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Prosecutor General's Office acknowledged the Illegal decision of Independence of the Baltic Republics

Prosecutor General's Office to check the legality of recognition of independence of the Baltic republics

Earlier, Prosecutor General's Office acknowledged the illegal decision on the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine in 1954
Prosecutor General's Office to check the legality of recognition of independence of the Baltic republics
The building of the General Prosecutor's Office
Photo: TASS, Vyacheslav Prokofiev
Moscow. June 30th. INTERFAX.RU - Russian Prosecutor General's office began checking the legality of recognition of the independence of the Baltic republics by the State Council of the USSR in 1991, "Interfax" on Tuesday, a source familiar with the situation.
"Legally, the decision to recognize the independence of the Baltic States is defective due to the fact that it takes an unconstitutional body," - said the agency interlocutor corresponding parliamentary inquiry into the main supervisory authority.
In his opinion, the answer to the appeal "would be the same request to the Crimea."Source Agency said that Prosecutor General's Office has recognized the illegal decision on the transfer in 1954 of the Crimea from the RSFSR in the Ukraine, but, according to him, this decision has no real legal consequences.
"Prosecutor General's Office only stated a fact, namely, that the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine in the days of Nikita Khrushchev did not occur on a constitutional basis, since the relevant decisions are not taken by the competent authorities", - said the agency.
According to him, "in the present circumstances and realities that no authoritative body that could reverse this decision." "Although such a need has not. Crimea is again a part of Russia, and the question went to the political plane," - said the source.
However, he believes that the answer to the request of the Prosecutor General should be "more balanced". "Recognizing the illegal or that fateful decision, one can go too far - until the problem of the legitimacy of the Soviet Union and other countries" - said the source.
Because, he says, when making such decisions on a deputy's request "should take into account not only the legal but also the political aspect of the issues raised."

(“Gazprom’s Dangerous New Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Germany”, The Trumpet)

Way to Go Vladimir

Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again


Here’s the scoop: Two days before the swaggering Sec-Def touched down in Germany, Gazprom announced that it was putting the finishing touches on a massive deal that would double the amount of Russian gas flowing to Germany via a second Nord Stream pipeline. The shocking announcement made it look like the clueless Carter had no idea what was going on and that his efforts to isolate Russia were a complete flop. And, make no mistake; the deal is huge, big enough to change the geopolitical calculus of the entire region. Robert Morley explains what’s going on in a recent article at The Trumpet:
“Once this pipeline is finished, almost all of Eastern Europe can be completely cut out of the gas picture. There will be no need for any gas to transit through Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Hungary or Slovakia.” (Gazprom’s Dangerous New Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Germany, The Trumpet)
Yep, Ukraine is out and Germany’s in, which means that Washington’s plan to extend US hegemony by driving a wedge between Russia and Europe is down the plughole.
Judo expert Putin has done it again; he waited until the eleventh hour to pull the rug out from under the blustery Carter, and now he’s sitting back enjoying the show. Is it any wonder why Carter’s been running around Europe with his hair on fire? Here’s more from the same article:
“Think of the huge leverage this will give Russia…..Germany may not have much in the way of natural resources of its own, but with Russia’s help, it is becoming an energy hub of Europe! Increasing quantities of Russian gas are flowing through Germany before being distributed to countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Britain. In this way Germany leverages the power of Russia. Western Europe also is becoming dependent on Germany for gas supplies too…
Don’t let the current conflict in Ukraine cloud what is happening. Germany and Russia have a history of secret cooperation—even when headline conflict appears to indicate otherwise. That Germany and Russia would push through such a deal when the West is supposedly sanctioning Russia for its actions in Ukraine speaks volumes.” (“Gazprom’s Dangerous New Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Germany”, The Trumpet)
Talk about sour grapes! The author would like you believe that US motives in Europe are pure as the driven snow, but are they? Is Washington really afraid of Russian aggression or are they trying desperately to keep the unipolar model intact by separating Germany and Russia? Isn’t that what the sanctions are all about? STRATFOR CEO George Friedman summed up it up perfectly in a recent speech he gave at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs. He said:
“The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars–the First, the Second and Cold Wars–has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten us. And to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”
Bingo. This is Washington’s strategy in a nutshell, preventing German industry from linking up with Russia’s vast natural resources. That’s the lethal combo that will lead to an integrated Eurasian free trade zone that will dwarf US GDP and put an end to the empire. So don’t believe the baloney about “Russian aggression”. What Washington really cares about is an economic rival that could leave it in the dust. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen when Germany becomes Moscow’s biggest gas station.
Naturally, the Gazprom news left Carter in a bit of a crabby mood, which may explain why he’s been dragging himself from one Capital to the next issuing terse warnings to Putin while promising NATO more weapons, more troops, more joint-maneuvers, and more missiles. And for what? To stop the Cossacks from sweeping across the Steppe and into Baltics? Be serious. Putin’s not going to invade Europe. He wants their business, that’s all. Like we’ve been saying from the beginning; Putin just wants to makes some dough. He wants to pull his economy out of recession, and, yes, beef up Gazprom’s profits. Is there a problem with that?
Nope. In fact, that’s the way the US used to do things, y’know, before they decided it was easier to just blow up stuff and steal whatever they could.
But all this whining about Putin is ridiculous, don’t you think? So he sells gas to Europe. So what? Get over it. No one likes a whiner.
The US did everything in its power to sabotage South Stream, and they succeeded too. Score one for Team USA. But did they really think it would end there? Did they really think that that Putin would just fold his tent and go home for a good cry? Did they really think he was going to walk away from his biggest trading partner and move on to China?
Of course not. Any fool could have seen this coming, so why was the Pentagon caught flatfooted? Don’t they have anyone on the payroll who can figure out stuff like this or are they too busy with their damn wargames? And why is Carter talking about tanks and missiles systems when US trade reps should be looking for ways to cut a deal? Isn’t that the way capitalism is supposed to work or has the US degenerated to the point where it has to incinerate anyone it can’t compete with? It’s pathetic! Here’s a clip from Carter in Europe:
“One of [Putin's] stated views is a longing for the past and that’s where we have a different perspective on the world and even on Russia’s future, Carter said. “We’d like to see us all moving forward, Europe moving forward, and that does not seem to be his stated perspective.”
C’mon, Carter. Can’t you just man-up and admit the US can’t compete anymore so you’ve decided to start a war instead. Is that so hard to say?
Of course Carter has made every effort to sweep the Gazprom story under the rug and pretend that nothing has happened, but anyone who follows these things can figure it out. The fact is, he got his clock-cleaned by Putin, and not just once either. There was another bombshell on Wednesday that just added a little icing to the cake. Check this out from Oil Price.com:
“Russia’s state-run gas company Gazprom says it has taken a step toward building the Turkish Stream pipeline by securing permission from Ankara to begin surveying waters of the Black Sea for the offshore leg of the project…..Alexander Novak, Russia’s energy minister, says he expects Ankara and Moscow will sign an agreement to build Turkish Stream by the end of June.” (Controversial Gazprom Pipeline Clears Hurdle, Oil Price)
That’s what you call the double whammy! Now Putin’s going to be pumping gas into Europe from both directions leaving Uncle Sam out in the cold. Can you feel those Russian pincers starting to tighten around Europe? Now you can understand why Carter’s been running around Europe with his knickers in a twist; it’s because his glorious divide and conquer strategy just exploded in his face. His only option now is to scrap Plan A altogether and go back to drawing board. What a freaking disaster.
There’s another story that broke during Carter’s euro-junket that’s also worth mentioning. This is from Bloomberg:
“Ukraine will miss a bond coupon payment in July, setting off a default on about $19 billion of debt, as a standoff with creditors shows no sign of abating, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc…
Ukraine is giving creditors a few weeks to accept a proposal that includes a 40 percent writedown to principal before it imposes a debt moratorium, a person familiar with the talks said on June 19.
“Ukraine will not make the July 24 coupon payment and, as a result, will enter into default at that point,” Matheny said of his base-case scenario in the report. “We do not expect the ad hoc committee to accept Ukraine’s latest restructuring proposal.” (Goldman Sees Ukraine Default in July as Debt Standoff Holds, Bloomberg)
Ukraine is busted, are you kidding me? The country that was so critical to US plans for luring Putin into a Vietnam-type quagmire, is headed for bankruptcy? So all that work was for nothing–toppling the government, arming the Nazis, fomenting a civil war, incinerating buildings full of civilians in Odessa, shooting down commercial airliners, and plunging the state into Somalia-like chaotic abyss? It was all just a big miscalculation, a boo-boo; is that it?
Can you see why the United States can’t be trusted as “the guarantor of global security”? Washington destroys everything it touches with its wrecking ball foreign policy; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Now it’s destroyed Ukraine. Who’ll be next?
Putin has done us all a favor by throwing a wrench in Washington’s plans and helping to bring the era of imperial overreach to a swift and merciful end. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.
Way to go, Vladimir.
MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at fergiewhitney@msn.com.

