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Stratfor: the fate of Ukraine, Moscow and Washington decide without Kiev

Stratfor: the fate of Ukraine, Moscow and Washington decide without Kiev

Victoria Nuland. Photo:

The fact that Ukraine is on the remote control and, in fact, its fate will decide among themselves Washington and Moscow, once again confirmed. This is stated in the report of the US intelligence and analytical agency Stratfor, which is not without reason called the unofficial analogue CIA.
Thus, analysts believe that the conversation US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin was not just talking diplomats not of the highest level, as an exception: "Against the background of the statements of the Ukrainian government and the separatists on ceasefire violations, the conversation was very important. He confirmed the evolution of Ukrainian conflict - whether to resolve, whether to escalate - but its development will now be decided not in Kiev, and the actions and relations between Moscow and Washington. "
Earlier, as we know, the United States stood on the side of direct negotiations without taking part in any of the Norman Quartet (Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine), or in the negotiations Kiev LDNR and Russia with the participation of OSCE Minsk. However, as noted in Stratfor, the situation has changed over the past weekend.Head AP Sergey Ivanov said that the United States and Russia have reached an agreement to establish a special format of bilateral negotiations on the Ukraine, who will be involved, and Nuland and Karasin.
Analysts agencies recognize that to resolve the situation in Ukraine both politically and militarily aspect may just Russia and the United States, not in Kiev. However, as they note, both powers shared much more. For example, a status of autonomy Ukrainian authorities to provide the Donbas.
The main conclusions of the report - the US and Russia last direct attempt to reach agreement on the resolution of the conflict and the Ukrainian "special format", which involves Karasin and Nuland, show the effectiveness and readiness of the countries to negotiate.
Kiev Washington has prepared the role of extras.

The West is using Boeing #MH17 as a geopolitical "Flying Dutchman" to attack Russia

The West is using Boeing #MH17 as a geopolitical "Flying Dutchman" to attack Russia

July 17 - anniversary of the tragedy, when the Donbass crashed «Boeing» MH-17. Over the past year, even approximate circumstances of the tragedy are still in the fog, but the leading Western countries are trying to turn the "Boeing" in the modern equivalent of "The Flying Dutchman", to be used as a tool for information war against Russia.
The only true version
As the case of a catastrophe, "Boeing" at the outset is an international and political, of course, that all participants of the Ukrainian crisis, seeking to use the tragedy as an excuse to promote their interests. This means that the objectivity of the investigation initially came under attack. Therefore, we should prepare in advance to ensure that we never hear even approximate the truth from the American, European, Russian and / or Ukrainian officials and politicians. For example, the US and its allies have used the tragedy to strike the information on the positions of Russia. And the countries of the West as a whole use this catastrophe as an excuse for the personal and economic sanctions against Russia.

And today, when a year has passed since the tragedy, both key players in the Ukrainian crisis continues to play heroes tales of two lambs on the bridge.

Ukrainian authorities are working on the vocals in the United States, directly accusing Russia in the destruction of the airliner. 
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko already July 17, 2015, the day recorded video message, saying that "today, the war came from Ukraine." Then Poroshenko said that this is the third such incident in recent days, after the Russian territory were shot down by Ukrainian military aircraft AN-26 and Su-25, as well as clearly blamed the tragedy forces DNI, citing the fact that "one of rebel leaders in a conversation with his Russian foreign curator ... boasted downed airliner. "
Russian officials accused the ruling administration of the tragedy in Ukraine. They are echoed by military experts - for example, employees of the Russian company "Almaz-Antey" in June 2015 released its own report claiming that the plane was hit by anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk-M1" from the vicinity of the village Zaroschenskoe are under the control of the Ukrainian army. 

