Saturday, June 6, 2015

Poroshenko Condemns Millions of People to Death by Starvation - UOC

Poroshenko Condemns Millions of People to Death by Starvation - UOC

June 6, 2015, 16:45

If the Kiev authorities will arrange product blockade of Donbass, many civilians would be condemned to death by starvation. This was stated by chairman of the Synodal Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on social and humanitarian issues, Archpriest Vladislav Dihanov.

"Because of this, it will suffer in the first place, areas that are in close proximity to military action. In this respect, the most difficult situation in the buffer zone. Here and now the situation is extremely serious - people actually die of starvation. Children, of course, tried to take out, but there remains a lot of older people, as well as middle-aged people, who did not want to leave their homes, "- said Fr.

According to him, in a combat zone is destroyed almost all the infrastructure, humanitarian aid comes to very rare, and many retirees who stay there can not physically move.

"Without a binding declaration to the people of the need to complete blockade of uncontrolled areas Kiev Donbass, of course, looks beautiful politically - but a different kind of takes this statement, if we remember that there are people, many of whom can not move or just want to stay on his native land where they were born and have lived all my life ", - said Diganov.

Earlier, the head of the parliamentary faction "Bloc Poroshenko" Yuriy Lutsenko, speaking from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, called the residents of areas beyond the control of the regime Kiev Donbass "cancer" and called for the full product and the transport blockade of the region.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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