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US Government Has Declared War On Americans

Will You Stand And Fight Or Will You Lay Down And Die - Those Are Your Only Two Options Now

June 28, 2015

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

There are a number of issues facing Americans right now, an attack against large segments of the population, all occurring at once, which shows there is a major battle on the horizon and we are either prepared to stand and fight or lay down and die.


NASCAR has joined the "politically correct" Nazi thought police crowd and decided to "eliminate" the Confederate flag at NASCAR racing events as Walmart baked an ISIS cake for a customer while refusing to bake a Confederate flag cake. Amazon, eBay and a whole host of other large retailers are also banning the sale of Confederate items while still selling NAZI memorabilia.

How many times do we see the very same people that are declaring the Confederate flag a "symbol" of hate because some crazy individual took a picture of himself holding it, also claim that the Islamic religion is peaceful even though it is used by terrorists to massacre thousands of Christians, slaughter thousands of innocentsts and behead people?

They can't have it both ways and we have to stop letting them do so.


The Tenth Amendment which states "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people," has just been rendered null and void by the Supreme Court that has rewritten the Constitution in order to force states to allow gay marriage. This also renders the First Amendment null and void because religious institutions will now be under fire if they do not follow the "federal" mandate.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. --- First Amendment

Since when is the Supreme Court in the business of writing laws?


Barack Obama, Hitlery Clinton and other liberal politicians are gearing up for round 100 on gun control Executive Orders and proposed laws to take away our Second Amendment, which states "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."


On June 26, 2015, we published the text of the Declaration of Independence, which in part states "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

I suggest everyone read it, then head over and read the Bill of Rights to get a good idea of how almost all of them NO LONGER APPLY and have been violated at every turn.


I see headline after headline of people lamenting these violations of our basic rights guaranteed to use under the US constitution, or large retailers deciding for us what we should or should not be allowed to buy, but I see no one actually doing anything about it.

We are not calling for violence. Unless someone is threatening your life or those of your family and you are defending them or yourself, there is no call for violence.

What we are not seeing is an active, united campaign to take our rights back and to hold businesses, politicians, and our government accountable for their violations against "WE THE PEOPLE."

Make no mistake, if the violations against the people haven't affected you yet, the next ones will...... eventually they will come after a right you care about and by then it will be too late.

NASCAR fans, participants and vendors can refuse to participate. Boycott their events. Go after their money, their income, and watch how fast they change their tune. The same goes for Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other large retailers. STOP ENABLING THEM to infringe on your rights.

Go after their advertisers, write, call and email them that if they continue advertising on those sites, they will no longer receive your business.

Peacefully protest, make your signs, gather those that are sick and tired of having their rights violated and show up on their doorstep, make sure take photos and videos and upload them to a social image and/or video sharing site, email them to those of us that will publish them.

An example of how well a peaceful protest can work was seen in Florida where a planned "burn the Confederate flag" event was scheduled and protesters showed up and in a non-violent manner managed to prevent the burning of the flag that represents southern pride to them, their heritage, and as the speaker so elequently stated in a short speech, has nothing to with racism and oppression.

