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Reports from the militia of New Russia | Briefs from Cyril Otter 21.07.15

Reports from the militia of New Russia


Briefs from Cyril Otter "By the end of the harvest - no war!" In spite of the daily violations of Ukrainian law enforcers of the Minsk agreement, forcing the defenders of New Russia to fight back, the ceasefire is valid. On paper ... Over the past four days Donetsk survived several attacks on power comparable with squalls gunfire, crashes down on the city during the winter campaign. Of course, in such circumstances, the very meaning of "peace" in the Donbass continually decreases exponentially. Anyone who prefers dim prospects clarity and predictability of events.

And while it is not that clear. Repeated clashes all summer in different parts of the front did not entail any consequences. Fierce battle in Marinka in early June, which ended with the retreat of the Republican Guard occupied for days before lines, turned several hundred corpses from both sides, mutual resentment and misunderstanding between departments, mute condemnation of the army and the public authorities of the DNI.

Everyone with whom we had to communicate in one voice declare that the attack should be expected from day to day. The behavior of the APU, ignore all the agreements as a whole has to, to give them a remake Debaltseve. However, it takes a week for her - the other, and the situation at the front does not change one iota. "I do not dare that if the commanders of others tear the uniforms of Russian bayonets?" Similar ideas Donetsk accompanied by arguments of conspiracy persuasion: 

"Zakharchenko about something negotiates with Poroshenko," "Russian troops will enter the Ukraine from the north, and then we go on the offensive". 

The demilitarization of the zone near the village of Shirokino where in the last 4 months thundered with serious fights heats various rumors sly "mnogohodovochke." DNR to unilaterally withdraw its troops from Shirokino and diverse sources informed about the alleged impending demilitarization of other areas, in particular, Marinka, Petrovsky district of Donetsk, and as silly as it may sound - Gorlovka. This last point, however, turned out to be a typical "an injection of" what, in the framework of the next meeting of the contact group in Minsk said Denis Pushilin. 

Probably, the average citizen of the republic implies that the demilitarization of the front-line areas - a kind of "provocation provocations." It should withdraw its troops from Gorlovka how come there APU killings of civilians, looting and trying to attack immediately cancel all agreements and thus, they say, will unleash hands of overstayers-scale tables commanders and fighters of the DNI, bored in the trenches. 

Against this background, the only reasonable arguments in favor of continuing "truce" was expressed by several commanders version of the agrarian nature of calm. - In the front area - a huge amount of planted fields. Harvesting on the way. While not clean - no one will not fight. And indeed, under Gorlovka, near Nikishin, Logvinova, outskirts of Makeyevka and Donetsk - field. They have bloomed sunflowers, potatoes on the way. 

During trips to the frontline, we have seen some neat crop of rye. Spikes are already beginning to gold. The gardens are full of apricots. The status of the products in the country - is not easy, and to sacrifice for the sake of momentary extra hectares offensive - short-sighted. Discard the opponent 10-15 kilometers west ... Tanks can go through the fields, crushing caterpillars results of peasant labor, and towards advancing the art will be flying hundreds of shells. 

To grind to dust almost 10 hectares of rye zakolosivsheysya needed a dozen tanks and a battery of MLRS. Think about it."Donetsk will pass!" Different sources, hinting at the proximity to the competent circles in the government and Staff DNI, confidentially, between the lines, to report impending surrender of Donetsk Ukrainian security officials. It referred to two main reasons linked to conspiracy within one all the same "cunning mnogohodovochki."The first reason: Zakharchenko has not justified the hopes assigned to it "by Russian curators" began to act too independently and need to get rid of him. 

The only significant reason to call the population of Donetsk and the whole DNI hatred head of the republic - to provoke Ukrainian side to conduct a rapid offensive and give the Donetsk to plunder. After a few days, security forces boldness implied in the captured city, the capital will "polite people," and eliminate the security forces explain everything in parallel approving the new head of the republic. 