The US State Department is not against the version of the missile, but blames the tragedy DNR (and Russia for supporting the self-proclaimed republic). 3 June 2015 State Department spokesman Marie Harf , commenting on the report of the employees of the concern "Almaz-Antey", read out the thesis that the US position remains unchanged: the airliner "was hit by a missile fired from the territory in the east of Ukraine, controlled by militias."
In general, the key players in the face of the United States and Russia still converge in only one plane was shot down by a missile of class "surface-to-air." To date, the United States and Russia are like card players secreted aces up his sleeve, and waiting for the right moment. Suppose that since the tragedy took place a year, but until now no US government nor Russia have provided private data about what happened to the airliner, "Malaysian airlines."
So, still remain secret for the following information:
 - Satellite images of the area where he fell "Boeing» MH17, made by US satellites. But June 3 during a press briefing Marie Harf said the United States is not going to publish the results of the satellite survey. According to her, US authorities have handed over to investigators all the information considered relevant;
 - Records of negotiations Ukrainian air traffic controllers with a crew airliner. Ukrainian authorities own audio recordings of talks, but permission for publication should give the Security Council of the Netherlands, leading the investigation;
 - Radar surveillance data at the disposal of NATO air (ie, in fact, US Air Force) and Russia.
"The US and Russia have the capacity for monitoring airspace in the area of tension in Ukraine", - emphasizes the editor in chief of the military information portal melkon. lv and author of "Wing with Red Star" Yuri Melkonov (Riga). - "We also know that on July 17 2014 in the air were two AWACS (American AWACS aircraft E-3A AWACS, - approx. Aut.) - One in the area of Poland and the second in the area of Romania. It is reported that at the time of the area was an American satellite. There is no doubt that NATO will have all the information on the traffic situation in the area on July 17, 2015. Russians also imposes satellite imagery District accidents. " "That is, it turns out that everyone knows everything, but the investigation is coded in the Netherlands and none of this would not violate the ban," - says the author of "wing with a red star."
Therefore, the most popular versions catastrophe "Boeing" - the defeat of the anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk". Unless the US authorities claim that a rocket fired from positions controlled by the armed forces, "DNR" and Russian speakers accused the Ukrainian military. Note that in the first hours after the crash, when nothing was really known, no one has announced an alternate version. For example, international terrorists during the XX century, repeatedly hid a bomb in the luggage compartment of an aircraft, and then blown into the air by means of a radio-controlled device. But from the beginning of foreign players began to use "Boeing» MH-17 as an instrument of information warfare, so the media not to broadcast to an audience other options.
Military expert Yuri Melkonov argues that the main evidence of the application of a missile on the aircraft are fragments from the missile."The photos that spread Dutch, have rods from the warhead aircraft missile R-60 and I-have pieces of the missile" BUK ". However, the remains dubious. And there are pictures of damage the cockpit, which are characteristic for the firing of aviapushek. It turns out that Boeing used all kinds of missiles. That is, we can assume a complex effect: first, Buck, then a plane with rockets and guns. Or vice versa, "- expressed the view editor in chief of the military information portal
Who and why he could shoot at the "Boeing" of aerogun? Yuri Melkonov expresses his assumption: "In aviation, there is such a technique - shooting at the exchange rate of the intruder aircraft to show that you are under my eye, and if you do not follow my requirements, the next place you will. It is common practice to subject the aircraft. It can be assumed that the aircraft interceptor would send a signal to the aircraft intruder and shot on the course and hit the cockpit, killing the pilots , and so on. d. That is, it can be assumed that the loss of the aircraft was an accident ... "
Yuri Melkonov drew attention to several important aspects: "It is necessary to highlight another area of ​​investigation. Air corridor over the Donetsk fairly narrow - it is about 40 kilometers. If you decide to firmly someone to knock, you will be a little one, "beech", it is necessary to place some plants to reliably cover the entire corridor.After all, "BUK" is fixed and "Boeing" is always in motion and will be in the affected area for 2-3 minutes. " "It is known that" Boeing "rerouted by 18 miles in one side. That is, came out of the affected area of ​​the fixed "Buck"! Then somehow I came back. Who's in command of the air traffic? But the negotiations are secret members of the crew ", - adds the author of" wing with a red star. "
Court idle
As a "Boeing 777" in general turned over the war zone? In early July 2014 armed detachments appeared DNI weaponry capable of shooting down aircraft at high altitude. Then the leaders of the State Air Traffic Service Enterprise of Ukraine "UkSATSE" closed space over the territory of military clashes on 9000 800 meters in height. Companies such as British Airways and Air France have gone even further and changed the route to their ships circled the war zone in the Donbas. But the leaders of the "Malaysia Airlines" decided not to change their routes, nevertheless extra mileage when flying around - it is an additional cost. That is why the July 17, 2014, "Boeing-777» MH-17 appeared in the sky over the Donetsk region - and after negotiations with managers of Dnepropetrovsk lowered height of 10 thousand 050 meters.
Last significant newsworthy in "Boeing" - an initiative of the Malaysian delegation to the UN Security Council to establish an international tribunal to try guilty of the crash "Boeing. Formally the authors of the draft resolution were members of the Malaysian delegation, although in late June, agency Reuters, the citing confidential sources, attributes the idea of the government of the Netherlands. Well, and, of course, exactly the anniversary of the tragedy knocked news with an eye for a sensation. First and foremost, we are an Australian video length of 17 minutes with the image of the militia at the crash site. And judging by the negotiation of these witnesses, in fact there are two downed aircraft.