  • First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist.
  • Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
  • Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew.
  • Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Famous statement and provocative poem written by Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis' rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.


If you don't stand up and fight, whether it is writing about and exposing these atrocities, or protesting locally, or boycotting those violating other people's rights..... doing whatever is within your power to do...... then when they come after you and your rights, no one will be left to stand up and fight for you.

The leading German politician spoke obscenely against American imperialism

American Imperialism

Author: Maria Sergeeva from today, 1:20
Amerikansy imperialism

The leading German politician spoke obscenely against American imperialism.

Against the background of experiencing the worst of times relations within Europe convicted of spying for Merkel Obama was caught this week on abuse of power in a relationship with Hollande, which caused a reaction malevolent one of the leading politicians in Germany - and this is unlikely to help relations between Washington and Brussels. According to Russia Insider, Oskar Lafontaine is a major force in German politics, so obscene remarks against Ashton Carter and Victoria Nuland in yesterday's post on his Facebook page has attracted the attention of many people, "Nuland said,« F *** the EU! "(roughly," to hell with the European Union! "). We need a foreign policy of the EU, which is able to stop inciting to war, American imperialism ... To hell with American imperialism! ".

Lafontaine is a prominent figure in German politics since the mid 70s. He was chairman of the SPD (one of the two main parties in Germany) for four years, the SPD candidate for the post of chancellor in 1990, the Minister of Finance for two years, then the chairman of the Left Party in the 2000s. He is married to another German political heavyweights Sarah Wagenknecht, which is currently co-chair of the Left Party.

The scandalous statement Lafontaine appeared the next day after his wife Sahra Wagenknecht to the nines criticized Merkel's policy towards Russia in an interview with RT.

Here is the complete translation of La Fontaine's post:

"The Minister of Defense, ie the Minister of War, arrived in Berlin. He urged Europe to resist Russia's "aggression." But in fact, the Europeans need to resist US aggression. "

"Grandmaster American diplomat George Kennan called the eastward expansion of NATO's biggest foreign policy mistake the United States after World War II, because it will lead to a new Cold War."

"The American diplomat Victoria Nuland said that we spent five billion dollars to destabilize Ukraine. They are more and more incite the flames of war, and Europe is paying the price reduction of trade and loss of jobs. "

"Nuland said," To hell with the EU! (F *** the EU!). We need a foreign policy of the EU, which is able to stop inciting to war, American imperialism. To hell with American imperialism! ". 

On June 22, the EU expanded sanctions against Russia & NATO heightend tensions with Russia

NATO Ups the Ante in the Ukraine Crisis

Armed NATO allies in Estonia, March 22, 2015 (Reuters/Ints Kalnins)
NATO defense ministers, meeting in Brussels this week, rushed headlong into a new and potentially more dangerous cold war with Russia by taking the unprecedented decision to station men and matériel directly on Russia’s western border. NATO’s decision, which has no precedent in the history of the last cold war, will only serve to heighten tensions with Russia and may well be the catalyst for ever more violence in the breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine.
Meanwhile, transatlantic efforts to undermine last February’s Minsk II cease-fire accords continue without surcease. On Monday, June 22, the European Union expanded sanctions against Russia in the financial, energy, technological, and defense sectors until January 2016. The decision was made at the EU’s foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg. Russia quickly retaliated, banning food imports from the EU, the United States, Canada, Norway, and Australia for the next 12 months.
The controversy surrounding the tit-for-tat sanctions was followed in short order by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s weeklong trip to Europe. A senior defense department official claimed that Carter would spend his time urging NATO allies to “dispose of the Cold War playbook.”
Yet ditching the “playbook” obviously didn’t entail jettisoning Cold War–style rhetoric, since Carter went on to denounce Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “malign influence” in Eastern Europe.
Senator John McCain, as usual, went even further. Delivering comments redolent of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s famously hawkish Secretary of State John Foster Dulles’s “rollback” rhetoric last weekend in Kiev, McCain said it was in the interests of the West to “reverse” Russian aggression. According to McCain, only the deluded “still cling to the Minsk cease-fire.” He declared that he and the Ukrainians he met with “know this cease-fire is a fiction.”
Later in the week Secretary Carter participated in the NATO defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels. And the summit’s—please forgive the bureaucratese—“deliverables” indicate that the alliance has taken Carter’s directive to heart, with plans to triple the number of troops in its Response Force to 40,000 troops. Troops, armored vehicles and up to 250 tanks will be stationed across Europe’s eastern frontier, with plans to station them in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania.
Taking this perhaps fateful step is, in fact, going far beyond the “Cold War playbook” and has no parallel in Cold War history.
These maneuvers precede what will be NATO’s largest joint exercise of the post–Cold War era, Trident Juncture 2015, which is planned to take place September 28 to November 6.
More worrying still is the fact that the NATO meeting took place amidst a rash of nuclear posturing from both sides. On June 16, President Putin made headlines throughout the West when he announced that Russia would add 40 additional intercontinental ballistic missiles to its nuclear deterrent. His announcement was, in turn, denounced in short order by Secretaries Kerry and Carter as well as by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
Such was the import of Putin’s comments that the House Armed Services Committee held a hearing on Thursday on nuclear deterrence. The ostensible focus of the hearing was the increasingly aged state of the US nuclear arsenal, but the hearing also served, not surprisingly, as occasion for hard-line Republicans to sound the alarm over Russia’s nuclear “provocations.”
Questions over just how to shore up the US nuclear deterrent in the face of a resurgent Russia have also been a priority of Washington’s think tanks. The Center for Strategic and International Studies just released a report, Project Atom, which urges the Pentagon to add, among other things, a carrier-based nuclear deterrent to the arsenal. The defense journalistTyler Rogoway explains that the “strategy emanates from the idea that a deterrent is more effective when it’s forward deployed to positions in and around an ally’s geographical area.”
Yet, according to Council on Foreign Relations expert Adam Mount, for all the hand-wringing over Russia’s nuclear arsenal, Putin’s recent announcement was “entirely in line with previous expectations and did not add major new capabilities to his nuclear arsenal.” Russia, according to Mount, continues to be in full compliance “with the New START treaty, which limits strategic launchers like ICBMs.”
Nevertheless, all the Sturm und Drang over the sanctions, NATO troop buildups, and nuclear saber rattling masks the uncomfortable fact that it is our clients in Kiev who are acting as the primary—though, of course, not only—obstacles to implementing Minsk II.
In Brussels, NATO signally failed to address Kiev’s ongoing economic and financial blockade of the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, its firing of GRAD rockets into crowded residential blocks in eastern Ukrainian cities, and its refusal to negotiate with the rebel leaders as stipulated by the Minsk accords. Meanwhile, President Obama is said to continue to insist that it is the Russian-separatist side alone that is refusing to implement the accords.
And so the events of this week have extinguished any glimmer of hope that may have been sparked by John Kerry’s diplomatic parley with the Russians in Sochi this past May. All the while, the administration, aided and abetted by a compliant Congress and a complacent media, stands idly by as the war parties on both sides of the Atlantic march on, unencumbered and virtually unopposed.
For more about an organization dedicated to opposing this rush toward a new Cold War please visit EastWestAccord.com

