Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not even the Ukrainian people believe in Kiev

Not even the Ukrainian people believe in Kiev
By: Stepan Sviridov

Jackals, in war time tend to hide in the bushes: The US is sick of results for the support they provided to Ukraine. The visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry in Sochi has become a tub of cold water for Kiev. Those in power, the Ukrainian politicians are somehow convinced that the Americans are just as irrational and senseless as they are with hate for Russia and now should be ready to sacrifice anything just to shit on Moscow. But the Americans - play the pragmatists. 

The Victory Parade, and the millions marching in the "Immortal regiment" made ​​clear the US had completely outplayed their tactics toward Russia. Yes, they continue to think strategically of Moscow, like Beijing or Tehran as enemies, but the tactical use of force and pressure against Russia now considered unattractive and even dangerous.

As well, the sanctions that were suppose harm their economy have brought about negative results from the EU. Washington lifting the sanctions alone will not, but if Moscow continues to comply with the Minsk Agreement (as it has done so far and before), the political and economic relations should be restored, and not the demanding for a return of Crimea. This would be the same as asking as a requirement for a "return of Northern Cyprus" in relation to Turkey, or "return of East Jerusalem" toward Israel. Kiev, of course, believes different. 

Not even the Ukrainian people believe in this as necessary to take them to Europe, or abolish visas and will feed and maintain them these Ukrainian politics. Their not all an overly naive people. But even the most naive person does understand, that if the US and Russia make peace again, Ukraine is in the present design is not in place for EU future intervention. Soon to cease would be the allocation of loans or arms Ukraine will be forgotten forever, and as for the killings "hundreds of Heaven," Khatyn, Odessa, as well as Elderberry and Kalashnikov will have yet to answer. 

Therefore, the main task of Kiev is the attempt to portray that the Minsk agreement  the APU they do not violate (which There are many confirmations of the OSCE and other independent observers that prove different), and the militia, which means - Moscow. Last Tymchuk has long been nominal and should be written in small letters. Various Tymchuk - it's not even the dogs and jackals of war, like the tobacco from the Soviet animated film about Mowgli. All they can do - is to ride next to a tiger and a shrill yapping voice: "And we will go to the north, long live the ATO!" 

It looks significant information activity of the DNI and the LC on the one hand and on the other Tymchuk morning, April 13. The People's Republic in full compliance with the Minsk Agreement submit proposals to amend the Constitution of Ukraine and expressed full readiness to continue to peacefully interact with Kiev. A Tymchuk lie about "troop movements", "attacks", "transfer of technology". 

Why do we need all this lying is clear. US Secretary in plain text rebuked Peter Poroshenko's renewal for the war: "If the president really Poroshenko advocates, to begin now, some police operations, we would have asked him to think twice before taking such action, because the Minsk agreement then will be under serious threat "- he said Kerry. But Poroshenko and companies forget that Tymchuk no longer even believe in Kiev - and indeed Tymchuk confessed that the propaganda war all means are good.

Therefore, no matter what stories about New Russia did not invent "informatsiyny sprotiv" The US and Europe will believe the OSCE and its own intelligence data, not Tymchuk and their patrons. Of course, it is premature to celebrate. The American elite few "hawks", who will continue to try to foment war in Ukraine. Any provocation will bloat and exaggerated - not only Tymchuk, and CNN to BBC. 

But still it seems that the most influential part of the American elite are tired of meaningless efforts, and most importantly - harm to their wallets a confrontation with Moscow. Ukraine was not the best means of putting pressure on Russia, do you think someone else a year ago, and the black hole, which lost money, weapons and reputation. The war is not over, but the jackals of war it is time to hide in the bushes. Very soon they will remember and lies and incitement, and sacrifice. As already remembered former commander of "Aydar" Melnychuk.

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