Speakers of the Russian Federation accepted the idea strongly opposed and tried "to land" at the start of the initiative. In fact, the international tribunal - is a separate public and legal platform for the case of a catastrophe "Boeing". Most importantly, the Russian side will not be able to influence the work of this Tribunal, and hence its verdict. In the plane of the international fight deal "Boeing" used by the United States and some Western countries as a pretext for accusing the Russian leadership in supporting the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass. Hence, the international tribunal operating under the control of the West, will serve the same purpose. Finally, if we analyze the initiative as part of the plan step by step, it turns out that something like "Nuland popered to hell" the Dutch authorities have not yet been released the final version of the results of the investigation, and Malaysia already offers judged guilty, even though de jure no defendants or suspects or accomplices or organizers.
However, judging by everything, this initiative will remain a theory: July 15, representatives of China in the Security Council voted against the creation of an international tribunal. If there is a minimum of two votes "against" on the part of Russia and China, with the idea that it is already possible to begin to say goodbye.
The defendant - Ukraine
In addition to geopolitics, the story of "Boeing" is also a legal dimension. To be precise, the most international law. Relatives of the dead passengers of the flight MH17 filed lawsuits against Ukraine to the European Court of Human Rights. The first lawsuit was filed in November 2014 a citizen of Germany. His mother died in the accident 23-year-old girl from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has accused the Ukrainian authorities that they did not close the airspace over the area of ​​fighting for civil aviation, the plaintiff seeks compensation in the amount of one million US dollars. Then the lawyers representing the victims' relatives, booked another 3 foreigners action against Ukraine.
"The European Court of Human Rights considers disputes only within the Rome Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950. In this case, it can only be Article 2 of the "right to life". That is, the plaintiff sues the actions (inaction) of the authorities of Ukraine, which did not close its airspace over the area of the fighting, and thus led to the collapse of civil aircraft and the massive loss of life, "- says the teacher a question of law and the European Court of Human Rights, an expert in the field of human rights Elena Leshenko .
"The ECHR accepts the complaint for consideration under Article 35 Rome Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950," - says Elena Leshenko. - "Article 35 requires applicants to use all domestic remedies. That is, the plaintiff must go through all the courts in the respondent State - in this case, Ukraine. "
"However, the rules are often exceptions ... So, in Article 35 there is also a stipulation that the ECHR may examine a complaint if respect for human rights guaranteed by the Convention. That is, it all depends on the circumstances of a particular case. In addition, the applicants (or rather, their lawyers) might refer to article 13 of the Convention, and to prove that in this case the national (ie, Ukrainian) remedies are ineffective. Thus, if we talk about these claims, all these issues are left to the discretion of the ECHR, "- specifies a lawyer.
"Also, Article 36 of the Convention provides that the State of origin of the applicants can participate in the process to the ECHR as a third party. That is, in this case, as a third party in this lawsuit in Germany may participate as a State Party to the Convention ", - predicts Elena Leshenko.
Summarizing, we can say that from the first minutes after the tragedy, the ruling elites of the participating countries of the Ukrainian crisis turned "Boeing" in the international political "Flying Dutchman", considering primarily and exclusively as a tool in the struggle for influence in international politics. For example, Yuri Melkonov notes that the tragedy with "Boeing" was the reason for the ruling elites of the NATO countries to increase military spending, "All NATO member countries, and not just members of the Alliance, increased military budget - billions of dollars for the military orders industrial complex, and so on. d. Money raised huge. No threats and negotiations that could be done, but here again ... ". It is therefore logical that the key players in the face of the United States, Russia, France and Germany from the start turned "Boeing» MH-17 hostage political situation. But with this approach, we will never know the true causes of the tragedy, or learn many years later when real results for real policy will already be harmless and irrelevant.
Chronology of events
July 17, 2015
"Boeing 777" airline Malaysia Airlines, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed near Donetsk on 17 July 2014. Killed 298 people - 15 crew members and 283 passengers:
 - 192 citizens of the Netherlands, including one passenger with dual citizenship Netherlands-USA;
 - 44 citizens of Malaysia, including 15 crew members;
 - 27 citizens of Australia;
 - 12 citizens of Indonesia;
 - 10 UK nationals, including persons with dual citizenship of South Africa, United Kingdom;
 - 4 citizen of Germany;
 - 4 subjects Belgium;
 - 3 citizen of the Philippines;
 - A Canadian citizen and a citizen of New Zealand.
September 2014
The Commission of Inquiry issued a preliminary report stating that the cause of the crash was the external influence of flow "of high-energy facilities."
June 2, 2015
The Security Council of the Netherlands completed the investigation into the collapse of the "Boeing» MH-17 and sent a draft report on the causes of the disaster in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and all the countries participating in the proceedings of the incident (Australia, UK, Malaysia, Russia, the USA and Ukraine).
June 22, 2015
International experts investigating the collapse of the "Boeing» MH17, completed the work in the Donbass. The team of investigators under the guidance of the Security Council composed of representatives of the Netherlands, Ukraine, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, the US and the UK.
June 24, 2015
The agency Reuters citing confidential sources reported that the Dutch government is in talks with the allied countries to establish an international tribunal to try those guilty of the crash "Boeing".
July 9, 2015
The Malaysian delegation to the UN Security Council circulated a draft resolution calling to form an international tribunal under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter on action in relation to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace and acts of aggression "with a single purpose - to bring to justice those responsible for the crimes that led to the fall of MH17 17 July 2014 ".
The first half of October 2015
The Security Council of the Netherlands promises to publish the final report after all the member countries of the investigation will examine the document and will submit comments.
Sergei Sokolov - columnist EADaily Ukraine.