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Ukraine may start Nazi coup - or a revolution / Details in a couple of hours

RUSSIAN BEAR | Novorossia

"Live honestly ...." In memory of Alexander Bednova ("Batman"). Part2.

"Live honestly ...." In memory of Alexander Bednova ("Batman"). Part2.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, Alexander Bednov comes to sow political activity in the young country. On August 31, 2014, he regularly publishes battle piece 'For New Russia! ", In early October, organized social movement" Liberation Front "and was elected its chairman.However, to participate in elections on November 2 Bednova, which by some estimates had considerable authority among the people, did not allow. Moscow has already chosen his protege - Igor carpentry and games "Batman" were denied registration. Similarly, in the DNI to the elections did not allow the national Donetsk Governor Pavel Gubarev, whose car was shot at on the way to Donetsk right before the proposed registration, and only narrowly survived Gubarev.

This period is the increase in the conflict between the authorities and Bednova LC. Like other "warlords" and the rank and file militia Alexander categorically condemned Minsk truce, saying that "the signing of the agreements Minsk Ukrainian army saved from complete destruction." Of course, this was not the Fronde against the grain carpentry companions. Over RRG threatened disbandment and above its commander - arrest. About trying to weaken the front lines in some areas and a massacre by the "self-styled state security ministry" of poor after futile attempts to resolve the situation, unable to endure dirty linen in public, he told the TV channel Kassad [15] .

The conflict, however, as though a successful conclusion - was a compromise. RRG "Batman" in full force, with all its customs and traditions joined the 4th brigade of the armed forces separate LC, and Alexander the poor, received the rank of lieutenant colonel, was appointed chief of staff of the 4th Brigade separate while remaining the leader of RRT.

Alexander was not inclined to exacerbate discord within the country. Quite the contrary: he always called by various forces with LC for dialogue and actively participated in the process of bringing disparate military units to a single system, to create on their basis of the regular army, the necessity of which was deeply convinced. Widely known for its appeal of 6 December 2014 as follows:

"I want to appeal to you, my compatriots, my fellow countrymen. For those who are not afraid to speak out against lawlessness lawlessness and obscurantism, which promote Kiev junta. For those who are not only words but also deeds he proved that we will never accept the ideology of Nazism and fascism, and never be on his knees in front of the aggressor. I appeal to people throughout the world who have demonstrated that words such as honor and dignity, freedom and equality is not an empty word, and the meaning of our life.

I appeal to my brothers in arms. For ordinary militias and commanders. Cossacks and volunteers, people's guards and soldiers of the local self-defense. To all those who are up in arms defended the independence of our country, showing miracles of bravery and courage.And when the enemy is having a huge advantage in armored vehicles and artillery, aviation manpower and thought that victory is near and there is no force that would be able to resist him, you did not flinch, did not break down and survived. The power of the spirit, dedication, your willingness to sacrifice the most valuable, that is, each person - the life is truly admirable.

I appeal to all of you. We have overcome the hard way, the way of war, suffering and deprivation. Many of our comrades died. Killing civilians, killing children. Some of our compatriots are in the occupied territories, calling for help. In the difficult conditions of the war, the occupation, we have to build a new, young state from the beginning, from scratch, and in front of us expect great work. We have to do the impossible and prove to the world that our young republic is viable, and for this we urgently need, rejecting personal interests and ambitions to unite to exert maximum efforts for establishment and strengthening of our positions at all levels, military, economic and political.

For this it is essential to adopt and strengthen the legitimate authority in the field, which must and will act in the interests of our people. It should be clear and understandable to all. You need to ensure the participation in the exercise of power of all sectors and social groups of our country, such as the people's militia, Cossacks, workers, employees, intellectuals, people who, first of all, have unquestioned authority in society and respect people they trust.

We need to create a unified system of defense of the country, coordinating the activities of all, without exception, paramilitary units. I mean, and regular army units, and self-defense units and Cossack troops, and units of internal affairs bodies.

In my understanding, the image of the state, in the current difficult situation of war, siege and occupation, it is a fortress, where the foundation and the foundation acts as a support of our people, the system of government - is fitting, the fortress walls of the castle - the armed units of the Republic and in the cement the construction is the idea. The idea of ​​freedom and independence that we are all united.

We need to strengthen the castle, making it inaccessible for enemies, and this we can only do together, one world. Only when we are together, we are strong and invincible!

