Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Twitter Obama became an occasion for jokes

New Twitter Obama became an occasion for jokes

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 13:15

President of the All America started on the eve of Barack Obama's account microblogging network Twitter. In just a day a new user became the object of ridicule from both the Internet community and by politicians.

This is the first record US leader:

"Hi, Twitter! It Barack. True! Six years later, they finally gave me my own account. "

The White House has already promised that it "will be a new way to communicate directly with the Americans, President Obama, and all the" tweets "will be based solely on himself."

But now the media have begun to doubt that the new account is the president himself - because the system shows the social network with a mobile device the message was sent. The first record of Barack Obama said that the record is left with the iPhone, but it is known that the head of the US state uses a smartphone Blackberry.

We laugh at anybody Obama -POTUS, which means President of the United States - US President.

In this regard, the former US president Bill Clinton asked him what will happen to microblog Obama after his departure. To his question Clinton put hashtag #askingforafriend, hinting that interested not for himself, but for some other (probably for his wife, who is running in 2016).

"Good question, billclinton. Nik goes along with the White House. Do you know someone who needs an account FLOTUS? (First Lady Of the United States, the first lady of the United States - approx. Ed.). "

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