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"Live honestly ...." In memory of Alexander Bednova ("Batman"). Part2.

"Live honestly ...." In memory of Alexander Bednova ("Batman"). Part2.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, Alexander Bednov comes to sow political activity in the young country. On August 31, 2014, he regularly publishes battle piece 'For New Russia! ", In early October, organized social movement" Liberation Front "and was elected its chairman.However, to participate in elections on November 2 Bednova, which by some estimates had considerable authority among the people, did not allow. Moscow has already chosen his protege - Igor carpentry and games "Batman" were denied registration. Similarly, in the DNI to the elections did not allow the national Donetsk Governor Pavel Gubarev, whose car was shot at on the way to Donetsk right before the proposed registration, and only narrowly survived Gubarev.

This period is the increase in the conflict between the authorities and Bednova LC. Like other "warlords" and the rank and file militia Alexander categorically condemned Minsk truce, saying that "the signing of the agreements Minsk Ukrainian army saved from complete destruction." Of course, this was not the Fronde against the grain carpentry companions. Over RRG threatened disbandment and above its commander - arrest. About trying to weaken the front lines in some areas and a massacre by the "self-styled state security ministry" of poor after futile attempts to resolve the situation, unable to endure dirty linen in public, he told the TV channel Kassad [15] .

The conflict, however, as though a successful conclusion - was a compromise. RRG "Batman" in full force, with all its customs and traditions joined the 4th brigade of the armed forces separate LC, and Alexander the poor, received the rank of lieutenant colonel, was appointed chief of staff of the 4th Brigade separate while remaining the leader of RRT.

Alexander was not inclined to exacerbate discord within the country. Quite the contrary: he always called by various forces with LC for dialogue and actively participated in the process of bringing disparate military units to a single system, to create on their basis of the regular army, the necessity of which was deeply convinced. Widely known for its appeal of 6 December 2014 as follows:

"I want to appeal to you, my compatriots, my fellow countrymen. For those who are not afraid to speak out against lawlessness lawlessness and obscurantism, which promote Kiev junta. For those who are not only words but also deeds he proved that we will never accept the ideology of Nazism and fascism, and never be on his knees in front of the aggressor. I appeal to people throughout the world who have demonstrated that words such as honor and dignity, freedom and equality is not an empty word, and the meaning of our life.

I appeal to my brothers in arms. For ordinary militias and commanders. Cossacks and volunteers, people's guards and soldiers of the local self-defense. To all those who are up in arms defended the independence of our country, showing miracles of bravery and courage.And when the enemy is having a huge advantage in armored vehicles and artillery, aviation manpower and thought that victory is near and there is no force that would be able to resist him, you did not flinch, did not break down and survived. The power of the spirit, dedication, your willingness to sacrifice the most valuable, that is, each person - the life is truly admirable.

I appeal to all of you. We have overcome the hard way, the way of war, suffering and deprivation. Many of our comrades died. Killing civilians, killing children. Some of our compatriots are in the occupied territories, calling for help. In the difficult conditions of the war, the occupation, we have to build a new, young state from the beginning, from scratch, and in front of us expect great work. We have to do the impossible and prove to the world that our young republic is viable, and for this we urgently need, rejecting personal interests and ambitions to unite to exert maximum efforts for establishment and strengthening of our positions at all levels, military, economic and political.

For this it is essential to adopt and strengthen the legitimate authority in the field, which must and will act in the interests of our people. It should be clear and understandable to all. You need to ensure the participation in the exercise of power of all sectors and social groups of our country, such as the people's militia, Cossacks, workers, employees, intellectuals, people who, first of all, have unquestioned authority in society and respect people they trust.

We need to create a unified system of defense of the country, coordinating the activities of all, without exception, paramilitary units. I mean, and regular army units, and self-defense units and Cossack troops, and units of internal affairs bodies.

In my understanding, the image of the state, in the current difficult situation of war, siege and occupation, it is a fortress, where the foundation and the foundation acts as a support of our people, the system of government - is fitting, the fortress walls of the castle - the armed units of the Republic and in the cement the construction is the idea. The idea of ​​freedom and independence that we are all united.

We need to strengthen the castle, making it inaccessible for enemies, and this we can only do together, one world. Only when we are together, we are strong and invincible!

This must be done not for himself, but for the sake of our children, for the future, for the sake of our dream, for the sake of New Russia! "

It would seem, why people so radevshy about building a single state Novorossia ready to reasonable compromises in the name of a common cause, fell victim to the authorities of the LC? Whether not therefore, in reality, that it was by no means common, and Moscow protege in Lugansk and their curators of New Russia was not needed? And not only the New Russia, but even with LC as a state. In any case, in the sense that what is invested in the concept of a lieutenant colonel of the poor. "The state should work primarily on the well-being of ordinary common people, - he said. - not for the enrichment of some individuals, as was the feudal Ukraine and namely that all lived well. Not all definitely bad, and all - good. For people to have confidence in the future for people to know that law and order is induced with an iron hand that they can safely go out into the street, they have a job, enough high-paying, in order to maintain the standard of living of their families at a high level. A bureaucrat - it should always be a deterrent, must be justice, because officials who allow injustice to ordinary people should bear the rigors of responsibility. " However, the new authorities LC, apparently, had the opposite purpose: it just quite the shower was "feudalism" in which you can get rich by stealing humanitarian aid and coal, and there are no constraints and responsibilities. And the principal commander of the RRG with its ideals did not fit into their system.