Ukraine Aidar battalion of Kiev Junta / US supports mercenaries, rapists and murderers 18+

We had junta attacked these fascist bastards of Kiev (USA) from the battalion "Aidar" in an ambush, and a whole convoy destroyed by them! [18+]
Why it's a little hard to see but do not have too much sympathy for them, these are not ordinary soldiers of the Ukrainian army but again paid mercenaries, extremists, rapists and murderers of "Aidar" which are parts of ca.1400-strong private army the Zionist oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky! but they are also just stupid cannon fodder, the murder for money! they got here brought to justice!

Ukraine Aidar battalion of Kiev Junta (United States), tortured and murdered a young woman near Lugansk! [18+] 
(Our militia forces have found a long time ago the whole, but I share it again and will not do the things forgotten it, may she rest in peace, even though I believe in gods no)

Ukrainians Suspect Obama of Cooperating with Putin / Leonid Bershidsky

Ukrainians Suspect Obama of Cooperating with Putin


Leonid Bershidsky


US officials rarely visited by foreign parliaments to convince MPs to vote one way or another. However, last week, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during his visit to Kiev did just that. On the agenda were the amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. In the tabled bill President Petro Poroshenko Nuland interested in only one paragraph on the seventh page: "18. Features of the local self-government in parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are defined by a separate law. " This phrase may seem meaningless, but in reality it was a weighty reason for the arrival Nuland. The idea behind it seems to many highly controversial. Some lawmakers refused to vote for her for the bill. MP from the Party of Poroshenko Mustafa Nye explained that "special law" may allow the new composition of the Parliament in the future to give the pro-Russian rebel regions of eastern Ukraine legalized the right to secede. "I am convinced that such a rule does not reflect the will of the Ukrainian people, who had already lost thousands of their soldiers and continues to lead a bloody war for the return of these areas under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian", - said Nye. The task was to convince Nayem Nuland and his associates to change the opinion. Before the vote, she invited the most stubborn opponents of the bill to a meeting at the US embassy. One of the guests - Leonid Yemets - later reported that the representative of the United States "insisted that it should be a demonstration of the implementation by Ukraine of the Minsk Agreement" - concluded last February cease-fire arrangements, which does provide for the eastern territories controlled by the rebels until the special status the right to form their own militia. "From her words followed, then we do sacrifice, and the rest of the will to fight corruption," - said the site another participant in the meeting. However, many of those who took part in a long conversation with Nuland, still question its motives. "Why is the world so we want to impose" special status "for" DNR "and" LC "? - Asks to Facebook Vice Speaker Oksana raw foodists. - The world wants it to become "internal conflict" because he was tired and tends to get rid of this extremely uncomfortable topics. " Ukraine actually now attracts less attention of the world press than ever before. It's bad for the country, which depends on Western aid and sympathy, especially that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to see this country a Russian satellite or at least a buffer in case of further expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty. A number of Ukrainian and Russian anti-Putin-minded commentators see in Kiev visit Nuland and its attempts to influence the parliamentarians sign that the US sells to Ukraine to Putin in exchange for support for the nuclear deal in Iran. "What specifically Russia bargained for his signature to the closure of the Iranian nuclear program? - Said the former Ukrainian lawmaker Taras Stetskiv. - I think, at least, a special status in the Constitution of Donbass. And for this reason Nuland came to control the vote. " Andrei Illarionov, a former adviser to Putin, who became his political enemy, said that Russian support for Iran and Syria has become a part of the deal, "concluded without the participation of Ukraine and by Ukraine." However, last Thursday, the Ukrainian parliament decided to ignore the warnings and Poroshenko proposed to send the bill to the Constitutional Court, which is likely to approve it. Poroshenko of the rhetoric has angered opponents. "I know a lot of patriotic poems and songs. My wife says I'm good at singing "- the president said at some point during the debate, and sang the national anthem. At a meeting with US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette (Geoffrey Pyatt) present Nuland. When deputies voted as she needed, she applauded. The Kremlin, for its part, disparages constitutional initiatives Poroshenko. Moscow and its satellites like East Ukrainian to the Basic Law of Ukraine was directly spelled out broad autonomy for rebel-held regions. However, fans of conspiracy is not convinced. In the end, the Ukrainian parliament would never have voted for a bill that would approve of Putin and his people, so hostile reaction from Moscow only helped pass the amendments. Most likely, no one directly trades concluded. However, it is not difficult to believe that the United States and Russia began to establish some kind of tacit understanding on the Ukrainian question. No wonder Obama last week praised Putin for his willingness to cooperate on Iran "separate" from other differences. Putin, as you know, never makes concessions for a reason. Demanding more support and sympathy, Kiev overreacted. Russian aggression in the east slowed down, but Ukraine remains unchecked, corrupt and economically weak. In addition, it is still rife with armed groups. Ultra-nationalist organization "Right Sector", actively participated in the reflection of the pro-Russian rebels recently launched minivoynu for control did not curb the smuggling of cigarettes Poroshenko in western Ukraine. Not surprisingly, Nuland went to Kiev to protect unstable Minsk Agreement: Washington needs a stable Ukraine. The Kremlin, in turn, loses interest in the armed conflict, which he helped to ignite and strive to move from military intervention to less noisy political methods of destabilization. When the interests of the big players in the whole match, cooperation occurs without any conspiracies.

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American people should not forget that in 1942 they were not far off from Nazi disaster

American people should not forget that in 1942 they were not far off from Nazi disaster

Great Russia! Russians do not surrender!

In 1944, nobody in the world, had a doubt, about who had made ​​the greatest contribution to the victory over fascism. 

No country in the world attributes this victory on itself over that contributed by Russia. 
Today we are publishing what the world said about our great victory back then... 

US SECRETARY OF STATE 1933-1944  gg., K.Hell ,: "... Only the heroic resistance of the Soviet Union saved the Allies from the shameful separation of peace by Germany "...

