Monday, June 29, 2015

The leading German politician spoke obscenely against American imperialism

American Imperialism

Author: Maria Sergeeva from today, 1:20
Amerikansy imperialism

The leading German politician spoke obscenely against American imperialism.

Against the background of experiencing the worst of times relations within Europe convicted of spying for Merkel Obama was caught this week on abuse of power in a relationship with Hollande, which caused a reaction malevolent one of the leading politicians in Germany - and this is unlikely to help relations between Washington and Brussels. According to Russia Insider, Oskar Lafontaine is a major force in German politics, so obscene remarks against Ashton Carter and Victoria Nuland in yesterday's post on his Facebook page has attracted the attention of many people, "Nuland said,« F *** the EU! "(roughly," to hell with the European Union! "). We need a foreign policy of the EU, which is able to stop inciting to war, American imperialism ... To hell with American imperialism! ".

Lafontaine is a prominent figure in German politics since the mid 70s. He was chairman of the SPD (one of the two main parties in Germany) for four years, the SPD candidate for the post of chancellor in 1990, the Minister of Finance for two years, then the chairman of the Left Party in the 2000s. He is married to another German political heavyweights Sarah Wagenknecht, which is currently co-chair of the Left Party.

The scandalous statement Lafontaine appeared the next day after his wife Sahra Wagenknecht to the nines criticized Merkel's policy towards Russia in an interview with RT.

Here is the complete translation of La Fontaine's post:

"The Minister of Defense, ie the Minister of War, arrived in Berlin. He urged Europe to resist Russia's "aggression." But in fact, the Europeans need to resist US aggression. "

"Grandmaster American diplomat George Kennan called the eastward expansion of NATO's biggest foreign policy mistake the United States after World War II, because it will lead to a new Cold War."

"The American diplomat Victoria Nuland said that we spent five billion dollars to destabilize Ukraine. They are more and more incite the flames of war, and Europe is paying the price reduction of trade and loss of jobs. "

"Nuland said," To hell with the EU! (F *** the EU!). We need a foreign policy of the EU, which is able to stop inciting to war, American imperialism. To hell with American imperialism! ". 

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