Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hungarian politician: Ukraine, killing its population, in any case can not be a member of the EU

Hungarian politician: Ukraine, killing its population, in any case can not be a member of the EU
Jobbik" Gabor Vona

Country cynically killing their host populations and chauvinistic laws, can not be a member of the EU.This was stated by the leader of the Hungarian party "Jobbik" Gabor Vona. "A state that military force is killing its people and takes in its national parliament laws are clearly chauvinistic character, in any case not be able to move closer to the European Union", - he said. "In 2013 promised to Ukraine visa-free movement in the EU, as well as high standard of living. 

Instead, stick Ukrainians got a whip. It became clear, under whose dictation promises were declared, in what became a year these pink clouds? "- Said the politician. According to the leader of the Hungarian party, Ukraine can not be a member of the EU, reaching adaptation strict criteria on which it is extremely far . However, even if we assume that it will succeed, by that time may not be the actual European Union hinted politician whose party is extremely skeptical of the alliance. 

"Today, Ukraine is so far from these criteria, that in the process of adaptation, looking, the European Union simply can not be ", - said Vaughn. At this same moment, Ukraine is brewing a huge problem with Transcarpathia. We reach, as is well known, this Soviet republic as a result of the criminal actions of a totalitarian regime which, according to the Ukrainians themselves, acted in the Soviet Union. 

The European Union should support the demand of Rusyns and Hungarians for autonomy of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, assured the leader of the Hungarian party "Jobbik" . "In this area live 200,000 Hungarians. The peace agreement, signed in the Trianon and completes the first world war, these people unjustly torn from their historical motherland. The Hungarians and Rusyns in western Ukraine also have the right to autonomy, like other peoples of the world. In 1991 a referendum was held in the region on this issue, and the overwhelming majority voted for autonomy ", - the politician said. "The European Union would have to support any manifestation of the will of all the peoples of Europe, without using double standards" - said Gabor Vona.

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