Saturday, June 20, 2015

It was learned why and when Russia will introduce troops to Ukraine

It was learned why and when Russia will introduce troops to Ukraine


There are many options for the further development of the scenario of Russian- Ukrainian relations, and they are all different. The experts decided to turn to one of the leading political scientists Igor Kolesnikov, who spoke about the worst for the Ukrainian patriots options for further development of the situation - the introduction in Ukraine of Russian troops. Is it possible at all? As it turned out, yes.
Actually, we give an explanation to Mr. Koleskikova as it is: - enter the Russian troops in Ukraine -possible? Yes, but only if the fall Kiev mode, and only for the maintenance order. And it will be only the police forces that after selecting a new president and the adoption of a new constitution will leave Ukrainian territory. 

All this is done with the obligatory participation of the EU, but without the participation of the United States - it is already partly being discussed at the level of the European Union and Russia. To be more specific, the If Novorosiya Kiev will take or will happen a new Maidan, he will bring the EU together with Russian peacekeeping troops police in all Ukrainian regions. All of this at the time of agreement. Prevent this initiative and the United States tries to direct their satellites, but Europe is already aware that the Americans have done, and what troubles they may bring to the world, if you do not intervene. 

The main condition for both parties is the direct participation in the vote counting of the OSCE observers. If this scenario is realized, it is possible to become Ukraine, according to the new constitution, a federal state with broad powers to the republics.Ukraine eventually even split than two parts, and 3-4 parts. A third example will be to control the European Union, and part - Russia. Approximately known when the fall mode in Kiev, surprisingly, it is again in August.

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