This must be done not for himself, but for the sake of our children, for the future, for the sake of our dream, for the sake of New Russia! "

It would seem, why people so radevshy about building a single state Novorossia ready to reasonable compromises in the name of a common cause, fell victim to the authorities of the LC? Whether not therefore, in reality, that it was by no means common, and Moscow protege in Lugansk and their curators of New Russia was not needed? And not only the New Russia, but even with LC as a state. In any case, in the sense that what is invested in the concept of a lieutenant colonel of the poor. "The state should work primarily on the well-being of ordinary common people, - he said. - not for the enrichment of some individuals, as was the feudal Ukraine and namely that all lived well. Not all definitely bad, and all - good. For people to have confidence in the future for people to know that law and order is induced with an iron hand that they can safely go out into the street, they have a job, enough high-paying, in order to maintain the standard of living of their families at a high level. A bureaucrat - it should always be a deterrent, must be justice, because officials who allow injustice to ordinary people should bear the rigors of responsibility. " However, the new authorities LC, apparently, had the opposite purpose: it just quite the shower was "feudalism" in which you can get rich by stealing humanitarian aid and coal, and there are no constraints and responsibilities. And the principal commander of the RRG with its ideals did not fit into their system.

Alexander and his wife Irina Bednov

Shortly before the New Year Alexander the poor became the godfather of the mother left the baby in the hospital, also dubbed the Alexander. RRT took patronage over the son of the regiment became a toddler, and the "Batman" was going to be for him a spiritual mentor and protect from all evils, the child does not feel deprived of parental care and raised full-fledged citizen of Luhansk young People's Republic. Unfortunately this was not to be ...

The fateful day on January 1, Alexander attended a meeting in Lugansk. He was not going to go anywhere, promised to the children immediately after the meeting to return home. However, an unexpected call to the Red Ray violated these plans. On the way there, "Batman" was waiting for an ambush ...

The victims of the treacherous massacre along with his commander, five men fell RRT. Among these militias - Vladimir ("Razor"), Andrew ("Golden"), Roman ("Cat").

Race driver "Razor" was the driver of "Batman." In one battle he was severely wounded in both legs and was taken for treatment in Russia. From there, still limping and leaning on a cane, he returned two months later, in November and again rose to the ranks.

"Golden," so named because of a red head of hair and the same beard, friends remembered, as a philosopher, who loved to talk about the meaning of life. He was fond of the White Guard, and wore the uniform of romance in the style of "white officer on vacation," as defined his Alla Bednova. With Andrei they often dreamed, half-jokingly, poluvserёz as will be dressed in the Victory Parade in Kiev.

Yekaterinburg Roman Borichev served in the Kremlin regiment in 1994-1996. Then he wanted to go to fight in Chechnya and even filed a report, but the mother would not let him. Roman worked in the security service, he had a wife and two children. In the Donbass, he left with his younger brother Ignatius, without saying anything the family not to frighten. "The novel is radically different, at first always addressed as" you "- says about him luganchanka Victoria Bilenchuk. - Always attitude was respectful, respectfully. It was nice that the man was always in a good mood when neither ask how things are always answered that well, just a light radiated kindness and positive, worried about their colleagues' [16] . Asked about fun callsign Roman replied: "Well I March, and because cat, say like, and even cats have nine lives, and that in the current situation the most it!"

"Batman was removed because it was against the head of the republic carpentry against reunification with Ukraine, against the fact that it is not necessary to release stanitsas Luhansk, happiness and all other cities and towns of Lugansk region" - an opinion expressed by one of the associates Bednova, shares seems all the UIR, and with it most of the militia, and ordinary citizens, as evidenced by the many comments on blogs and social networks, as well as a considerable amount dedicated to the memory of Alexander Bednova. The best known among them Russian Oleg bitter row:

Quietly hunted,

For those who are knocked out of the herd.

Betrayal - regular payment,

For all the indefatigable Don Quixote.

Die - photos will be placed in a museum.

And survive - outlaw.

Where terrifying dragon flame.

Greed and lust for power of friends.

More staring eyes in love look

Behind the grave already dug.

Betrayal - the usual award

To become inconvenient characters.

You are not a coward, I was not running from the fight,

Thee victory forged by success.

That's only an hour sharing the spoils,

Who has done more - you need the least.

But to see the interlacing of lies and flattery

We did not have a helmet knight blinders.

How not to give forgot the code of honor

With Hideous Men negotiate.

Here again, as a bargaining chip,

Hero lives at stake.

At this time, alive somewhere

Seemingly defeated the dragon.

Despite the charges of rebellion in the preparation, the soldiers did not allow RRT provoke themselves to the armed conflict with other parts of the LC. At the funeral militia commander "Plastun" he said: "No coups of any speech was not. Just removed the man, who was really a leader, a man who could replace the government was caught stealing, those unscrupulous people who are currently in power.

The unit will now be called not just the 2nd Battalion of the 4th Brigade. This will be the 2nd Battalion of the RRG "Batman", and the flag will be any one of us who will stand in the ranks.

How would any of us touted but the people of this city for the most part, and many of those who are in Russia, in fact, know that such a unit RRG "Batman." They know many of us know our principles, our position, they know what we stand for, and what ideals we came here, and go, keep going. That put us Sanych, it will remain with us until the end of our lives. Yes, there is the tomb of Bednova Alexander, but the "Batman" is alive in the hearts of all of us. And everything that he has put in us, it will be with us until the end of life "[17] .

Companions "Batman" wrote a statement to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. But something makes sure that there will be given to how any satisfactory answer. Even given the fact that two of the dead were fighters with Bednova Russian citizens.

I should add that provocations ended in murder. He was arrested several men RRT, and after a few days after the funeral of Alexander Bednova cross on his grave was set on fire, just as burned crosses on the graves likewise burned alive in Odessa martyrs. By this act murderer once again unmasked its own nature.

Manual LC has not spared even the meanness 78-year-old mother of "Batman." After the death of her son, she was deprived of her laid as a widow and mother of combatants (this status was at Bednova since the time of military service), payments ...

