Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nobody will leave the Ukraine, "Right Sector" isn't going to let them escape ?

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)
Nobody will leave the Ukraine, "Right Sector" isn't going to let them escape ?

As we have seen, the forecasts for Ukraine - nothing almost is impossible. First of all, it is known the Kiev authorities are worried. In the morning we heard some odd statements, some in the day, some in the evening - the third time. And all the opposite of Kiev's plan. That is why the only possible options have now changed. The most likely and is offered for your consideration is in the meantime now a confrontation with Nazi executioners "Right Sector" and the authorities in Mukachevo. 
That is the subject numerous publications and broadcasts are dedicated to. Someone thinks that Mukachevo - locals a private initiative "pravosekov." Some to the contrary, sees these events as a trend. Someone warned about the beginning of full-scale civil war ... It seems that in reality the followers of Bandera "Right Sector" went into action. Joint action against Poroshenko. Moreover, the organization's leadership publicly warned the government that "their time is running out." 
If there is a new revolution, Ukrainian President Poroshenko and his colleagues will not be able to escape from the country as it did the previous president. They can not expect anything other than punishment in some dark basement, which is committed by a group of young Ukrainian military and members of the National Guard.  
This statement was made ​​is not by ordinary member of the organization. This is the official statement of the press secretary of the "Right Sector" Skoropadskiy. In response to a direct threat nedoprezident Poroshenko is yet silent. As I see it, it he's confused. It is theoretically possible by force to "calm down" "onizhedetey?" Maybe if only theoretically. Power structures and APU more and more often express their dissatisfaction with the government too.  
While there are no obvious protests, the mood is disdainful. Remember the recent statement by the fighters tank battalion 17 Tank Brigade, And how many battalions defected ? "The waves of mobilization" and the lack of a real rotation led to the soldiers, "fly into a rage" from the "strange" war. Why are they here? Why all this death, if what was promised is not happening? No matter how hard Ukrainian propaganda, those who sit in the trenches, well see the attitude of the local population to the APU. They are not on its territory and the occupied. 
In fact. Persistent sabotage, local hatred, lack of normal supply. And the letters or calls from home. And there - frozen salaries, fees, pensions. And each letter - a cry for help. And the constant "people's money for the fees of those killed in the ATU." State do not interest their families. 
More dangerous than the this situation is in the so-called volunteer battalions. According to the law, which recently adopted Rada and signed by Poroshenko, the volunteers of these units such as the "disappeared." There are no fighters. But the "no" ... and the status of combatants. Under the new law, a soldier must submit several documents. Including the number of orders for the military unit. 
But volunteer battalions are not military units. They volunteer. But such divisions are now about 50. Agree a serious force. And when you consider that most of the fighters there, "ideological" and more terrible. It is a visible part of the "iceberg". But they're are the hidden part "underwater." 
She was talking about, all but which are not yet linked to the situation in Mukachevo. It is a weapon in the hands of the population. The weapons in huge quantities imported from the zone of the so-called ATO. It is not about guns and machines. Today at the hands of machine guns, grenade launchers, flame throwers ...All these weapons will be used in the case of active military actions in Kiev. 
And now already being used for propaganda purposes. Ukrainian "media" enthusiastically write about the seizure of a large quantity of weapons. That this situation has received Kyiv today. But the question arises - why now "burnt smell"? Alas, the answer is, as always, "he is in the pocket." Economy! Delight, which recently welcomed the formation of the next "battalion" Ukrainians, turns his true side. Under the name of "the struggle for the unity of Ukraine" the most influential oligarchs got the army. 
Let yourself unable to sweep the state, but the army. Teaming up with the nationalists, such Army will represent a real force. Mukachevo - only the beginning of redistribution of spheres of influence. Three borders with the EU - a tasty morsel for any "owner" of any territory or the army. It has something to cling to the throat of a competitor. Here I agree with the Ukrainian journalists. However, we "lost tourist" out of sight. 
I mean Yatsenyuk. His cruise on North America as somehow not really covered media. Well, riding occurs, asking for money. Nothing new. And no. New lot! Yatsenyuk openly said that Ukraine is ready to sell everything. That's all that interesting to Western, particularly American, investors. On the funny business conditions. In fact, it looks like this: we buy what you want, at a price which will give. Kiev relies on the United States and Canada. It is not so interesting to Europe. But what about the local "money bags"? And in any way. Not effective managers. Though rich. Russian investors (what could hide behind the fine words, fans of "freebies") was taken out of the legislation "deribana." 
Ukrainian virtually too. And what will be the reaction from them? So what is the way to have Poroshenko and the company remains? History teaches us that the only one. Or Kiev to establish a dictatorship, or it will make someone else. Only the dictatorship will give at least some possibility (to assure it's too late to talk) to stay in power. Rigid dictatorship. With all the ensuing consequences. 
Western troops, including the "instructors" of the United States, this situation will not help. Yes, and get involved in the "quarrel" they will not. Only their own implementing this option.But for such drastic action is needed and to what extent a brave man. What to say about Poroshenko not dare. Again, rotation of officials. Moskal - "king" in the Carpathians! Replace the Ministry of Internal Affairs! Replace SBU leadership!
Meanwhile, the "Right Sector" quietly, without fanfare, has taken control of the entire city. And not just any, but the Lions. The version of events, which is now being played out, reminds zugzwang chess. Any subsequent course Poroshenko will only lead to a deterioration of the position. We stand on the threshold of exciting events. And I would very much like to see the Ukrainian people really appreciate the possible....

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