Alexander and his wife Irina Bednov

Shortly before the New Year Alexander the poor became the godfather of the mother left the baby in the hospital, also dubbed the Alexander. RRT took patronage over the son of the regiment became a toddler, and the "Batman" was going to be for him a spiritual mentor and protect from all evils, the child does not feel deprived of parental care and raised full-fledged citizen of Luhansk young People's Republic. Unfortunately this was not to be ...

The fateful day on January 1, Alexander attended a meeting in Lugansk. He was not going to go anywhere, promised to the children immediately after the meeting to return home. However, an unexpected call to the Red Ray violated these plans. On the way there, "Batman" was waiting for an ambush ...

The victims of the treacherous massacre along with his commander, five men fell RRT. Among these militias - Vladimir ("Razor"), Andrew ("Golden"), Roman ("Cat").

Race driver "Razor" was the driver of "Batman." In one battle he was severely wounded in both legs and was taken for treatment in Russia. From there, still limping and leaning on a cane, he returned two months later, in November and again rose to the ranks.

"Golden," so named because of a red head of hair and the same beard, friends remembered, as a philosopher, who loved to talk about the meaning of life. He was fond of the White Guard, and wore the uniform of romance in the style of "white officer on vacation," as defined his Alla Bednova. With Andrei they often dreamed, half-jokingly, poluvserŅ‘z as will be dressed in the Victory Parade in Kiev.

Yekaterinburg Roman Borichev served in the Kremlin regiment in 1994-1996. Then he wanted to go to fight in Chechnya and even filed a report, but the mother would not let him. Roman worked in the security service, he had a wife and two children. In the Donbass, he left with his younger brother Ignatius, without saying anything the family not to frighten. "The novel is radically different, at first always addressed as" you "- says about him luganchanka Victoria Bilenchuk. - Always attitude was respectful, respectfully. It was nice that the man was always in a good mood when neither ask how things are always answered that well, just a light radiated kindness and positive, worried about their colleagues' [16] . Asked about fun callsign Roman replied: "Well I March, and because cat, say like, and even cats have nine lives, and that in the current situation the most it!"

"Batman was removed because it was against the head of the republic carpentry against reunification with Ukraine, against the fact that it is not necessary to release stanitsas Luhansk, happiness and all other cities and towns of Lugansk region" - an opinion expressed by one of the associates Bednova, shares seems all the UIR, and with it most of the militia, and ordinary citizens, as evidenced by the many comments on blogs and social networks, as well as a considerable amount dedicated to the memory of Alexander Bednova. The best known among them Russian Oleg bitter row:

Quietly hunted,

For those who are knocked out of the herd.

Betrayal - regular payment,

For all the indefatigable Don Quixote.

Die - photos will be placed in a museum.

And survive - outlaw.

Where terrifying dragon flame.

Greed and lust for power of friends.

More staring eyes in love look

Behind the grave already dug.

Betrayal - the usual award

To become inconvenient characters.

You are not a coward, I was not running from the fight,

Thee victory forged by success.

That's only an hour sharing the spoils,

Who has done more - you need the least.

But to see the interlacing of lies and flattery

We did not have a helmet knight blinders.

How not to give forgot the code of honor

With Hideous Men negotiate.

Here again, as a bargaining chip,

Hero lives at stake.

At this time, alive somewhere

Seemingly defeated the dragon.

Despite the charges of rebellion in the preparation, the soldiers did not allow RRT provoke themselves to the armed conflict with other parts of the LC. At the funeral militia commander "Plastun" he said: "No coups of any speech was not. Just removed the man, who was really a leader, a man who could replace the government was caught stealing, those unscrupulous people who are currently in power.

The unit will now be called not just the 2nd Battalion of the 4th Brigade. This will be the 2nd Battalion of the RRG "Batman", and the flag will be any one of us who will stand in the ranks.

How would any of us touted but the people of this city for the most part, and many of those who are in Russia, in fact, know that such a unit RRG "Batman." They know many of us know our principles, our position, they know what we stand for, and what ideals we came here, and go, keep going. That put us Sanych, it will remain with us until the end of our lives. Yes, there is the tomb of Bednova Alexander, but the "Batman" is alive in the hearts of all of us. And everything that he has put in us, it will be with us until the end of life "[17] .

Companions "Batman" wrote a statement to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. But something makes sure that there will be given to how any satisfactory answer. Even given the fact that two of the dead were fighters with Bednova Russian citizens.

I should add that provocations ended in murder. He was arrested several men RRT, and after a few days after the funeral of Alexander Bednova cross on his grave was set on fire, just as burned crosses on the graves likewise burned alive in Odessa martyrs. By this act murderer once again unmasked its own nature.