Sister Alexander, continues to serve in the militia, and has not received official notification of the death of his brother, and his funeral learned hardly any in the last turn. On the ninth day she shared her memories of him: "Sasha was probably very correct person.According to the family, I can say that he was very fond parents loved me very much. We recently very rare, due to the fact that it was busy all the time. But even in those little pieces of the time we met him, he was always hugging, kissing is always, always said "I love you, sis!" I think if Alexander was such a man as he is now want to submit, then do not come to as many people with him to say goodbye, it would not be such a funeral cortege, and people would not cry at the funeral. With him to bury beautiful people, wonderful boys ... As they say, God takes the best ... So guys were the best. Generally, the unit was the best. And the commander of such a unit could not be a bad man " [18] .

He continues the work of her husband and Irina Bednova. In summer, when in Luhansk were active hostilities, Alexander sent his wife and children in Russia, in the refugee camp, and he and his party among the few defenders left to defend the city. Only in October, when the bombing stopped Lugansk, Bednova family reunited. Unfortunately, not for long.

After the murder of "Batman" and the threat hanging over his family. It is not known what would have been her fate if it does not come to the rescue of the activists of the "ENOT.corp", part of the movement Igor Strelkov "New Russia". That's what this report themselves "raccoon", "We have to Bednova were sufficiently close relationship, because we met with him in the very first business trip - was still unknown to Batman met our column" of the ribbon. " Later, raccoons repeatedly contacted him, including his unit brought aid.Unfortunately, his honesty and integrity, we were so happy, was the taste is not everything. But even with all the tension of the situation "out there", liquidation Bednova was completely unexpected move, the consequences of which will only be felt. Of course, one thing to restrict Batman could not. Everyone knows about the assault on the remnants of his unit, but not all are aware of the situation with his family. With specific information, his wife and two children is also likely to be eliminated. However, this did not happen.

On the night of January 6, the special group flew raccoons with a special assignment, which to a successful conclusion does not disclose, even among friends. We are talking about the evacuation of families Bednova. Item we, for obvious reasons we can not name, but everyone who cares about the situation calmed down - the family of Alexander Bednova is now safe. "

Conducted an operation praised Colonel Gunmen "For its part, I express deep gratitude for the division raccoons accomplish this task successfully and as soon as possible."

Today Irina Bednova head of the department of medical support of the Movement "New Russia". Most of the money transferred to help her and her family immediately after the death of Alexander, she gave him to the bereaved families of soldiers.

"War - a terrible thing, - said Lt. Col. poor. - And in the battle to go very scary. Not only afraid of crazy. But when one often balance your life and health, and on the other - to the gallows men innocent victims, including children, your land, your house, your children, your relatives, and even the air, the trees, among which you grew up - there can be no other answer to the question why we are fighting.

To be honest, at first I was surprised to see how many people, especially young people, who have patriotic feeling is not dissolved in the propaganda of sex, drugs, alcohol. We are after all these years inspire: Russian - losers, drunks. Stupidity is all this: in fact, Russian - very clean and good. What's the difference between us ukrov? They are trying to impose on others their vision of the world, to break people, to reshape, a new way to tell the story of an entire people, an ethnic group. It has never failed anyone. And we do not impose their point of view. We are well aware that the remake of the people who in Western Ukraine, we will not succeed. Want to read Bandera, a fascist monster - your hero? Yes, for God's sake, even in hell believe - only we do not meddle.

It's a shame, of course, that men say Hitler, but we do not impose their own point of view, we do not force them to speak in Russian. All these tales of forced Russification - is nonsense. I was born in Lugansk, I grew up in a family of a serviceman. Since the military could go to any place, their children are not forced to learn the language of the republic, where they lived, but in Ukraine to study the Ukrainian language and literature was mandatory. I have, incidentally, had excellent grades in both these subjects. My father is Russian, my mother - Ukrainian. And I think I need to know the language of one of the branches of his ancestors, so I perfectly speak Ukrainian, read it, write.

Russian soul - very open. We are ready to accept anyone - no matter what nationality he was - but he was a good man. And embraced him, and give you the shirt. And in what language he speaks and what to wear - it does not matter, at least in a loincloth. The most important thing - to live according to conscience. In my opinion, conscience - is God. This is the inner core, the limiter, which holds you within, that you did not do anything wrong. To people knew that you are a good person - that's the main thing. Even now, during the war, I tell my children, his men - live honestly, and then everything will be fine, " [19] .

I want to believe that the ideals and aspirations of the Russian officer and a patriot, a hero of the Russian World Alexander Bednova ever really materialize in the long-suffering land of New Russia.

The material was prepared by Elena Semenova


Literary and social magazine "Voice of the Age", Issue 2, 2015

PART 1. http://od-novorossia.livejournal.com/86 8799.html

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It was learned why and when Russia will introduce troops to Ukraine

It was learned why and when Russia will introduce troops to Ukraine


There are many options for the further development of the scenario of Russian- Ukrainian relations, and they are all different. The experts decided to turn to one of the leading political scientists Igor Kolesnikov, who spoke about the worst for the Ukrainian patriots options for further development of the situation - the introduction in Ukraine of Russian troops. Is it possible at all? As it turned out, yes.
Actually, we give an explanation to Mr. Koleskikova as it is: - enter the Russian troops in Ukraine -possible? Yes, but only if the fall Kiev mode, and only for the maintenance order. And it will be only the police forces that after selecting a new president and the adoption of a new constitution will leave Ukrainian territory. 

All this is done with the obligatory participation of the EU, but without the participation of the United States - it is already partly being discussed at the level of the European Union and Russia. To be more specific, the If Novorosiya Kiev will take or will happen a new Maidan, he will bring the EU together with Russian peacekeeping troops police in all Ukrainian regions. All of this at the time of agreement. Prevent this initiative and the United States tries to direct their satellites, but Europe is already aware that the Americans have done, and what troubles they may bring to the world, if you do not intervene. 

The main condition for both parties is the direct participation in the vote counting of the OSCE observers. If this scenario is realized, it is possible to become Ukraine, according to the new constitution, a federal state with broad powers to the republics.Ukraine eventually even split than two parts, and 3-4 parts. A third example will be to control the European Union, and part - Russia. Approximately known when the fall mode in Kiev, surprisingly, it is again in August.