WINSTON Churchill, 1943-1944, from his speeches: "... No government would hold out to such terrible cruel wounds which Hitler struck upon Russia, yet Soviet Russia not only survived and recovered from these wounds, by the German army but then in turn inflicted a blow of such power which could not have put on it by any other army in the world ... The monstrous machine of Nazi power was broken by superiority of Russian maneuvers, Russian valor, Soviet military science, and excellent leadership of the Soviet generals ...Furthermore only Soviet armies had such force that could break the backbone of Hitler's war machine ... It was the Russian army that tore the guts out of the German war machine ... " 

US SECRETARY OF STATE E. Stettinius: "... The American people should not forget that in 1942 they were not far off from Nazi disaster. If the Soviet Union would not have kept its front, the Germans would have possibly captured Great Britain. They would also have captured Africa, and in this case they would have been able to establish a foothold in Latin America ... " 

US President F Roosevelt, May 6, 1942, a telegram to General D. McArthur: "... From the perspective of a great strategy ... it's hard to get away from the obvious fact that the Russian army killed more soldiers and destroyed more weapons of the enemy than all the other 25 United Nations  states combined... " 

And finally, the Nazi media about the Red Army: "Volkischer Beobachter" June 29, 1941 .:
"... Russian soldiers exceed our enemy in the West, his contempt for death. Extract and fatalism make him stay as long as he is not killed in a trench or fall dead in the melee ... "

"Frankfurter Zeitung", July 6, 1941 .: "... the psychological paralysis, which is usually followed by the German lightning breakthroughs in the West, is not observed to the same extent in the East ... in most cases, the opponent does not lose the ability to act, but, in turn, tries to reach the German mites ... " Remember your history and do not allow anyone to desecrate this victory of our ancestors! 

Like this subscribe to the group of "Great Russia", where there are no false Western propaganda, but only reliable historical facts, latest news, culture and traditions of our ancestors.

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Nobody will leave the Ukraine, "Right Sector" isn't going to let them escape ?

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)
Nobody will leave the Ukraine, "Right Sector" isn't going to let them escape ?

As we have seen, the forecasts for Ukraine - nothing almost is impossible. First of all, it is known the Kiev authorities are worried. In the morning we heard some odd statements, some in the day, some in the evening - the third time. And all the opposite of Kiev's plan. That is why the only possible options have now changed. The most likely and is offered for your consideration is in the meantime now a confrontation with Nazi executioners "Right Sector" and the authorities in Mukachevo. 
That is the subject numerous publications and broadcasts are dedicated to. Someone thinks that Mukachevo - locals a private initiative "pravosekov." Some to the contrary, sees these events as a trend. Someone warned about the beginning of full-scale civil war ... It seems that in reality the followers of Bandera "Right Sector" went into action. Joint action against Poroshenko. Moreover, the organization's leadership publicly warned the government that "their time is running out." 
If there is a new revolution, Ukrainian President Poroshenko and his colleagues will not be able to escape from the country as it did the previous president. They can not expect anything other than punishment in some dark basement, which is committed by a group of young Ukrainian military and members of the National Guard.  
This statement was made ​​is not by ordinary member of the organization. This is the official statement of the press secretary of the "Right Sector" Skoropadskiy. In response to a direct threat nedoprezident Poroshenko is yet silent. As I see it, it he's confused. It is theoretically possible by force to "calm down" "onizhedetey?" Maybe if only theoretically. Power structures and APU more and more often express their dissatisfaction with the government too.  
While there are no obvious protests, the mood is disdainful. Remember the recent statement by the fighters tank battalion 17 Tank Brigade, And how many battalions defected ? "The waves of mobilization" and the lack of a real rotation led to the soldiers, "fly into a rage" from the "strange" war. Why are they here? Why all this death, if what was promised is not happening? No matter how hard Ukrainian propaganda, those who sit in the trenches, well see the attitude of the local population to the APU. They are not on its territory and the occupied. 
In fact. Persistent sabotage, local hatred, lack of normal supply. And the letters or calls from home. And there - frozen salaries, fees, pensions. And each letter - a cry for help. And the constant "people's money for the fees of those killed in the ATU." State do not interest their families. 
More dangerous than the this situation is in the so-called volunteer battalions. According to the law, which recently adopted Rada and signed by Poroshenko, the volunteers of these units such as the "disappeared." There are no fighters. But the "no" ... and the status of combatants. Under the new law, a soldier must submit several documents. Including the number of orders for the military unit. 
But volunteer battalions are not military units. They volunteer. But such divisions are now about 50. Agree a serious force. And when you consider that most of the fighters there, "ideological" and more terrible. It is a visible part of the "iceberg". But they're are the hidden part "underwater." 
She was talking about, all but which are not yet linked to the situation in Mukachevo. It is a weapon in the hands of the population. The weapons in huge quantities imported from the zone of the so-called ATO. It is not about guns and machines. Today at the hands of machine guns, grenade launchers, flame throwers ...All these weapons will be used in the case of active military actions in Kiev. 
And now already being used for propaganda purposes. Ukrainian "media" enthusiastically write about the seizure of a large quantity of weapons. That this situation has received Kyiv today. But the question arises - why now "burnt smell"? Alas, the answer is, as always, "he is in the pocket." Economy! Delight, which recently welcomed the formation of the next "battalion" Ukrainians, turns his true side. Under the name of "the struggle for the unity of Ukraine" the most influential oligarchs got the army. 
Let yourself unable to sweep the state, but the army. Teaming up with the nationalists, such Army will represent a real force. Mukachevo - only the beginning of redistribution of spheres of influence. Three borders with the EU - a tasty morsel for any "owner" of any territory or the army. It has something to cling to the throat of a competitor. Here I agree with the Ukrainian journalists. However, we "lost tourist" out of sight. 
I mean Yatsenyuk. His cruise on North America as somehow not really covered media. Well, riding occurs, asking for money. Nothing new. And no. New lot! Yatsenyuk openly said that Ukraine is ready to sell everything. That's all that interesting to Western, particularly American, investors. On the funny business conditions. In fact, it looks like this: we buy what you want, at a price which will give. Kiev relies on the United States and Canada. It is not so interesting to Europe. But what about the local "money bags"? And in any way. Not effective managers. Though rich. Russian investors (what could hide behind the fine words, fans of "freebies") was taken out of the legislation "deribana." 
Ukrainian virtually too. And what will be the reaction from them? So what is the way to have Poroshenko and the company remains? History teaches us that the only one. Or Kiev to establish a dictatorship, or it will make someone else. Only the dictatorship will give at least some possibility (to assure it's too late to talk) to stay in power. Rigid dictatorship. With all the ensuing consequences. 
Western troops, including the "instructors" of the United States, this situation will not help. Yes, and get involved in the "quarrel" they will not. Only their own implementing this option.But for such drastic action is needed and to what extent a brave man. What to say about Poroshenko not dare. Again, rotation of officials. Moskal - "king" in the Carpathians! Replace the Ministry of Internal Affairs! Replace SBU leadership!
Meanwhile, the "Right Sector" quietly, without fanfare, has taken control of the entire city. And not just any, but the Lions. The version of events, which is now being played out, reminds zugzwang chess. Any subsequent course Poroshenko will only lead to a deterioration of the position. We stand on the threshold of exciting events. And I would very much like to see the Ukrainian people really appreciate the possible....