Manual LC has not spared even the meanness 78-year-old mother of "Batman." After the death of her son, she was deprived of her laid as a widow and mother of combatants (this status was at Bednova since the time of military service), payments ...

Sister Alexander, continues to serve in the militia, and has not received official notification of the death of his brother, and his funeral learned hardly any in the last turn. On the ninth day she shared her memories of him: "Sasha was probably very correct person.According to the family, I can say that he was very fond parents loved me very much. We recently very rare, due to the fact that it was busy all the time. But even in those little pieces of the time we met him, he was always hugging, kissing is always, always said "I love you, sis!" I think if Alexander was such a man as he is now want to submit, then do not come to as many people with him to say goodbye, it would not be such a funeral cortege, and people would not cry at the funeral. With him to bury beautiful people, wonderful boys ... As they say, God takes the best ... So guys were the best. Generally, the unit was the best. And the commander of such a unit could not be a bad man " [18] .

He continues the work of her husband and Irina Bednova. In summer, when in Luhansk were active hostilities, Alexander sent his wife and children in Russia, in the refugee camp, and he and his party among the few defenders left to defend the city. Only in October, when the bombing stopped Lugansk, Bednova family reunited. Unfortunately, not for long.

After the murder of "Batman" and the threat hanging over his family. It is not known what would have been her fate if it does not come to the rescue of the activists of the "ENOT.corp", part of the movement Igor Strelkov "New Russia". That's what this report themselves "raccoon", "We have to Bednova were sufficiently close relationship, because we met with him in the very first business trip - was still unknown to Batman met our column" of the ribbon. " Later, raccoons repeatedly contacted him, including his unit brought aid.Unfortunately, his honesty and integrity, we were so happy, was the taste is not everything. But even with all the tension of the situation "out there", liquidation Bednova was completely unexpected move, the consequences of which will only be felt. Of course, one thing to restrict Batman could not. Everyone knows about the assault on the remnants of his unit, but not all are aware of the situation with his family. With specific information, his wife and two children is also likely to be eliminated. However, this did not happen.

On the night of January 6, the special group flew raccoons with a special assignment, which to a successful conclusion does not disclose, even among friends. We are talking about the evacuation of families Bednova. Item we, for obvious reasons we can not name, but everyone who cares about the situation calmed down - the family of Alexander Bednova is now safe. "

Conducted an operation praised Colonel Gunmen "For its part, I express deep gratitude for the division raccoons accomplish this task successfully and as soon as possible."

Today Irina Bednova head of the department of medical support of the Movement "New Russia". Most of the money transferred to help her and her family immediately after the death of Alexander, she gave him to the bereaved families of soldiers.

"War - a terrible thing, - said Lt. Col. poor. - And in the battle to go very scary. Not only afraid of crazy. But when one often balance your life and health, and on the other - to the gallows men innocent victims, including children, your land, your house, your children, your relatives, and even the air, the trees, among which you grew up - there can be no other answer to the question why we are fighting.

To be honest, at first I was surprised to see how many people, especially young people, who have patriotic feeling is not dissolved in the propaganda of sex, drugs, alcohol. We are after all these years inspire: Russian - losers, drunks. Stupidity is all this: in fact, Russian - very clean and good. What's the difference between us ukrov? They are trying to impose on others their vision of the world, to break people, to reshape, a new way to tell the story of an entire people, an ethnic group. It has never failed anyone. And we do not impose their point of view. We are well aware that the remake of the people who in Western Ukraine, we will not succeed. Want to read Bandera, a fascist monster - your hero? Yes, for God's sake, even in hell believe - only we do not meddle.

It's a shame, of course, that men say Hitler, but we do not impose their own point of view, we do not force them to speak in Russian. All these tales of forced Russification - is nonsense. I was born in Lugansk, I grew up in a family of a serviceman. Since the military could go to any place, their children are not forced to learn the language of the republic, where they lived, but in Ukraine to study the Ukrainian language and literature was mandatory. I have, incidentally, had excellent grades in both these subjects. My father is Russian, my mother - Ukrainian. And I think I need to know the language of one of the branches of his ancestors, so I perfectly speak Ukrainian, read it, write.

Russian soul - very open. We are ready to accept anyone - no matter what nationality he was - but he was a good man. And embraced him, and give you the shirt. And in what language he speaks and what to wear - it does not matter, at least in a loincloth. The most important thing - to live according to conscience. In my opinion, conscience - is God. This is the inner core, the limiter, which holds you within, that you did not do anything wrong. To people knew that you are a good person - that's the main thing. Even now, during the war, I tell my children, his men - live honestly, and then everything will be fine, " [19] .

I want to believe that the ideals and aspirations of the Russian officer and a patriot, a hero of the Russian World Alexander Bednova ever really materialize in the long-suffering land of New Russia.

The material was prepared by Elena Semenova


Literary and social magazine "Voice of the Age", Issue 2, 2015

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