Saturday, May 23, 2015

Whoever is Behind the Murder of Alexei Brain Remains Unknown

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Whoever is behind the murder of Alexei Brain remains unknown, shots were fired at the car in 
which the the brigade commander was traveling. Brain was badly injured and died on the spot. 
Also accompanying him passengers were injured. This is not the first attack on the commander, since March 7, approximately at the same location during a journey of another vehicle Brain was traveling in three explosive devices were detonated. He escaped with minor injuries for that last attempt. 

While it is difficult to say who is behind it, killing Brain may be the result of sabotage group of Ukrainians infighting in the Donbas, since the summer of last year. It was launched then a campaign to oust the influential and independent militia commanders. The first was to leave the Donbass Defense Minister Igor DNI "Arrows", and then followed by Nicholas Kozitsyna, Igor Bezlera and others. 

Brain remained one of the last independent commanders that remained at the head of the combat units first established. Although some repeatedly tried to shift and disband the teams. The brigade commander enjoyed unquestioned authority, and his unit was probably the most efficient in the LC, and therefore the power to disband it, as it was with some Cossack units was not possible. Brain was a bright representative of the Russian Spring. He was one of the first who took up arms to defend their native lands from the Nazis, who came to power in Ukraine in 2014. He opposed the signing of the armistice with the Kiev regime in Minsk in September 2014 and demanded the resignation of the Junta government.

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