Unequal Rights, Even in Death...The United States is not the greatest nation in the world.

The Great American Delusion: Unequal, Even in Death

I have read and reread 17th century Spanish dramatist Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s La vida es sueño countless times to remind me that my life is an illusion, and that false dreams prevent my waking up — so much so that my illusions became delusions.
The United States is not the greatest nation in the world.  

This is a dream that prevents change. Americans believe, for example, that they have the best medical care in the world, which is true only if you have money or the standard is the worse.
Our bodies are chemistry labs, and we ignore patterns that are dangerous to society’s health. Everything is cured as long as there is a pill that will cover up or “aleve” the symptom. In the past 50 years, I have seen an increasing number of my students suffering from anxiety and depression. Everyone knows it, but Americans remain ignorant of mental health to the point that I have I heard explanations such as “It’s All a State of Mind.” True but what is causing the pain? Why won’t it go away?
In 2013 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that there were 41,149 suicides in this country, the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. Someone died by suicide every 12.8 minutes. Most were not high profile suicides such as that of Robin Williams, and went unnoticed. The Public awareness of the risk of suicide poses is similar to some Americans who have a gay child and rationalize it is all a state of mind.
Middle-class Americans live under the illusion that their Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) provider will take care of the pain. They never awaken to the reality that health care in the United States is based on profit, the maintenance or the management of illness, and not the cure.

As I have mentioned the number of my students suffering from depression and anxiety has grown. We know that “Both depression and anxiety carry a high risk of suicide.” Mark Pollack, MD, ADAA President and a Grainger Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center, says that “More than 90 percent of those who die by suicide have a diagnosable illness such as clinical depression …. often in combination with anxiety or substance use disorders and other treatable mental disorders.”
At CSUN we have a good counseling center that is overwhelmed. Dr. Jose Montes reaches out to students, but a limited staff prevents adequate care for thousands of Latino students lacking insurance. Resources are diverted to programs that benefit the few.
Suicide affects all age groups.  The Centers for Disease Control reports that more people die from suicide than from automobile accidents. The problem is that it is only the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, and Americans seem to be waiting for it to reach the top three for it to become important. The tragedy is that few diseases are as preventable; more than 40,000 deaths a year is not just a state of mind.
I was under the illusion that my family was getting good health care. Over the years I have been a member of Ross Loos, Cigna, Blue Shield and the granddaddy of the HMOs Kaiser Permanente. They all manage health care and do just enough to keep you alive; however, for the most part they are not in the business of curing you. Even prescription drugs are dispensed according to the profit margin with generics used even when ineffective.

