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American people should not forget that in 1942 they were not far off from Nazi disaster

American people should not forget that in 1942 they were not far off from Nazi disaster

Great Russia! Russians do not surrender!

In 1944, nobody in the world, had a doubt, about who had made ​​the greatest contribution to the victory over fascism. 

No country in the world attributes this victory on itself over that contributed by Russia. 
Today we are publishing what the world said about our great victory back then... 

US SECRETARY OF STATE 1933-1944  gg., K.Hell ,: "... Only the heroic resistance of the Soviet Union saved the Allies from the shameful separation of peace by Germany "...

WINSTON Churchill, 1943-1944, from his speeches: "... No government would hold out to such terrible cruel wounds which Hitler struck upon Russia, yet Soviet Russia not only survived and recovered from these wounds, by the German army but then in turn inflicted a blow of such power which could not have put on it by any other army in the world ... The monstrous machine of Nazi power was broken by superiority of Russian maneuvers, Russian valor, Soviet military science, and excellent leadership of the Soviet generals ...Furthermore only Soviet armies had such force that could break the backbone of Hitler's war machine ... It was the Russian army that tore the guts out of the German war machine ... " 

US SECRETARY OF STATE E. Stettinius: "... The American people should not forget that in 1942 they were not far off from Nazi disaster. If the Soviet Union would not have kept its front, the Germans would have possibly captured Great Britain. They would also have captured Africa, and in this case they would have been able to establish a foothold in Latin America ... " 

US President F Roosevelt, May 6, 1942, a telegram to General D. McArthur: "... From the perspective of a great strategy ... it's hard to get away from the obvious fact that the Russian army killed more soldiers and destroyed more weapons of the enemy than all the other 25 United Nations  states combined... " 

And finally, the Nazi media about the Red Army: "Volkischer Beobachter" June 29, 1941 .:
"... Russian soldiers exceed our enemy in the West, his contempt for death. Extract and fatalism make him stay as long as he is not killed in a trench or fall dead in the melee ... "

"Frankfurter Zeitung", July 6, 1941 .: "... the psychological paralysis, which is usually followed by the German lightning breakthroughs in the West, is not observed to the same extent in the East ... in most cases, the opponent does not lose the ability to act, but, in turn, tries to reach the German mites ... " Remember your history and do not allow anyone to desecrate this victory of our ancestors! 

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