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"Poroshenko: Ukraine will give Putin as long as necessary"

"Poroshenko Ukraine will give Putin as long as necessary"

The teachings of the battalion "Azov" in Kiev.  Photo: Roman Pylypiv / EPA / TASS
The teachings of the battalion "Azov" in Kiev. Photo: Roman Pylypiv / EPA / TASS

Speech proprietary killer

Recently, the founder of the banned in the Russian regiment "Azov", the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Biletsky made in Kharkov with harsh criticism of the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Representatives of nationalist battalion "kick" Poroshenko and his entourage is not the first time, but from the mouth of Biletskiy sounded quite serious charge.
The commander of the "Azov" confident that the president and his entourage planned to give "Vladimir Vladimirovich" at the mercy "of six, eight, ten areas." At the same time, according to Biletsky, the Kiev authorities would "be able to completely and fully exploit the milking area and all the other businesses."
"That's why our government is very good to hear the signals of the armistice, the surrender of Moscow, Brussels and Washington. Therefore, our government so much responsive to them ", - said the deputy, lamented the collapse of the ruling in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According Biletskiy, Western aid does not improve the situation, because the army actually gets outdated junk as BMP and radar.
"We have no friends in the West. He gives some formal military aid handouts in the form of IMF loans in the so-called reforms. All this is done not out of good intentions. The main demand of the West in response to these handouts - a defeatist posture of the government of Ukraine and the whole country ", - said Biletsky.
The desire to Kiev to "surrender" in the Donbass founder of "Azov" explained greed on the part of Poroshenko and others like him. In his opinion, the ongoing war and the absence of a deal with Moscow interfere "milked" of Ukraine.
"Russian planet" tried to find out how serious was Biletsky, voicing accusations against Poroshenko, supposedly ready to give Russia almost the entire eastern Ukraine.
The founder of "Azov" refused to deal with the RP. According to him, to comment on the internal Ukrainian situation to representatives of "" the aggressor "- bad form." "We in Ukraine do see what we do," - said Biletsky.
Interviewed by "Russian planet" experts doubt that Washington delivered Poroshenko decides to abandon the land, under which Biletsky apparently meant configuration New Russia (Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, and Dnipropetrovsk region).
Debaltseve after the withdrawal of Ukrainian military
Debaltseve after the withdrawal of Ukrainian military. Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS
Renowned expert on post-Soviet space Svyatenkov Paul believes that the information from the mouth of the founder of "Azov" "too good to be true.""Rather, such statements - a manifestation of a political struggle within the Ukraine. I honestly do not believe that Poroshenko give the entire south-east Russia. Such a gift, we would certainly have taken, "- said the analyst.
At the same time Svyatenkov poosteregsya talk about the possibility of secret deals between Kiev and the Kremlin. "Without the signing of a formal agreement is not clear how this will be implemented," - said the expert. 
The famous writer, a supporter of the independence of New Russia Zakhar Prilepin believes that the statement Biletskiy due to the fact that "for the radical" patriots ", including the battalion" Azov "Poroshenko not aggressive enough, tough enough to attack Donbass".
Read under the heading "power"of the EU is prepared to recognize Crimea as part of Russiastuffing EU officials about the second referendum talk about a possible revision of the status of the peninsula
"In their minds need watering, batter and destroy. Poroshenko does not. In response to the objections radicals impose such claims. Statement by the commander of "Azov" - it's not fake, it is a certain illustration of the concepts nationalists Poroshenko degree of patriotism, "- said the writer.
Prilepin noted that in fact Ukrainian radicals in their charges right. "In a situation where Poroshenko will need something to pass, of course he does, but not at the request of Putin, and at the request of the European Union, or Obama," - says the writer.
Chairman of the party "Other Russia" Eduard Limonov, a writer, said "Russian world" that does not believe in rumors voiced commander "Azov". "There is no evidence of this is not. Someone grunted something stupid. There's not much to discuss. Poroshenko cling to the status of the president. He was the surrender of territories will not be forgiven. For this he was probably in Kiev will be removed to hell "- the politician said.
Chief editor of "Kyiv Telegraf" Vladimir Skachko named commander of the word "Azov" myth. "Biletsky - a proprietary killer, the commander of the punitive battalion maniac and sadist. It just reminds Poroshenko, who is the boss, and what happened to him, if he will continue the policy of denazification of the country. We are looking for you, Mr. Valtsman - that is the essence of his message, "- he said with irony jumps.
The expert is confident that the Kiev authorities are not ready to go to the disconnection of any territories. The project of New Russia, which could join Chernihiv and Sumy regions, according to the races, is now impossible.
The only way in which the regions would secede from Kiev - are local elections in which the opposition would have won the organization. "23 years of independence of Ukraine, Russia, unlike the Americans, to do anything to develop its soft power," - said the jump. As a result, he stated the expert, Russia proshlyapil creating loyal to his forces, using at least a little bit political influence.
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