Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Azarov: Poroshenko acknowledged that power in Kiev seized by Nazi gangsters

Azarov: Poroshenko acknowledged that power in Kiev seized by Nazi gangsters


Moscow, July 15. Former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said the events in Mukachevo. However, he pointed out, how to evaluate their current authorities.
First Ukrainian: APU went to Gorlovka, in the rear of the siloviki vein cutFirst Ukrainian: APU went to Gorlovka, in the rear of the siloviki vein cut
According to Wednesday at his Facebook page Mykola Azarov, about Mukachevo sounded a lot of different comments. "But I was struck by one.Poroshenko explained these events warring for influence in the implementation of the smuggling, "- Azarov recalled the words of the current Ukrainian president.
Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine proposes to ponder the meaning of the words spoken by Peter Poroshenko. Everyone knows that the parties to the conflict in the Carpathians were, on the one hand, armed militants "Right Sector", on the other hand - the police. The idea is that both sides act with the consent and under the auspices of the current president and the duty to carry out all his orders. But the calls Poroshenko and those and other bandits.
"It turns out, according to Poroshenko, the bandits are also" Right Sector "and the police. Thus, it is clear that the so-called revolution carried out bandits ", - concluded Azarov.
He recalled that during the so-called revolution in Kiev, they have acted in exactly the same way as in Mukachevo.The only difference is that in the Carpathians, they were killing each other for control of the part of the state border and in the Ukrainian capital, their goal was the state power itself, said Azarov.
Former Prime amazed at how casually accepted everything that happened in Mukachevo. There's a group of armed men arrived at the sports complex, cold-bloodedly shot dead an unarmed civilian who tried to stop them. His body was thrown into the trunk, and if the police had not intervened to drive up, then no noise, most likely, would not have been.
"And this is called the result of European integration, when the nationwide armed gangs set their own rules," - says Azarov.
Now, under the slogan of the formation of a European democratic state in Ukraine erected roadblocks, armed men, without feeling the responsibility to anyone, rob people, and none of the residents do not feel safe. Azarov recalled the fate of the deputy several convocations of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Kalashnikov. This courageous man who fought for peace in Ukraine, that's the same "heroes" was shot in her apartment building recalls Azarov.In today's Ukrainian authorities this episode did not cause any reaction.
"This is Europe, and Ukraine after the coup? The question is rhetorical, "- concludes his reflections Mykola Azarov.

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