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Hollande’s Absence at Moscow Parade 'the Insult of History' said French Nouvelles de France

Hollande Must Learn How to Be Leader From Putin  French Media

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Hollande’s Absence at Moscow Parade 'the Insult of History' said French Nouvelles de France
Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and French President Francois Hollande

One could criticize Vladimir Putin and his politics, but one thing is clear – he is a real leader and certainly knows how to be president, something that Francois Hollande must learn from him, Nouvelles de France said.


Hypocrisy 101: Hollande Skips Moscow Parade, Seeks Closer Ties With Saudis Russian President Vladimir Putin has established himself as a capable head of state by defending his country's national interests and winning the hearts and minds of his fellow citizens. French President Francois Hollande, meanwhile, is a "walking contradiction" and should learn a thing or two from the Russian president on how to be the leader of his country, said French Nouvelles de France.

When Russia celebrated the 70th Anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany on May 9, Putin, together with 500,000 of his countrymen, marched down the streets of Moscow holding a picture of his father, who fought during the Great Patriotic War. In the meantime, Paris had a demonstration in support of the legalization of marijuana.

Hollande’s Absence at Moscow Parade 'the Insult of History' - French Politicians After rejecting his invitation to the Moscow Victory Parade, Hollande instead went to shake hands with the King of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, known for its human rights abuses. Then, hoping to get approval of French voters, Hollande flew to the Antilles to attend a climate change summit and participate in the inauguration of a museum dedicated to the history of slavery.

Christian Vanneste of Nouvelles de France was not happy about Hollande's overseas voyages:

"There is an obvious difference between the head of state, which protects his country's national interests on the international stage and inspires his people with the sense of pride, and our national traveler [Hollande] in search of new markets and voters."

Vanneste added that Hollande did not only make a series of political mistakes, but wrongly chose his profession to begin with.

One can criticize Putin and his politics, but one thing's sure — the Russian president knows how to be a good president, something that Hollande must learn from him, Vanneste concluded.

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