At Kaiser the response to mental illness is to try to manage it.  In a recent case, a patient sought help on four separate occasions: he committed himself, pleading with the provider that he needed help, fearing that he would commit suicide. In each instance he was sent to a mental health care facility, kept for three days and released.  They told him to go to a Kaiser Outpatient facility where he would receive care. In each case he went and asked for a psychiatrist. He initially saw one but only to get meds.  He was then assigned to a psychiatric nurse who led classes and group sessions. He was not given individual therapy, although he requested it as did his father.
The patient became discouraged, his cries were ignored and he ceased attending. Meanwhile, his family waited for the next relapse. There was no follow up by Kaiser. Totally discouraged he drifted between his parents’ homes. Kaiser did not respond to complaints and the pain grew intolerable and the young patient jumped off a bridge.
Kaiser is not the only failure. The patient had a brilliant mind. He was a talkative and a happy child until middle school when he grew quiet. The schools did not challenge him; they did not stop bullying although his father complained nothing was done. The failure was the failure to communicate – it was not a state of mind – pain never is. “People do not die from Suicide. They die due to sadness or hurt”
But death does not end the pain for loved ones. Death was very important to Mexican workers and their families.  The principal reasons they joined mutualistas (mutual aid societies) was a burial insurance that insured the socio would not be buried in a potter’s field and that his family would be sent back to Mexico.
Driving along a Southwestern or Mexico highway, you often see makeshift graves marked by crosses and flowers indicating where life had ended. Often people do not have enough money to even cremate the deceased. Today a burial on consecrated ground (a Catholic cemetery) is to too expensive for the average worker. Death has been privatized.
In 2013, the Los Angeles Times wrote “Los Angeles Archdiocese Gutted Cemetery Fund to Pay Sex Abuse Settlements.”  (Feb 11, 2013). Allegedly the Los Angeles Archdiocese gutted cemetery fund to pay sex abuse settlements.  Since at least the 1990s Catholic cemeteries in Los Angeles have leased out mortuary services, and they have been converted into fast food-like franchises.  Just to buy in, it costs $7000 depending on where your new barrio is located. Then the incidentals are tacked on — the total $12,000 or more.
The illusion of a premier or even adequate health system is exposed as a delusion. When medical establishments cannot recognize simple symptoms like a patient losing interest in things he/she used to care about, makes comments “about being hopeless, helpless, or worthless, talks about suicide”, and the system’s response is routine with the psychiatrist prescribing pills, assigning him/her to a class, and has him attend group therapy instead of talking about the causes of the pain then the nightmare begins – and if we can afford it, we move to a new barrio in a green cemetery.  The more you pay, the better the neighborhood.
We are unequal even in death. The only equality is in our dreams.

RODOLFO ACUÑA, a professor emeritus at California State University Northridge, has published 20 books and over 200 public and scholarly articles. He is the founding chair of the first Chicano Studies Dept which today offers 166 sections per semester in Chicano Studies. His history book Occupied America has been banned in Arizona. In solidarity with Mexican Americans in Tucson, he has organized fundraisers and support groups to ground zero and written over two dozen articles exposing efforts there to nullify the U.S. Constitution.

Reports from the militia of New Russia | Briefs from Cyril Otter 21.07.15

Reports from the militia of New Russia


Briefs from Cyril Otter "By the end of the harvest - no war!" In spite of the daily violations of Ukrainian law enforcers of the Minsk agreement, forcing the defenders of New Russia to fight back, the ceasefire is valid. On paper ... Over the past four days Donetsk survived several attacks on power comparable with squalls gunfire, crashes down on the city during the winter campaign. Of course, in such circumstances, the very meaning of "peace" in the Donbass continually decreases exponentially. Anyone who prefers dim prospects clarity and predictability of events.

And while it is not that clear. Repeated clashes all summer in different parts of the front did not entail any consequences. Fierce battle in Marinka in early June, which ended with the retreat of the Republican Guard occupied for days before lines, turned several hundred corpses from both sides, mutual resentment and misunderstanding between departments, mute condemnation of the army and the public authorities of the DNI.

Everyone with whom we had to communicate in one voice declare that the attack should be expected from day to day. The behavior of the APU, ignore all the agreements as a whole has to, to give them a remake Debaltseve. However, it takes a week for her - the other, and the situation at the front does not change one iota. "I do not dare that if the commanders of others tear the uniforms of Russian bayonets?" Similar ideas Donetsk accompanied by arguments of conspiracy persuasion: 

"Zakharchenko about something negotiates with Poroshenko," "Russian troops will enter the Ukraine from the north, and then we go on the offensive". 

The demilitarization of the zone near the village of Shirokino where in the last 4 months thundered with serious fights heats various rumors sly "mnogohodovochke." DNR to unilaterally withdraw its troops from Shirokino and diverse sources informed about the alleged impending demilitarization of other areas, in particular, Marinka, Petrovsky district of Donetsk, and as silly as it may sound - Gorlovka. This last point, however, turned out to be a typical "an injection of" what, in the framework of the next meeting of the contact group in Minsk said Denis Pushilin. 

Probably, the average citizen of the republic implies that the demilitarization of the front-line areas - a kind of "provocation provocations." It should withdraw its troops from Gorlovka how come there APU killings of civilians, looting and trying to attack immediately cancel all agreements and thus, they say, will unleash hands of overstayers-scale tables commanders and fighters of the DNI, bored in the trenches. 

Against this background, the only reasonable arguments in favor of continuing "truce" was expressed by several commanders version of the agrarian nature of calm. - In the front area - a huge amount of planted fields. Harvesting on the way. While not clean - no one will not fight. And indeed, under Gorlovka, near Nikishin, Logvinova, outskirts of Makeyevka and Donetsk - field. They have bloomed sunflowers, potatoes on the way. 

During trips to the frontline, we have seen some neat crop of rye. Spikes are already beginning to gold. The gardens are full of apricots. The status of the products in the country - is not easy, and to sacrifice for the sake of momentary extra hectares offensive - short-sighted. Discard the opponent 10-15 kilometers west ... Tanks can go through the fields, crushing caterpillars results of peasant labor, and towards advancing the art will be flying hundreds of shells. 