Saudis to Offer Putin a Deal He Can’t Refuse? | By: Ulson Gunnar

Saudis to Offer Putin a Deal He Can’t Refuse?

Author: Ulson Gunnar

First appeared:

It is reported that Saudi Arabia has sent a delegation to Moscow for the purpose of once again attempting to lure Russia away from its current interests in the Middle East, and into line behind Riyadh and its underwriters in Washington.

However, vacillating in the past between toothless threats and absurd promises of lavish economic deals, the Saudis have accomplished only one thing in their recent string of diplomatic maneuvering, that is to telegraph immense weakness and desperation ahead of their next visit.

Indeed, if on Earth there is one nation that needs Russia the most, it might be Saudi Arabia. Conversely, however, if ever there was a nation Russia would be wise enough never to do business with, it would also be Saudi Arabia. A client-state of the British and then American empire, it has of late allowed itself to be used as an intermediary in an increasingly dangerous proxy war involving Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and to a certain extent, Lebanon, Egypt, and even Libya.

While undoubtedly US State Department staff explained at length how Washington would never allow anything to happen to their favorite regional autocracy, the war Riyadh started on Washington’s behalf in Yemen is now slowly creeping over the borders into Saudi territory, and the weapons and fighters emerging on that battlefield may yet link up with long-simmering tensions in eastern Saudi Arabia.

To the north, Saudi Arabia has actively contributed to the destruction of Iraq and Syria, and on the African continent, Saudi Arabia has played a role in destabilizing both Egypt and to a far greater extent Libya. Should the tides turn in any of these theaters of war, the temptation for those victimized by Saudi Arabia’s meddling to in turn help fuel chaos upon the Arabian Peninsula, will be overwhelming.

To say that Saudi Arabia is a nation in need of friends is an understatement, and Riyadh might finally have realized that Washington sees its “favorite” autocracy as it does all other client-states, expendable. However, so sociopolitically, economically and geopolitically disfigured from its role as chief regional facilitator for Washington and London’s agenda, it may have left itself with no alternatives.

The “Deal”

Saudi Arabia has done much to destroy its neighbors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), but it also has played a role in applying pressure on states well beyond, but states that hold significant influence throughout the region. This includes Russia. In fact, Saudi Arabia’s role in destabilizing and destroying the MENA region is part of a larger geopolitical gambit aimed at Moscow, among others.

In the past, the Saudis have both lavished with promises of wealth and threatened Moscow with outright terrorism, in order to pressure Russia to abandon its allies in Damascus, Baghdad, and Tehran.

It was reported by the London Telegraph in its article, “Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria,” that:

Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria.

It also stated, in addition to the offer, there was also an implicit threat:

As-Safir said Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord. “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us,” he allegedly said.

Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on an off. “These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.”

Clearly, Saudi Arabia’s lack of reliable allies stands for good reason. Bandar’s gloating about Riyadh’s role in creating and controlling some of the most vicious terrorist organizations on Earth confirms what has been reported elsewhere across both the alternative and even mainstream press. It also confirms that while Washington, London and Brussels disingenuously wring their hands about the threat of “Islamists,” they are allied closest with the very nation responsible for this very threat.

Why Putin Can Refuse

Russia’s resurgence as a global power is underpinned not on Saudi oil or the lack of terrorism in the Caucasus region, but instead underpinned by its growing relationship with other members of the BRICS association as well as other nations throughout the developing world who are quickly gaining ground versus traditional global power brokers.

Brazil, India, China, and South Africa have all found themselves on the receiving end of similar pressure from Washington and London, though arguably to a lesser extent. Their combined economies and populations provide a market Russia has been incrementally transitioning to serve, outside of the confines and extortion imposed upon it dealing with the West. Likewise, other nations across the developing world are increasingly aware of this shifting balance of power and are seeking ways out of compromises they previously made to placate foreign interests that would otherwise eviscerate their nations much as has been done to Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Additionally, despite the pressure of sanctions and Saudi Arabia’s oil price-fixing, Russia has attempted to continue reaching out to European nations in the hopes of working around derailed pipeline deals and other disruptions intentionally created and aimed at Moscow. Russia has done this with varying degrees of success, all while cultivating a policy of national self-reliance.

The European Union itself is also suffering under the sanctions imposed on Russia, ironically, and many nations have attempted to undermine or circumvent these sanctions in order to secure for themselves the benefits Brussels and others would gladly forfeit on their behalf to pursue their own agenda.

In reality, Russian President Vladimir Putin can say “no” to Saudi Arabia’s wheeling and dealing specifically because it is not Russia that needs Saudi Arabia, it is Saudi Arabia that in fact needs Russia. Riyadh’s role as Washington’s proxy in the Middle East and even as a means of leverage on the greater global stage has led it to the edge of a cliff. This is a cliff Washington itself will inevitably fall over, but it will not do so until its proxies have pushed over first.

Considering these realities, it may be time for Riyadh’s delegation to Moscow to put aside the empty threats and equally empty promises, and talk about a real path forward. Riyadh’s, not Moscow’s future may depend on it.

Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Jens Stoltenberg: NATO’s Mr Zig-Zag | By Finian Cunningham

Jens Stoltenberg: NATO’s Mr Zig-Zag

So, who is rattling sabres here? Obviously, the NATO alliance is on a dangerous, threatening roll toward Russia’s borders.