The incident, according to the arguments of the "sources" must also affect the OSCE and entail significant accusations of the Ukrainian side in the extensive violations of the Minsk agreements.It is unclear just why after the date of Donetsk(and hand over the city, of course, one of these days) to win his coming is "polite people," not Starship Troopers and Buryat "horse-diving Brigade. Karmapa. " 

One of the most likely candidates who are ready to change Zakharchenko as president, "awareness" of the republican public somehow believes the Security Council Secretary Alexander Khodakovsky DNI, incriminating him direct contact with the "towers of the Kremlin," the Ukrainian side, and other sins, whose the content can not be regarded otherwise than rumors aimed at destabilizing the situation in the republic. Special heat of these conjectures have acquired following a recent incident in Donetsk. Exploded in the center of the car with the secretary Zakharchenko immediately became another "dimes" thrown into the treasury of rumors about the internecine government DNI. 

We assume that the conflicts between the powers that be in groups in the government do take place, but the final verdict on the guilty must make the investigation and trial. Defense Ministry abolished the DNI (or will be eliminated ... or was liquidated, but now restored again ...) of hearing it - without by week, but we should recognize that in this situation a kind of timelessness operational "stuffing" has excited many minds. 

Just today, journalists, a few frustrated such rumors, elicits the deputy corps commander Edward Basurin plain truth about the situation on the sidelines of the Ministry of Defense. The rumor, of course, was not confirmed. Moreover, even the rumor of the accompanying transformation of the Ministry of Defense and Defense Committee has not been confirmed. Who benefits from such speculation, and what is the purpose of the people distributing them remains a mystery. Even if the ministry would eventually be transformed into a committee, then this is unlikely to affect the personnel structure and the concept of defense. 

We hasten to remind that historical examples - the ruthless thing. MGB was incorporated in 1953 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and a year later became the State Security Committee, has not lost its operational skills and will continue to function in the usual way. "The volunteers go home!" Various attempts famous fighters who began to fight even in small, to get even with detractors by discussions on social networks, gave rise to rumors about squeezing Russian volunteers from the Republic. 

The contracts allegedly concluded with them by the Ministry of Defense and other security agencies DNI, canceled unilaterally disarm or units coming under the full control of the commanders-natives Donbass. Several incidents have occurred in recent months, have reportedly confirmed their mutual dislike between volunteers and "regulyarnikami" . 

Undoubtedly, many of the men (both local and come from countries of the CIS), the taste of guerrilla freemen, may not like the active steps to unify the command of the armed forces and bring all units to a common denominator. It happened with the commander of one of the units based in Lugansk. Alexander Hyde, call sign "Rome" justly provoked hostility many apologists for the conversion of militias into the armed forces. In the body of the People's Militia LC, and at Lugansk MGB also accumulated a lot of questions for him.

At Hyde controlled territory, according to numerous witnesses, and in our humble experience trips to Lugansk, happened literally "God knows what." At the very least, employees Lugansk commandant, who accompanied one of our colleagues in the area of location of units "Rome," as usual wince automatic gates and put guns in the car window with the words "Let's go for a hostile territory! All - attention! ". Eventually, Hyde was detained by the FSB in St. Petersburg. Among other incidents, his unit is charged with complicity in undermining the train on the stretch-Valyanovo Darevka.

Undermining the composition was produced with the aim of discrediting the government with LC, in particular, of the head of the republic Igor Plotnitsky.Probably the deportation of this kind of volunteers the People's Republic will benefit.However, rumors of mass exoduses are born on the prepared soil. So, the commander DSHRG "Rusich" Petersburger Alexei Milchakov, whose group until recently was part of the battalion "Viking" Sun DNI, on his page "VKontakte" a few days ago announced his withdrawal from the territory of Donbass group in its entirety. 

According to indirect evidence, "Rusich" is preparing for the transfer to Syria to take part in the war against "Islamic state." It should also be said that, despite the dubiousness of hearing on the withdrawal of Russian volunteers from the Donbas, the interest in the war in the Middle East at the soldiers and officers of the militia is growing. 

Many people are constantly reading about what is happening in Syria and Iraq, and in parallel with the execution of combat missions looking for ways to get there. Presumably, the main cause of this type of pinning high hopes is not "obvious plum of Donbass" and banal boredom, visiting each soldier, pulling the strap on the advanced hushed. 

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