To grind to dust almost 10 hectares of rye zakolosivsheysya needed a dozen tanks and a battery of MLRS. Think about it."Donetsk will pass!" Different sources, hinting at the proximity to the competent circles in the government and Staff DNI, confidentially, between the lines, to report impending surrender of Donetsk Ukrainian security officials. It referred to two main reasons linked to conspiracy within one all the same "cunning mnogohodovochki."The first reason: Zakharchenko has not justified the hopes assigned to it "by Russian curators" began to act too independently and need to get rid of him. 

The only significant reason to call the population of Donetsk and the whole DNI hatred head of the republic - to provoke Ukrainian side to conduct a rapid offensive and give the Donetsk to plunder. After a few days, security forces boldness implied in the captured city, the capital will "polite people," and eliminate the security forces explain everything in parallel approving the new head of the republic. 

The incident, according to the arguments of the "sources" must also affect the OSCE and entail significant accusations of the Ukrainian side in the extensive violations of the Minsk agreements.It is unclear just why after the date of Donetsk(and hand over the city, of course, one of these days) to win his coming is "polite people," not Starship Troopers and Buryat "horse-diving Brigade. Karmapa. " 

One of the most likely candidates who are ready to change Zakharchenko as president, "awareness" of the republican public somehow believes the Security Council Secretary Alexander Khodakovsky DNI, incriminating him direct contact with the "towers of the Kremlin," the Ukrainian side, and other sins, whose the content can not be regarded otherwise than rumors aimed at destabilizing the situation in the republic. Special heat of these conjectures have acquired following a recent incident in Donetsk. Exploded in the center of the car with the secretary Zakharchenko immediately became another "dimes" thrown into the treasury of rumors about the internecine government DNI. 

We assume that the conflicts between the powers that be in groups in the government do take place, but the final verdict on the guilty must make the investigation and trial. Defense Ministry abolished the DNI (or will be eliminated ... or was liquidated, but now restored again ...) of hearing it - without by week, but we should recognize that in this situation a kind of timelessness operational "stuffing" has excited many minds. 

Just today, journalists, a few frustrated such rumors, elicits the deputy corps commander Edward Basurin plain truth about the situation on the sidelines of the Ministry of Defense. The rumor, of course, was not confirmed. Moreover, even the rumor of the accompanying transformation of the Ministry of Defense and Defense Committee has not been confirmed. Who benefits from such speculation, and what is the purpose of the people distributing them remains a mystery. Even if the ministry would eventually be transformed into a committee, then this is unlikely to affect the personnel structure and the concept of defense. 

We hasten to remind that historical examples - the ruthless thing. MGB was incorporated in 1953 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and a year later became the State Security Committee, has not lost its operational skills and will continue to function in the usual way. "The volunteers go home!" Various attempts famous fighters who began to fight even in small, to get even with detractors by discussions on social networks, gave rise to rumors about squeezing Russian volunteers from the Republic. 

The contracts allegedly concluded with them by the Ministry of Defense and other security agencies DNI, canceled unilaterally disarm or units coming under the full control of the commanders-natives Donbass. Several incidents have occurred in recent months, have reportedly confirmed their mutual dislike between volunteers and "regulyarnikami" . 

Undoubtedly, many of the men (both local and come from countries of the CIS), the taste of guerrilla freemen, may not like the active steps to unify the command of the armed forces and bring all units to a common denominator. It happened with the commander of one of the units based in Lugansk. Alexander Hyde, call sign "Rome" justly provoked hostility many apologists for the conversion of militias into the armed forces. In the body of the People's Militia LC, and at Lugansk MGB also accumulated a lot of questions for him.

At Hyde controlled territory, according to numerous witnesses, and in our humble experience trips to Lugansk, happened literally "God knows what." At the very least, employees Lugansk commandant, who accompanied one of our colleagues in the area of location of units "Rome," as usual wince automatic gates and put guns in the car window with the words "Let's go for a hostile territory! All - attention! ". Eventually, Hyde was detained by the FSB in St. Petersburg. Among other incidents, his unit is charged with complicity in undermining the train on the stretch-Valyanovo Darevka.

Undermining the composition was produced with the aim of discrediting the government with LC, in particular, of the head of the republic Igor Plotnitsky.Probably the deportation of this kind of volunteers the People's Republic will benefit.However, rumors of mass exoduses are born on the prepared soil. So, the commander DSHRG "Rusich" Petersburger Alexei Milchakov, whose group until recently was part of the battalion "Viking" Sun DNI, on his page "VKontakte" a few days ago announced his withdrawal from the territory of Donbass group in its entirety. 

According to indirect evidence, "Rusich" is preparing for the transfer to Syria to take part in the war against "Islamic state." It should also be said that, despite the dubiousness of hearing on the withdrawal of Russian volunteers from the Donbas, the interest in the war in the Middle East at the soldiers and officers of the militia is growing. 

Many people are constantly reading about what is happening in Syria and Iraq, and in parallel with the execution of combat missions looking for ways to get there. Presumably, the main cause of this type of pinning high hopes is not "obvious plum of Donbass" and banal boredom, visiting each soldier, pulling the strap on the advanced hushed. 

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