by Finian Cunningham

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary-general, has a knack for intellectual zig-zagging. Indeed, the 56-year-old former Norwegian prime minister, can be said to have made a very successful career in public life owing precisely to his adept ability at expedient zig-zagging.
Stoltenberg’s latest dubious public intervention this week was to accuse Russia of «dangerous nuclear sabre-rattling». This followed the announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow was to introduce up to 40 new Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) into its nuclear arsenal, and that threats to the country would be countered by deploying modern weapons that could thwart any anti-missile system. That was a clear reference by Putin to recent American moves that intend to introduce more missile systems into eastern Europe aimed at giving the US-led military NATO alliance «first-strike»capability against Russia.
So, who is rattling sabres here? Obviously, the NATO alliance is on a dangerous, threatening roll toward Russia’s borders. American-led war games, thousands of troops and tanks, missiles, warplanes and warships have proliferated at dizzying speed over the past year, from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Currently, NATO is conducting its biggest-ever war manoeuvres in the Baltic region, and yet when Russia takes reasonable defensive measures, Stoltenberg accuses Moscow of sabre-rattling. Just this week, prior to the Russian ICBM announcement, the Pentagon told the Paris Air Show that it was considering the stationing of its new generation of stealth F-22 and F-35 fighter jets in Europe – another contravention in a whole series of audacious contraventions of the 1997 Russia-NATO Founding Act which forbids such NATO military expansion.
nato_expansion Russian borders
This is not the first time that the Norwegian civilian figurehead of NATO has shown a stupendous ability to invert reality. Back in March this year, Stoltenberg accused Russia of destabilising security in Europe by holding «snap» military drills within its own borders – and that at the same time when NATO is rolling out ever-more military manoeuvres on Russia’s borders.
While on a visit to Britain’s premier David Cameron at 10 Downing Street on March 13, Jens Stoltenberg told the Guardian newspaper:  «There are more and more snap [Russian] exercises with no prior notification. It is important we keep the channels for military communication open to have as much transparency as possible to avoid misunderstandings and to make sure that incidents don’t spiral and get out of control. Every nation has the right to conduct exercises, as long as they do it within their international obligations. But the recent Russian practice of calling snap exercises is of serious concern. Sudden, unpredictable and surprise military manoeuvres contribute to instability».
Stoltenberg seems to think that it is perfectly acceptable for the Western military alliance to encircle Russian territory with offensive capability, but when Russia carries out counter-measures «without prior notification» then that is unacceptable and contributing to «instability». Maybe Stoltenberg would find it acceptable if NATO were to be given the exact coordinates of all Russian military bases and future flight plans. Or, in other words, if Moscow were to simply surrender all defensive capability.
Earlier this month, the NATO secretary-general told Norwegian media that «Russia is more aggressive and re-writing the borders of Europe with military force in Crimea, Ukraine and Georgia». He accused Russia of invading Ukraine with heavy arms and troops. As usual, no evidence was provided to substantiate NATO assertions.
But then, incongruously, in the next breath, Stoltenberg said:»We do not see an immediate threat from the east against any NATO country… our aim is to cooperate with Russian that benefits NATO, that benefits Russia».
Stoltenberg has previously made high-flown claims of Russia «invading Ukraine» and threatening European security, while at the same time appealing to Russia for «cooperation».
That anomalous reasoning indicates a lack of seriousness in Stoltenberg’s claims against Russia. How can Russia be considered a threat and a partner simultaneously?
If we take a further look at the Norwegian’s political career, there are telltale signs of a self-serving chameleonic character.
After Stoltenberg took up the top civilian post at NATO, last October, he described the 28-member organisation as the «most successful military alliance in history».
That’s quite a zig-zag from his vociferous anti-NATO campaigning as a rising leader of the Norwegian youth Labour party. Stoltenberg was apparently a bit of Marxist-Leninist firebrand back then, leading sometimes violent protests against the American Vietnam War and his own country’s membership of NATO.
In a report in Germany’s Deutsche Welle last October, cheekily headlined ‘NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg, more secretary than general’, the newspaper recounts: «As a young man, Stoltenberg opposed Norwegian membership in the [NATO] alliance and disputed US policies. In protest to the Vietnam War, Stoltenberg shattered windows at the US embassy building in Oslo, and later, as a young adult, he railed at the Western military alliance».
NATO threatens Ukraine
NATO threatens Ukraine
From smashing windows of the US embassy to now rhetorical window-dressing for the «greatest military alliance in history»is an impressive chasm, equal to the widest Norwegian fiord.
As the Deutsche Welle report notes: «Then he changed his mind, and made sure that Norway’s Social Democratic youth organisation officially accepted the country’s membership in NATO».
Prime Minister,  Jens Stoltenberg
Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg
During the 1990s, the thirty-something Stoltenberg was by now finding his footing on the career ladder in professional politics. He soon found ministerial posts in the governments of Gro Harlem Brundtland followed by Thorbjorn Jagland. By 2000-2001, Stoltenberg had reached the pinnacle, becoming prime minister of Norway. His stint as premier was followed by two more periods in office between 2005 and 2013. He is on record for modelling his political tactics on Britain’s former Labour prime minister Tony Blair.
Under Stoltenberg’s leadership, Norway markedly increased its national military spending and deepened its membership of NATO. He committed his country to serving with the US-led occupation of Afghanistan; and in 2011 Norway was a major contributor to the NATO bombardment of Libya that precipitated the murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and a disastrous regime change in that country. Four years on, the NATO regime-change operation in Libya – which substantial legal opinion condemns as criminal aggression – has resulted in an explosion of the refugee crisis assailing Europe and a surge in Islamic State terrorism across the Middle East and North Africa.
But such militarist policies earned Stoltenberg important favour in Washington – the executive power that rules NATO. As Deutsche Welle points out, when the Dane Anders Fogh Rasmussen was standing down as NATO civilian chief in October 2014:
«By then, the United States and other NATO states had forgotten his [Stoltenberg’s] youthful follies – and he was gradually brought forward as a candidate for the alliance’s top political job».
Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s Mr Zig-Zag, can thus be seen as a chameleonic species of politician who survives and thrives by adapting his rhetorical skin to suit the prevailing geopolitical environment. Therefore, anything he says can be taken as skin-deep and is best ignored.
Russia is eminently correct to take necessary defensive measures against what any objective observer can clearly see as flagrant NATO aggression. Mr Zig-Zag’s opinion on the issue should be kicked into the long grass where it will no doubt revert to something else in the next instant.

Also see:


Published on Jun 15, 2015
Escalating rhetoric and the doubling down on failed policies: this is one way of viewing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s opinion of the world, particularly Russia. Western sanctions and promises of more sanctions have achieved nothing. Is this why NATO deems Russia a military threat?