Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tank Video on Ukrainian television TSN, where Ukrainians once again (as usual) again win.

On the Internet there was a video on Ukrainian television channel TSN, in which Ukrainians once again (as usual) again won.

_____________________________ The following is the text of the "plot" completely. 

Take the time to read or watch the video (first comment)! - you won't not be sorry! _____________________________ tanks - almost the main weapon of the Second World War. And now - in the Russian-Ukrainian war in Donbas. Here Russia to combat a trial run of its new products.

Do you answer in Ukraine, according to the plot of the program TSN. Tizhden. Because used to think that the best military machinery of Americans have. And it is true: the technical characteristics of American tanks - are impressive. 

But the most ardent opponents of the US - the Russians - have done an interesting thing. Simulate virtual tank range. We host a 12 core armored cars in the world. We provide the system with accurate combat vehicles and began the battle of annihilation. No human factor! Only the computer system must determine the best tank in the world. 

10. Worst result - Pakistani tank "Alkalid" 12 defeats. 

9. Not much better than him - Polish tank "Twardy", which translates as "solid." 

8 The eighth place - the Chinese ZTZ - he knocked the Poles and Pakistanis, the other - lost. 

7.Seventh French with their "Leclerc", three victories and nine defeats. The weak point of the once glorious French - inferior armor. 

6. Sixth place is shared between the British and their former colony India. We are talking about English "Challenger" and the Hindu "Arjuna". Four wins and one draw - between them. 

5. Fifth place - the South Korean "Black Panthers". Six times won and lost the same amount. 

4. Tank "Tagil" with the Russian superleneyki "Armata" took fourth place, five defeats from 12 fights. Will there even such a success with "Tagil" in real life, is not known. Decoration parade on May 9 several times embarrass straight to rehearsals - stalled. 

3. The third place was shared by the Israeli "Merkava" and the Japanese "Type": eight wins and a draw to each other. Israelite equipped with a unique electronics that combines all the tanks on the battlefield in a single system. Japanese surprise artificial intelligence tells you how to respond to the threat. 

2. On the second line of this competition - the same duo: American "Abrams" and the German "Leopard" - 10 wins, one draw. "Abrams" - most veteran of the last war. In the entire history - from 1980 - only two cases where the damage it irreparably. No less known German "Leopard": they are armed with almost all the armies of Europe. German quality has made ​​"Leopard" in most mass production tank in the world. 

1. The victory - in the Ukrainian tank "Hold." Won 12 fights out of 12. Without any competition. The safest for the crew and the most dangerous in a frontal collision. The absolute standout and rating. 

Once again it should be emphasized that this is - evaluation of those who are fighting against the Ukrainian - Russian military experts. "Hold" defeated all opponents. His "trick" - a unique multi-layer reactive armor and brilliant maneuverability. "MBT" makes Kharkiv Malyshev Plant. However, he also has one huge drawback - it is not in our army. 

The Armed Forces put only two such machines. Therefore, using them only for training, but not at the front, where you need them._____________________________ And you say # propaganda ... And they have so every day ...


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