Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What Minsk Agreement? Poroshenko Will Not Live Without Blood

What Minsk Agreement? Poroshenko Will Not Live Without Blood
"I have not heard Poroshenko once care at all about the Minsk Agreement", said the press.The Donetsk airport, this is our land he claims. And the fact that Minsk  is something signed - it's all nonsense to him. 

The main thing here is how he decided that the rest does not matter. He's bored when "peasants" are not shooting, and no one dies. This bothers Poroshenko who will not live without blood, bloody Petro. The Kremlin is considering his statement as further evidence of a violation of the Minsk agreements. 

Yes such violations do count - and we have not enough fingers to count his violations. Techniques were not assigned, nor did the shooting stop, civilians are killed everyday. The question is, why do you do it, Mr. Peter ? He spent his time on the Belarusian land, sitting there day to day, why then did he just say: No I'm sorry, I do not play, I did not write the law, that I want, then turn back. And where the world community looks to see if Poroshenko openly declared that he would go on the offensive. 

I have no doubt - we will liberate the airport because this is our land. And we will rebuild the airport. And there we will do under glass remnants reinforcement, concrete and write "Glory" cyborg! "That for centuries the memory of your heroic deed lived in generations Ukrainians, and your heroism educated generation of defenders of Ukraine", - said Poroshenko at the premiere of the documentary " Airport. 

" Again, as always, he will try to bring the entire blame on the militia, and once again he will claim that they win back the airport. Will Poroshenko with pieces of scrap metal to ride across the EU, with Russian passports in addition, be tearful speech to push, to complain as all his hurt as Ukraine, want to take away, not realizing that crumbles the Ukraine all by himself, with his own hands, and that from this eventually the country will be divided - only God knows.

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