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Trying to isolate the Russian Federation, the US committed its geopolitical mistake of the Century

Trying to isolate the Russian Federation, the US committed its geopolitical mistake of the Century
APRIL 2, 2015, 20:09

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US policy leads to a rapprochement between China and Russia, which has the potential to cause serious damage to American interests, wrote in an article for the magazine The Diplomat employee Temple University James Brown.

Washington, however, is not aware of, and it is directed against the current rate of long-term strategic interests of the United States, says the analyst. Imposing sanctions against Russia, excluding it from the western groups and threatening to put the weapon Ukraine, the United States unwittingly achieved that Russian politicians "rushed into the arms of China's supportive."

Close relations between Moscow and Beijing could turn into "a strong Sino-Russian axis, which for many decades will pose a challenge to US interests in the Asia-Pacific region," said Brown. "By taking an uncompromising stance against his rival XX century in Europe, the United States may inadvertently contribute to his opponent XXI century in Asia" - warns analyst.

To prevent rapprochement between Russia and China, Washington should establish relations with Moscow and try to "steal" it from Beijing, the analyst believes.

To do this, we must first end the conflict in Ukraine, forever eliminating the possibility of NATO membership, the article says. This can be done by the federalization of Ukraine to its regions have a veto over key issues of foreign policy and security. Russia's actions in the Ukrainian crisis, says Brown, was a response to a threat to fundamental national interests. Revolution in Kiev brought to power a radical pro-Western government that Moscow perceived as a threat because of the potential of Ukraine's membership in NATO.

If the result of US policy in the Ukraine will be the emergence of "Sino-Russian axis" US made "one of the greatest geopolitical mistakes of the XXI century", concludes Brown.
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In Berlin, voted against the long-term isolation of Russia

Berlin is opposed to long-term isolation of Russia because of the situation in Ukraine. This was stated by the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in an interview with Handelsblatt.

"I would not have relied on the fact that Europe has a long turn away from Moscow. Even if we have to seek a political solution for years or even decades, we must do everything possible to resolve this conflict, "- said the Foreign Minister.
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Schroeder criticized Western policy towards Russia

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder criticized the policy of the European Union, and in particular Germany, in relation to Russia.

"The West is no public interest. Americans see in the confrontation with Russia global problem. They do not want another competitor along with China. The Europeans, on the other hand, from the historical example know that has always been good when with Russia were in agreement. And bad when this agreement was not "- said Schroeder in an interview with German weekly Spiegel.
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