement on the resolution of the conflict and the Ukrainian "special format", which involves Karasin and Nuland, show the effectiveness and readiness of the countries to negotiate.
Kiev Washington has prepared the role of extras.

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